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I'm back!

I am back online. I got a computer a couple of weeks ago and thought about this. I will now be on at least 4 days a week.

I do have a PS3 with Metal Gear Solid 4, Soulcaliber 4, Stars Wars:The Force Unleashed, and some other good games. Come and talk to me if you want!

I don't know if I should be here.

I thought that people on here were gamers and they talked about games and such. The thing I didn't know is that people on here are like in their 30's and above and they have WIFES! I'm to young to be thinking about that stuff right now. I hope being a kid doesn't affect my chance of making friends. I'm not going to tell you my age but I'm not in like 1st grade. I'm a teen. That shocked me. I'll live on.

...No way.

I was Playing Halo: Combat Evolved again today and rocked! I played one of my own games. (Snipers, CTF, Sidewinder, No shields, 50% health, etc.) I rocked! I came in second because this one guy had 3 flags and I only had one...what? So! 2nd!!!! I mean...its not my first 2nd place or anything thing but I was amazed because during the first part of the game I was in third in kills and when I won I was in 1st with kills! I got the last flag and we won! Yeah...good times. If you want to play me my name is Light (Death Note...duh) and I always make my games called Snipers or Rocket Launchers. Without the period for you stupid people. (Not saying everyone.) ...Still want Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. :( Try to play me sometime. 8)

No PC!

I'm not going to be around a comeputer for AWHILE so I'll have to stick to playing my PS2 and not getting on my Myspace, Youtube, Gamespot..., and other things. I won't have to buy one myself. :) I get 2 different moniters to chose from and some other things. (Mouse, keyboard, etc.) So I won't see all of you for awhile. Bye


Youtube LightYagamiFan Channel

I changed my youtube account and deleted my old one! There were people talking crap about me so I deleted my account and made a new one. It looks okay but it will get better. If you have a Youtube account and your not a douchebag you can add me on their. Comment on this blog if you have a youtube account and I will add you. I'm listening to Through the Fire and Flames....Random. Fast Guitar Solo!!!!!!! Anyway that is that. About time I hit the old dusty road. (Peter-Family guy)


Halo:Combat Evolved

I've been playing Halo:Combat Evolved for awhile and I love it. This game never seems to get boring to me and I LOVE to snipe people! I have it on the computer and my dad is addicted to it. If you ever want to play me, my name is Light and I always make a game called Snipers or Rocket Launchers. With out the period. I rock at it. I have a friend named Caps Lock or [HATE] You on their. He joins my games and is my best friend on their. If you like Halo, or have a PC, try this game.
P.S. I'm not Emo anymore. I had to get a hair cut.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots: Ocelot not being Powerful?

I was at my friends house the other day on Gamespot (I wasn't logged in though) and I was watching a bunch of MGS4 Easter Egg videos but then I watched a review video and I found out that you could buy other weapons and scopes and I jumped out of my seat. I started thinking of over 50 different combinations of weapons, scopes, and accessories. It made me want this game ever more. I didn't even know about this buying system. I recently read a little story of Ocelot on Wikipedia and it said that Ocelot was not very good at combat. I didn't go with this because if I am correct...in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Sergei pushes away the Marine Commandant and Ocelot throws up his coat and hits both of them. That is pretty good combat so I think Wikipedia is wrong. Anyway...I really want MGS4 and almost had the money for the bundle but I never got it. So just telling you about that. Light