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I'm going back. *Way* back.

It's strange how we end up finding ourselves resorting to old things, but hey, oldies but goodies never hurt to look back upon. Nevertheless it seems that I pulled out a box from storage that had been stuck in there for some years, and its contents contained, well, nostalgia. In other words, it was filled with my old game and DVD collection, and ever since I've be caught on playing all these old games, and it's strange. Some of them are more entertaining than the ones I have now.

Game #1: Deus Ex

The original badass cyberpunk game. Can't go wrong with this one, no?

I never got to play this fully when I was younger, or maybe I was just less interested back then, but after playing it today I seem to regret that descision. This game is plain fun, I dunno why. Hacking, futuristic cyborg implants, guns, all that jazz, not to mention an alright storyline to boot. I'd get to the supposed multiplayer in this game, but that never seems to work for me. Nonetheless, if you haven't tried this game out for whatever reason, it's definitely a game you should try, rather you be FPS fanatic or RPG geek, because this game has plenty of both.

Game #2: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

It's no Skyrim, but for its time, it was pretty alright.

I'd be lying if I said that this game gave me memories. I used to stay up way late playing this game as a wee boy, and looking back at it I can't see why. Really, if you've played an Elder Scrolls game (and I'm sure you have), it's pretty much the same with the more ****c touch to it, though after playing Oblivion and Skyrim, I can't help but find this game lacking though still good, but lacking. Still, it's a monumental game, so I suppose I'll just ressurect my good ol' Argonian character and mess around in this strange land of strange jellyfish looking creatures.

Game #3: Spyro 1, 2 & 3

It's been a while!

If you had an original Playstation and didn't grow up with Spyro and Crash, then you missed out on some of the better platformer-adventure-action titles out there. On the other hand, if you grew up with any of the now-a-days Spyro and Crash games, then I really feel bad for you! Really now, these were fantastic games before the early 2000's came around, then things really hit the fan, I mean come on, I never wanted to see Spyro's "love affair" with this "Cynder" girl, much less did I ever want to hear him voiced by Elijah Wood, a.k.a Bilbo Baggins. Point being, avoid the newer Spyro games whenever possible.

Game #4: Resident Evil 1

Welcome to the world of Survival Horror!

This game... Oh lord, this game. Did you ever find yourself doing something again and only now realizing that it was not as great as it seemed? That's kinda how I felt with this. Apart from the... spectacular acting in the real-live action cutscenes, the controls were harsh for me, though I never quite liked Resident Evil's control scheme to begin with. For the time, the graphics were superb, but I guess my main concern is the controls, even with a modern controller this game is tough. It's a fun, campy little horror game that you might want to try if you're a fan of horror games, so do give it a try if you can.

I suppose that's about all the games that I even bothered playing or were worth mentioning really, even though I just find myself watching most of the DVDs in the box, which reminds me. There was one thing, at the very most bottom part of the box that I had forgotten I even had for the longest time, and there was a good reason why...