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I quit my job

Well I just sent an email to who apparently is my new boss and told her that I quit. :D Wohoo! The freedom! The slacking! The bills... :(

Well anyway, I hadn't done anything in a month or two, so I knew they were gonna fire my ass anyway(possibly already did...), I just thought I'd beat them to it. :D I'm not sorry at all, it was a crappy job, real exploiters those people....tried to make me do work!:evil: But I showed them! :lol: And school is starting soon so I wanna concentrate on that for a change ..tho I know I won't anyway. :P

What else....to my great shame I gotta admit I've been hanging in.... SYSTEM WARS! :o I know I know, The Horror! But I was bored and drunk when I stumbled onto it ..seriously...

Sorry for the overuse of emoticons...