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School for me tomorrow.

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Yup. Gotta do my paper route, then gotta be at school at 8:15. It will be better then college though. I'm taking a game design and 3D animation class at a technology school. It'll be like 3 hours, so I'll get to come home and go to sleep. Last year was my freshmen year in college. Had 2 semesters of college experience.

1000 Posts!

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I finally have reached 1000 posts. It took a long time I must say.

My brother's wedding yesterday.

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I can't believe my brother is married. I was his best man. Boring afterwards but at least I got some cake, white almonds, and other little condiments. I didn't really talk to anybody, didn't want to. I stayed up late and was too tired to do anything today. Now he and her are on post-marriage vacation to San-Antonio.