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Xbox is done until spring

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I decided to purchase my other 360 probably in the Spring of 2013. Hopefully there will be a price cut on the system. Till then i will not finish my Mass Effect 3 saga, however I will have plenty of PS3 games to play.

Happy Gaming!

Its been a long time!

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Okay since I last posted on here my original 360 died :/ However, I bought a Halo 3 edition 360 from a cousin of mine for $60. Since then I got back into playing Mass Effect. I had the original (ME1) when it came out in 2007. But somehow I forgot all about ME until my best friend purchased ME2 on Ps3. He fell in love with the game and series and he got my back into the series as well. So i purchased the second game and fell in love with it. Although I like the RPG elements better in the first, the action and gameplay is solid in the second game. I have yet to get the 3rd and this is where I need my fellow Gamers opinions.



So now I have no 360 again and I probably won't get it until I have the money and maybe another price drop too. So...well I have a PS3 and right now I'm replaying MGS4 because the trophies were added. Love this game! Anyway my question to you, my fellow gamers is this: my birthday is coming up in Sept. and I am trying to think of a game I want. I really want to play ME3 but like I mentioned, my 360 is dead and I'm not planning on buying a new one anytime soon. With that, should I just get ME3 for Ps3? I know the story won't carry over, like it did for me on ME1 to ME2. But I really want to play Mass Effect 3 and end the saga that I started so long ago. My friend even said I can borrow ME2 on Ps3 in the meantime if I want to make some decision making beforehand.

So my question is/was: should i get mass effect 3 even though its on a totally different system?

If not: what should I get for my bday?

Here is a list of what I am thinking about:

Batman: Arkham City

Max Payne 3

Deus EX: HR

Killzone 3

Resistance 3

Silent Hill: Downpour

I generally like action and adventure games. I have Skyrim and RDR and MGS4 and all the Uncharted Games, RE5, MGS Collection, Silent Hill Homecoming, etc...

Give me suggestions!!!!!


360 has been dead for awhile

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Well my ps3 and 360 both decided to die at one point, thankfully i got enough money to replace the PS3 but not the 360 and i dont know when that will happen because my job barely gives me hours and i am in college. so i have no money lol. luckily the roommate has 360 so i can play my games again, especially NHL 11 which i was addicted too and i was not even an NHL fan lol. that game is just pure awesome though and i appreciate NHL Sport Games more than any other Sport games out there. Well my first GameSpot blog in a long time, since playing RDR. Haven't really played a lot since then. Just NHL 11', Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Enslaved, Infamous (thanks to PSN giving it out for free) and Castlevania Lord of Shadow and eventually Crysis 2 when i borrow that from a friend. Till then, i hope to get my new 360 and get Battlefield 3, mass effect 3, and a bunch of 360 games. peace!

Red Dead Redemption

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Playing RDR on 360. Freakin awesome game. The online is a little tricky, but i'll get use to it. So far its way better than GTAIV. Dont get me wrong, GTA4 wasn't a badd game, but it got boring with those stupid and pointless missions. The shootouts in RDR feel more realistic. Im not that far yet, but it doesnt seem too long also.

PS3 Died for the last Time. OMG!!!!

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Yeah my ps3 died like 26 days ago. Forgot to mention that again... oh well. i got no money to buy a new one for now. Saving up for my vacation to Virgina in August. At least i have my 360 in working condition. I swear when i bought my ps3 is most have secretly been a 360. Currently playing Battlefield BC2 and Shadow Complex.

PS3 is back!

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Had my ps3 for about a weeknow. I beat God of War 3. What a great game and a great series on the playstation 3. One of the best, no doubt. I beat the challenges in that game and man was that hard, but worth it. Now im playing my friends InFamous. So far its a really fun game. I'm also playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 on my 360 and replaying Gears 2. I'm hoping to replay Dead Space and Batman AA very soon as well and Getting REd Dead very soon.

PS3 Died Again

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My PS3 died yet again. Sent it to gophermods for a free repair. Hopefully it work better next time. Currently borrowing my friends Battlefield Bad Company 2 for 360 while I wait. Pretty awesome game. I love the online play and especially Rush mode.

Done with AC2!

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Beat Assassin's Creed 2 a few days ago. It was an excellent game. Very well done. The story is nuts though. Very confusing at times. But the gameplay is far improved compared to the first game. I unlocked 97% of the trophies. I coludnt collect all the feathers. Too many haha and they are well hidden. Well off to play GoWIII now! Can't wait!

Bought AC2 and GoW3 and recived The Orange Box

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For the longest time my cousin has let me borrowed The Orange Box. I did actually own the OB when it first came out, but for some odd reason, I could never get into playing Half-Life 2 or the other sections of the OB. So I sold it. I borrowed it from a good friend later on to try to get back into it, and failed again lol. And before my PS3 broke, I borrowed it from a cousin of mine. So I still couldnt really get into it, but my cousin got the pc version recently and decided just to give me his ps3 version. xbox version is better from what i hear, but i dont care. Its free for me lol.

I also bought Assassin's Creed 2 (brand new for like $30) and GoWIII with a $50 gift card i got from an uncle. ACII is far better than the first imo. I loved the first, dont get me wrong, but this one has a lot more to it. I havent played GowIII yet -_-. I should, but I wanna get somewhere decent in AC2 first. I dont wanna have to play two great games at one time. But I love the GoW series and I cant wait to pop it in the system,

I wrote a lot and probably will not get many responses haha. Anyway, I'm still playing Modern Warfare 2 online on PS3, so if you want my gamertag for either PS3 or 360 its theDownster for both of them. Just add me and tell me who you are, like if you know me from gamespot.


Got My Ps3 Back!

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Woot! Got my ps3 back along with amn extra hundred gigs added on to the original 60. Started playing COD MW2 again and RE5.