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Shopping Spree!

School started, summer is ending and I've cut down my drinking ..so I felt like I needed a little cheering up, and nothing cheers me up more than burning some money. :D

So I invested a bit in my "working space", a new 20" widescreen monitor, made a huge difference in how everything looks, there's no going back anymore. Of course since it has higher resolution(1680x1050), I needed some more HP under the hood as well. Nothing major, X1950Pro 512Mb. I know 8800GTS would had been a smarter buy, but its twice as expensive and would had required a new PSU. Hopefully this will carry me untill something like 9600Ultra hits the shelves. Also ordered a new comfy leather chair and a new set of speakers. I went for 2.1 since I mostly listen to MP3s, even while gaming, and if I play something the 5.1 or 7.1 would actually benefit me(online shooters), I usually prefer headphones anyway.

Also got my car fixed so now it should be good for another year or two as well. All I need now is a dual-core CPU. Been looking into Opteron 175, only decent option for 939 socket. Prolly gonna get a new PSU as well, x1950Pro is supposed to require 22A/12V, and I have only 18A/12V ..but it's working anyway, for now at least. I was a bit worried I'd break it before even getting started, as my passive northbridge cooler was on the way ..had to use "a bit of force" for the massive new videocard to fit in there, little bending, swearing and violence did the trick tho.