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Well we accidentally killed my roommate's goldfish and now his girlfriend is a bit angry at us. But at least we accomplished it in a very creative way, by having the stereos on full blast for about 10 hours, with the subwoofer next to the aquarium. :P It wasn't intentional...

Don't feel like working at all, I've had 2 weeks to do this one project, 2 days left and I've barely started, I just got bored at doing that same crap. Well I'll do it hastely tomorrow or just call the boss that my grandma died, or that my computer crashed and took the files with it, or something equally creative ..hmm, perhaps "my dog ate them" would work... In any case I'm gonna skip school tomorrow because of the flu, it didn't stop me from going drinking tho but ya know...

Apparently I'm popular now, in cnet that is, or at least I have the popular emblem and 50 friends on the list, and I even know them all at least a little so that's good. Wish I were that popular in the real life too, man I'm so very bored. I need some new friends, single guys who like drinking and have too much free time, everyone I know has a gf or something slowing them down.

And WTF is that "forbidden" that keeps replacing my words and sentences even when they aren't curse words or anything. :evil: One of the most annoying things I've seen...

And just on a side note something I just noticed, M$ Windows update wants to install "an important update" to my computer, update that would "keep notifying the user if he has a pirated version of windows". :lol: Hmm, yeah sure I'll install that, sounds like fun ..or NOT. Thanks M$ but I'm already aware that I have a pirated windows... :roll:

Ah, 3.25 AM; Crazy, drunken mofo worker logs out with job finished. :D