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lol :P Joke topic I guess, what game are those pics really from? Outrun?
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Of course the graphics can be compared, they are a huge part of games so there's really no excuse for Wii anymore. Wii is grossly overpriced for its hardware and features, there's no denying it. That being said where I live Wii is still a tad bit cheaper than 360 arcade and I would never buy that POS anyway since the add-on HDD is still so expensive.
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The concept for the game sounds crazy awesome.
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Not a huge SC fan myself, and I wasn't really looking forward to this much. But then I saw that zerg rush trailer and the combat looked pretty epic.

Also sequels rarely revolutionize a genre, hell, games generally speaking barely ever revolutionize their genres! And I doubt it's even expected in Starcraft's case since the game still has a massive following and I'm sure they don't wanna scare them away by messing with the formula.

I guess in a sense it's the Halo of RTS, it doesn't need to invent the wheel again, just polish what it has and add some features, and the fans will flock to it.

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I haven't read the review, but yeah I kinda agree that it's dumb to criticise games for being political, I don't live in USA and I often see game reviewers punishing games for having overly patriotic American protagonist, plot or something. Guess what, as a gamer, I don't give a damn. I'm not fond of US foreign politics, but America's Army is still one of my favourite games and it doesn't get more political than that. Personally I just don't expect games to reflect the real world objectively.

Well whoops, I think my post missed the point somewhat ..but whatever.

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The reason why we don't put copy protection on our games isn't because we're nice guys. We do it because the people who actually buy games don't like to mess with it. Our customers make the rules, not the pirates. Pirates don't count. We know our customers could pirate our games if they want but choose to support our efforts. So we return the favor - we make the games they want and deliver them how they want it. This is also known as operating like every other industry outside the PC game industry.


That's prolly the best paragraph in the article. I've never understood why developers and publishers insist on putting complex copy protection systems in place when they NEVER work, they only hurt the people who actually buy the game. Or in the worst case scare of legimate customers like happened with TQ and propably many many Starforce protected titles.

Only ONE person or group needs to crack a game, after that's it's pretty much download and play for the rest. There has never been a copy protection system that wasn't cracked, and I am willing to bet there never will.

It's like some silly superstition that you need a copy protection or everyone will just pirate your game, imo that belongs in the same category as masturbation will make you blind".

Copy protection will not
- Make pirates suddenly support the game by bying it
- Make legimate customers go "ooh, that's a nice copy protection you got there" *buys game*

It might however
- Give real customers a reason not to buy the game
- Give it a higher visibility among torrent and crack sites

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Why don't someone give us a short recap on what the content actually is(quests? items?) and how much 400p is in $$$?
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[QUOTE="EntwineX"]Which kinda proves how little exclusives mean in the end. If I had to choose one last gen console as my exclusive gaming device, it'd be xbox.Taalon

Why? The PS2 had so many fantastic games in every country that it's most definitely the best choice. Of course it's all down to personal preference, I'm not trying to tell you what to choose. But the Xbox was really lacking in good exclusives compared to the PS2.

Yeah, but I meant if it was my exclusive gaming device, as if I wouldn't have a PC or any other console. Xbox had some of my favourite games of all time, like Kotor 1 and 2, Jedi Academy and Outcast, Riddick, Thief 3, Fable, Republic Commando etc. so it would be an easy choise.
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[QUOTE="vash47"]Fable was a great game. I enjoyed every part of it, but it was not an RPG./threadsaolin323

Well, it IS an RPG, since it is labeled as RPG everywhere, only people here say it is not, for whatever reason, probably to bash it easier

There a more lively world that any RPG, has the most diverse quests and with more options to do them than ANY RPG, has a good story, has upgradable weapons, armor sets to collect, a host of exploration and secrets, leveling up, upgrading your skills, classes, magic that is more interesting than ANY RPG to date, best real time combat in a RPG to date, most meaningfull nd usufull world in a RPG to date, houses are not just there for show, amazing mini games, etc etc

So, it is a full RPG, and as i described above, no other RPG is as good as Fable in combat, exploration, secrets, quests, and magic areas

Well I loved Fable TLC, but I wouldn't really call it a RPG or even an action-RPG despite what the label says. It just played more like an action-adventure, kinda like Zelda, which isn't a bad thing at all.
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Btw, wasn't Forza AAAE too.