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Could this be it?

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As some of you may have noticed I haven´t been very active here at gamespot... well, I haven´t been here at all for a long time.

Anyway, the redesign looks kinda good and interesting! Maybe this is what I need to get the interest back to this site. I just hope they fix the glitches now that the whole site is getting updated.

Internet back up!

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Finally! After a month without internet it´s solved! I got it back! Hopefully it will stay now but you never know... Considering my previous luck in these matters...

Back from Greece!

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Ok, let me tell ya, I´ve had a REALLY GREAT TIME! Man Greece is awesome! In a few years I´ll move down there to live with my father for a year!

BUT even though I may be back I´m still very busy and won´t be able to be as active as usual. I´m moving out of the old house to another town and there is alot to do.
Just to let ya´ll know!;)

Off to Greece

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This Monday I will go to Greece. Well, not "go" but... travel to Greece. I´ll be gone for a month, I´m not sure what that will mean for my union. I guess I have to give the leader-position to someone else.

Well, just don´t get crazy when I suddenly disappear, I´ll be back. :P

New Emblem: Outlier

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I have no idea why or how I got this emblem. I haven´t changed my gamecollectionsettings for ages! :shock: Still pretty cool though.

2 year anniversary!

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A few days ago was my 2nd year anniversary! Pretty cool. I wouldn´t have noticed it if gamer_girl wouldn´t have announced her 3rd year anniversary in her latest blog so I guess I have to thank you for making me notice it! :P

In other news I just reached a new level! Yay or me. :lol:

Got meself a nu emblem!

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Pretty nice! Got if after watching "the lord of the rings online live marathon" (Wow, try to say that three times at high speed!) It´s always fun to get new cool emblems so I´m happy! :P

Well, I´ve decided to start to upload some pics in my "Images"-section here at my profile. I´ve already started a little so go check that out.

Um, yeah, then there´s this... sig... :lol:

Pretty good if you ask me. I downloaded some new brushes to make it(they were needed):D

Another new sig

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I decided to try something new this time. I´m not really sure I like the way it turned out but it was still a pretty interesting way of making sigs so I´ll probably try this some more times and then we´ll see....