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A Fun and Cold Weekend!

All week I was concentrating on school so I didn't train all week, but I won another medal in the race called the Jingle Jog. It was a gold medal this time. It was freezing too, but I'm sure that helped me.The money to enter went to the town foodbank. So just this year I've been in6 races andhavewon6 medals (2 for finishing of the 6) and 1 trophy. And I was proud that the trophy was forfirst place. One of the racesI didn't place in though, was the toughest 10K in the state. But anyway, the money I've spenttoentersome of the raceshas gone to a good cause.So this week I got to study for finals before I have to enroll for next semester next week. I just thought I'd give you all an update. Anyways, how is everyone else doing?