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Man I'm so wasted

This week didn't go too well, I got the flu, went drinking tonight with my roommate who had his birthday, couldn't get a ride to the bar, ended up drinking everywhere from the roof to his gf's house, even checking out the bar nextdoor which was even more depressing than his gf' place, imagine a bar that has only +50year olds and to top it off it was a karaoke night ..oh the horror. :cry:

I was supposed to work tonight, but how do you say no to someone who has his birthday and no one to drink with. It got also proven that all girlfriends are biatches from his gf watching his smoking to his friend's gf broooding all night and eventually stealing our ride. I've got deadline on tuesday and I promised to go drinking wiht him tomorrow too, damn...

My roommate is an interresting person when he's drunk, there's even a viideo of him in youtube, I'll post the link here even tho he would kill me if he'd found out so please DO NOT commetn, recommend or anything on it or reveal me in anyway..that means even you J.D, I'm serious!!

Sorry for the spelling but I'm just wasted, writing this as I'm eating before going to bed.
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