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KB/M, it's the most versatile and intuitive for me. But I do like the 360 controller also and use it for many games, so it also depends on the game type.
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I guess it could be AAA like every other shooter these days, does not mean I'm interested in it tho.
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Looks good. Very good textures and lighting like in the fist one.

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[QUOTE="aroxx_ab"]Link page wont load up :roll:Rikusaki

really? here:


It's not the link's fault, the whole site is just messed up for some of us and won't load up.
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I dunno but this is meh looking to me, and to the guy who says the jaggies are gone, I still see a bunch.

It looks a lot better than the pics shown yesterday, but then again it's also a lot smaller. I don't really spot any jaggies that would bother me, but the environments are still quite bland.
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Invisible cars are awesome. Though Im not too fond of invisible racetracks.

EDIT: Hmm, forget this message. As it seems I am the only one who cant see the images.

I can't see them either, plus the site won't load up.
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If you just want to build spaceships I guess GalCiv2 could also work, it's a turn-based strategy game so you won't get to fly them, but you can create pretty much any kind of ship you want especially if you get some bonus parts for the game.

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Well, the first thing they should do is kick Epic out. Those guys really aren't doing any positive PR for PC as a gaming platform and they are mostly console developers these days. Only reason I saw for them to stick around was their Unreal Engine, but since that's now mainly for consoles too I don't really understad why they are there.

Second, they could dump GFWL, if they really want to unify PC platform GFWL isn't the way, instead they should be supporting Steam for e.g.

Third, offer to publish and market some smaller PC games. I hardly ever see any ads for PC games, and our biggest tittle this year(this far), SOASE, doesn't even have a publisher outside NA.

Fourth, integrated graphics chips and pre-built PC's need an extreme makeover, so that they could actually run games.

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Well I'm not surprised. Imo UE3.0 is a "console engine" as well, barely any PC developers use it and it was also targeted at 360 with GeoW. Does this mean developers who use UE4 next gen can't port their games to PC anymore? I seriously doubt that. But in any case, I think Epic should be kicked out of PCGA already.

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C64 - Sooo many games, sooo many bad games, but I loved it

Sega Master System - Alex Kidd, 3D glasses and some space shooter, only had few games but they were good

Amiga 500 - Played it A LOT despite at first only having black & white image

Mega Drive(Genesis) - Afterburner, Sonic etc. And my first experience with a RPG

SNES - Donkey Kong ruled in graphics and gameplay

PC - Duke Nukem 3D and Wing Commander IV changed gaming for me, it became a passion and a hobby

N64 - Loved Zelda and M64, nothing else interested so I dumbed it

PS1 - Only had it shortly to play GT, it was good but didn't live up to PC

New PC - After playing Max Payne at friend's I sold my moped and bought a new PC, loved it, my best gaming memories are from it, and I still have it in its upgraded form

Another New PC - Loving it, but don't play as much as I used to