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Time is running out

Well I've been very busy lately, but still felt like it's time to write a blog. Seems like I have thousand things to do at the same time, not to mention everything seems to break down in my hands, mostly my car which has let me down 3 times this week, part of the fault is in this friggin' cold, I so hate cold. I welcome you global warming. I don't give a sh1t about the future generations as long as my car starts in the morning...

I think I might have a drinking problem as well(yeah I'm drunk even as writing this). I'm not sure tho, does drinking alone approximately 2L of 40% alcohol per week count as a drunk? Anyway it makes me feel good so I don't really care, and I'm never so drunk that I couldn't function(see any typos, no? I didn't think so...). I'm sober when I'm in school, but when I get home I open that sweet bottle of vodka - the nectar of gods, and ahhh, it's like heaven on earth again. Too bad that I have to work on evenings, but who cares. (Well the boss obviously, he's sending me angry emails... :lol: but who gives a sh1t about what he thinks..) I'm so getting fired... Okay, back to work now.