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hurricane irene was not bad for me at all

i just got home from my dads and luckily the hurricane was not bad at all. some parts of the city are flooded, but where i live its good just a few trees fell down. i am lucky to live in new york where the weather is a lot tamer all around compared to most places.

i am going to experience my first hurricane this weekend

i live in new york, i have never experienced a hurricane first hand, since most hurricanes end before reaching new york. tomorrow night hurricane irene is going to hit new york. its going to be a category two hurricane. i wonder how much damage its going to do. i wonder if it can move my car or break my windows, i wonder how long i can have no power.

360 headsets

i am sick of my 360 headsets breaking on me. with in a years time period i went through three headsets. all of witch were fine tne day and then the next day will not work. does anyone else have this problem.

i got new 360

well since my old 360 is unrepairable, i bought a new one. i got the 250 gig one right now iam waiting for all the data to transfer over its been going on for about 2 hours and is still transfering i had a lot of stuff on my old hard drive

my xbox is officially dead

if you read my last blog you would know that my xbox just will not stay fixed. well now its officially dead. i was given a call today by gamechamp and they said my xbox is unfixable. i at least got half my money back. so now i have to buy a new 360. what brothers me the most is that i am forced to buy the 250 gig one since the new 360 used a different kind of hard drive and the old one wont fit.

my xbox just wont stay fixed

a few months ago my 360 broke. i was not able to hear sound or see video. i took it to a console repair shot near my house, i payed $90 to get it fixed. I got y 360 back about a week and a half later. i play with it for a week and get a RROD, So i bring it back to get repaired again. this time i did not have to pay anything. I got m y 360 back in about two weeks. I took it home and played with it for a couple of weeks and then the console started crashing after ten mins of play. So i bring it back again. it took only a few days for it to get fixed, however in three weeks i got another RROD. So today i brought it back to them.

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