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Games That I'm STILL Waiting For.

Whether they have been cancelled, pushed back, still in development, or...just sitting there. These games I'm still waiting for. So...let this list begin


The first Prey game wasn't bad, but there was room for improvement. So when i heard they were going to make a sequel, I was like..."Awesome!"..."So when is it coming out?" I remember Trailers, Screenshots. Heck, I think I remembered an ad that was in one my games. So whats up? From what I heard, the game has moved to a different developer and is In fact...In development. Well, I hope we here something this E3. Because this is taking to long.


Suggestive title out of the way, anyone remember this? The awesome looking trailer during the PS4 reveal. A free-to-play game, with the style of a dungeon crawler! Sounds appealing! Only for it to not be anywhere at E3 last year. I know it's been only a year, but with Capcom's problems with money lately, It's a wonder if this game will ever be off the ground!


a.k.a: Final Fantasy XIII Versus. Don't get me started with the FFXIII sequels, or FFXIII for that matter. But even though this has been development for years, why does it seem like it's going to take even more years just to release it? The trailer caught my eye. It looks completley different from all the FF games out there. But in my opinion, I will allways look at this game as Final Fantasy XIII Versus


Two games in the same license. Now, we know EA is making the new Battlefront, hoping that turns out good, but the fact is we have been waiting years for Battlefront III. I know we had games on the PSP, Renegade Sqaurdron was awesome! But a Battlefront III was actually finished. Only for them to not release it.

Speaking of Star Wars, What about Star Wars: 1313? I know it's been cancelled, but heres the thing. From what I heard when LucasArts was shut down, and when Disney bought the Star Wars license, The games trademark was not renew, leaving the game's name and trademark...sitting there.....seriously? This could be easily resolved, just renew the trademark, or just use the same idea and just call it something completly different. Then again the possiblities of them doing that are 725 to 1, sooooo......yeah.


Yes, a bit of a long shot. But I'm still waiting for the next platforming entry into the series. The reason why I've added this one on the list is because Rare has not been doing anything with the Banjo all. It's quite terrible to be honest. I know we had Nuts & Bolts, but it was Nuts & Bolts! We need a true installment, and with Microsoft struggling with the XBone. This would be a no-brainer.


Of all the games on this list, all from above and below. I swear up and down, frustratingly saying..."When Will This Be Released?!" The game was announced like 7 or 8 years ago, as a PS3 title. And it seems that it's still in development. But now I'm getting a little impatient. Sony, please get this out the door? I know Project Ico wants to take their sweet time with it. But to be honest, If they want the game to have some sort of relevance, they better hurry, because it's slowly becoming vaporware.


Yeah yeah yeah, I Know! Capcom has been axeing Megaman games left and right. We know that this has become such a horror-story to all Megaman fans, and the creator for the matter, up to the point of essentially making a re-creation of Megaman! (which I can't wait for btw) But Capcom, like i mentioned before, Is almost running out of money. And there still over 100,000 people still wanting this game. It maybe cancelled, but wishful thinking or not. This needs to be made. The second game ended on a cliffhanger, And that needs to be resolved.


Whether it's Half-Life 2: Episode Three, or just Half-Life 3. This game has been the most biggest question in gaming history. The last game, ended on a cliffhanger. And huge one, and abrupt one. Out of nowhere. This has been talk about constantly, up to the point of lunacy. It's been a long time Valve, and I know you're rolling in the dough, but this is not only taking to long. But you haven't said a bloody thing about it. They refused to talk about it. And I know Valve fans can be annoying, but Come on! Half-Life 3. I Want It, You Want It. Everybody Wants It. And it's taking too long. That, and it's also an easy target for this list.

So thats it, the Games I'm STILL waiting for. What games are you waiting for? Do you disagree with the ones i picked? Or Do you want to share your opinion? Post a comment.

Where Do I Begin?....again!

Okay, once again. I haven't been on here much. This is mostly due to this new Gamespot layout. The navigation is bad, and I couldn't seem to sign in at first. I've also been busy with my job, and personal life been kind of hectic recently. But hey, I'll try to get back on track, and get things moving.

Where Do I Begin?

Hey, everybody. If you read the last blog you would've known that I had some games i was gonna review and talk about. And for over a month now, nothing. Wanna know why? My Computer Broke!! The motherboard blew up, It stopped working. And my warranty was expired. So i had to get a laptop for the time being. Not the most convientent but It'll do. So I do apoligize for those who were looking forward to those reviews, but since I have a laptop, I should bring out the first 2 reviews sometime soon.

Now thats not all I have to talk about....About a week ago...I bought this.


I bought a Wii U. The Wind Waker HD bundle to be exact. I've never played The Wind Waker before, So playing it on the Wii U seem like the logical option. (Besides, I was in the market to get one anyway) I also got Nintendo Land, Super Mario U, and $20 for E-Shop so i can buy a bunch of discounted Virtual Console games, and EarthBound.

I've also been busy with personal life, and my job that I got recently. So anyways, I apoligize for the delay, I'm back on track. I know what to do next. And my reviews will be out soon. Take care.


My Reviews Are Coming Back! Wanna Make a Choice?

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't wrote a review since Feb. 19th. It was Balloon Fight. That was my last review I've did in a while. Since then, I've become burned-out from writing reviews. Then after playing some more games, and actually, taking the time to play them. I have found more games to talk about. 

