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If you just want to build spaceships I guess GalCiv2 could also work, it's a turn-based strategy game so you won't get to fly them, but you can create pretty much any kind of ship you want especially if you get some bonus parts for the game.

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Well, the first thing they should do is kick Epic out. Those guys really aren't doing any positive PR for PC as a gaming platform and they are mostly console developers these days. Only reason I saw for them to stick around was their Unreal Engine, but since that's now mainly for consoles too I don't really understad why they are there.

Second, they could dump GFWL, if they really want to unify PC platform GFWL isn't the way, instead they should be supporting Steam for e.g.

Third, offer to publish and market some smaller PC games. I hardly ever see any ads for PC games, and our biggest tittle this year(this far), SOASE, doesn't even have a publisher outside NA.

Fourth, integrated graphics chips and pre-built PC's need an extreme makeover, so that they could actually run games.

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It definately grows on you. At first I could barely play it with the bugs and massive system requirements so I shelved it, but after I had upgraded and patched, it was pretty good, and it just got better and better. I've spent about 50 hours on it according to xfire but didn't finish it, unfortunately I formatted and lost my save games so I haven't bothered to get back to it. :(

Good things:
- Beautiful and varied environments
- Huge world that isn't divided into zones/no loading times
- World is filled with life, animals, monsters and other NPCs everywhere
- Leveling your character is very well designed
- The game simply doesn't make compromises like so many others these days / not dumbed down

Bad things:
- Bugs
- System requirements
- Flame Sword was too good / easy to get early in game
- Combat takes getting used to and is still unbalanced in many ways:
* Some animals are over powered
* Orcs are under powered, see below....yeah I killed 'em all

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I only have a free account there, no ads in-game, and the one ad you have to watch before playing is usually only about 15 seconds or something, if even that.

Atm games worth mentioning for free are: Thief 3, Second Sight, Psychonauts, Tomb Raider Legend, Hitman 1 and 2, Colin McRae 2005 and Blood Omen 2.

It's pretty good imo, good enought to be recommended. Aside from the arcade titles only really played Psychonauts this far but it works just fine, had some sound bugs with Blood Omen 2 which I quickly tried ..then again it's free so who's complaining...

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Yeah that's one thing I like about Steam, wherever you are, as long as you have internet you've got your games with you.

There are also lot of free titles around that aren't very demanding, both old commercial games and small indie games, plus demos and services like GameTap. Should keep you busy for a while.

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Haven't played Halo2 because it requires Vista. So GeoW wins by default.
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u guys dont understand y i need achievments so bad, its cause im in a race with other people in this compitition to get the most gamerscore, and the person with the highest gamer score wins 4 grand.


Seriously? Well in that case. From the link someone gave.

Gears of War (PC)Click here

Halo 2Click here

Hour of Victory (PC)Click here

Juiced 2 (PC)Click here

Kane & Lynch: Dead MenClick here

The Club (PC)Click here

Universe at War (PC)Click here

Viva Piñata(PC)Click here

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Audiosurf for music lovers, otherwise prolly Gmod. But just tell them to use Paypal and get both.
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Definately looking forward to it, I'll prolly get it even if it were crap on the technical side.

I really do want to play the game, and am looking forward to it, but is it worth it? I have never really played a RPG in any great length before, I have tried, but I lose interest rather quickly, mostly because I can't afford the time to play, as they seem to take a lot more time than a typical FPS ****game.

Well knowing Bioware there's gonna be a lot of dialogue and character development, so even tho the combat might be more suitable to action gamers, I think it's still a RPG in good and bad, and might be a slight dissapointment to someone expecting a shooter.
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GalCiv2 is my favourite along with Civ4. But there's plenty of lesser known TBS games around too, Sword Of The Stars, Fantasy Wars, Spaceforce: Captains etc.