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Level 32!

Congrats to me! lol Just kidding. So anyway, I'm going to school during the summer and working. Can't play my 360 right now, because it's being worked on by Microsoft. I was just playing my game, and guess what. Red ring of death. It was supposed to be fixed already since I got mine for this past Christmas. By the way, check my union out and tell me if you like the banner that I made for it. Don't know what else to say right now. How's everyone else?

Level 30! Wicked Sick!

Pat on the back for me. Yay. Just goin' to school and workin', blah, blah, blah. I'm still upset about my team's loss in the super bowl. Well, what is everyone else up to?

Patriots! AFC Champions! 18-0!

Another Lamar Hunt trophy. We're going to the Super Bowl again! Wow! 18-0. It's been an amazing run so far. Now hopefully we can close the mouths of those overrated '72 Dolphins who had a 14 game season and a very easy schedule. Looks like the Patriots are now in their house, and about to kick them to the curb.

Go Patriots!

Being born in Massachusetts, I am a New England Patriots fan. So you know I'll be excited when they win the AFC championship today. As far as the NFC championship, I think Green Bay will win. Who is everyone else pulling for?

A Fun and Cold Weekend!

All week I was concentrating on school so I didn't train all week, but I won another medal in the race called the Jingle Jog. It was a gold medal this time. It was freezing too, but I'm sure that helped me.The money to enter went to the town foodbank. So just this year I've been in6 races andhavewon6 medals (2 for finishing of the 6) and 1 trophy. And I was proud that the trophy was forfirst place. One of the racesI didn't place in though, was the toughest 10K in the state. But anyway, the money I've spenttoentersome of the raceshas gone to a good cause.So this week I got to study for finals before I have to enroll for next semester next week. I just thought I'd give you all an update. Anyways, how is everyone else doing?

Level 27! Sheng Long!

I finally made it. Anyways, does anybody here remember the controversy about the supposed Sheng Long character in Super Street Fighter II? I think it was funny that all those people fell for it and thought it was a secret character. But Ryu was talking about his dragon uppercut. It was just a joke in a magazine.

I've Reached 3000 Posts!

That's a lot of posts. Anyways, how is everyone doing? I'm typing this from someone else's computer since mine has been getting errors trying to post updates on my union. Sorry to those who are apart of Erbac's Fighter's Zone. I'll try to do things asap. Just got to get it working.

Level 26! Cyber-Lip!

Level 25 was pretty long. Now I'm finally at level 26. Well I've been going to school and doing the route as usual. How is everyone doing?