Now since I've been working, I don't know how often I'll be doing reviews. But I will at least try to get 1-2 reviews a month. However I don't really know what game to first be reviewed.

So....heres a few on my mind.

3D_Dot_Game_Heroes_JPNBox.jpg Uncharted_Drake%27s_Fortune.jpg CIVILIZATION-V-FRONT-OF-BOX.jpg PlayStationAllStars.jpg  God_of_War_Ascension.jpg Kirbys_return_to_dreamland_boxart.jpg Kid_Icarus-Uprising_logo.jpg 297-final-fantasy-1-psp.jpg MGL_cover_art.jpg 

Which One should I review first? How about YOU decide!

My Little Encounter in Civilization V

Ok, get this. In my game on Civilization V, i have had no wars, i got along really well with every country, i trade often, and have open borders. And So far, In the game, I'm the most successful! Hmm.....weird.


My Youtube Channel. (IncomingPixels)

I mentioned it a few times. But never really talked about it. So, if case you've never noticed, I have a Youtube channel. It's name: IncomingPixels!

Theres not much on it yet. Only 2 mere videos. But i am planning on making more in the future. But if ANY of you have ANY ideas, Please send them to me?

Click on the picture below to check it out.


Xbox One Turnaround: Why I'm Not Surprised.

In my last blog, I should've clarified something. In it, i said that I wasn't really surprised that Microsoft was changing the Xbox One. Well I'll give you 2 reasons.

1- The PS4: During E3, Sony pretty much announced the opposite of what the Xbox One WAS going to do. So for Microsoft's console, there was only one solution. Changing the mess they made.

2- Our Voices: For the most of us, we speak with our wallets, and if the Xbox One HAD hassles like they said they would. We wouldn't buy it, therfore canning the system, and kicked out of the console making. So we spoke up, reckonize the flaws, and Microsoft listened. Like i knew they would. 

Shows you that using your voice goes a long way.

Also, they should have never made those decisions either way. Stuff like Online only, and Used game ban cause nothing but Trouble. Everyone knows that...well except for EA but...anyways, Yes I know it's a great step forward for the Xbox One. But the thing I'm gonna do is wait and see what happens. Besides, who wants to buy a console on launch anyway?

With that said, I gotta go to work. Talk to all of you later.

Xbox One: Undoing the Hassles?

Well apparantly, Microsoft made a bit of an update for the Xbox One. This updates being No Internet Requirement, Used Games, and No Region Lock.

Hmm...I don't know what to think of this. I'll tell you this though, I'm not suprised.

Xbox One: My Opinion

Well...well....welll. What have we here? Microsoft, That's What we have.

So, the 7th generation is about to be pushed aside for the next generation. No, not Star Trek sadly. This is the 8th Generation. And it's time to see what we have in store.

In this corner, the system that is full of used game fees, until they said that it's up to the publishers {Even though you created the matrix around it anyway} The allways online connectivity, with the only response it could conjuer up is 'Deal with It'. And a price tag that is 499 U.S. Dollars. That's right...It's the Xbox One.

So what do I think of it?

Well...The Xbox One is probably....the most hilarious thing ever. The reveal for it? I was laughing my ass off. It's was funny, like PS3 reveal funny. Everything that they did in the reveal, they got wrong! Except for the controller, that looked pretty cool. But everything was stupid. Who cares about TV? Who cares about Kinect 2? Who cares about football? I don't. What i want to see is games, and gaming features. Instead we got stupid. Everything seemed like a big marketing gag. 

The funniest part was when they were showing what they can do with the NEW generation of graphics. You know what talking about, where the fish move out the way when you get close to them....ROFLMFAO!! Seriously, fish moving out of the way when you get close? Well, you're a little bit behind then, because Super Mario 64 did that, i'm serious. It's pathetic.

But what really made me angry was 3 Things. The system needs to be online all the time, the used game fee, and the obvious use of DRM! These 3 topics have been picked on, and cussed at since before Xbox One was even revealed. It's already been brought up by many many many angry gamers....and I'm one of them.

Since then, the used games fee thing will be all up to the publishers of whatever. But the Allways On thing...cONfirmed. bet it was.

In case you don't know, I hate DRM. I think it's the worst business practice in gaming. {Yes, this is worst than Disk-Locked Content} And the fact they you use the disk once, mandatory install, and you can't even use again on another console, or bring it to a friends house. Making the game-disk a f**king drink coaster. And let's not forget about having to be Online...allways online. I'm sorry, but what if my internet goes down? Wait? Whats that? Deal with it. Well...Make Me!

As for games...well..umm..aside from Forza 5, and *sigh* ANOTHER Call of Duty. Not much was shown at the reveal event. Now the E3 Press conference, games were shown.

Halo trailer...ok what else! Killer instinct a possiblity? Nice! umm..Deadrising 3...not intrested...Umm..Xbox One releasing in Novemeber? Ok, how much? $500, ok, not an arm and a leg, but not really a price that I would be willing to pay right out of the gate. Launch title from Rareware. Cool, what is it. Kinect Sports 3! Not cool. Minecraft: XB One Edition?.......ok, moving on. 

Overall...The Xbox One seems like more a hassle than a console. Now listen, just because I'm hating on the Xbox One. Doesn't mean I hate Xbox. Hell, one of my first videogame consoles i've owned was the original Xbox. And the X360 was a good succesor. And i can list a lot of reasons why I like about those 2 consoles....but the Xbox One? Not a damn thing.