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Strange press releases from the UK--Part Two

I'm not sure that Kevin can beat this....


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Subject: Understanding Vagina Dentata - A Website that's full of bite!
Date: 17th June 2008

An underground online marketing campaign created for new movie TEETH has sparked frantic discussion amongst bloggers asking the question - could this happen to me? TEETH, which is released in cinemas this Friday by Momentum Pictures, is an ultra dark coming-of-age comedy with a particularly shocking premise based on the myth of vagina dentata (Latin for 'toothed vagina').

The main focus of the campaign is a spoof healthcare site http://www.vagident.co.uk/ which includes a video testimonial from a woman purporting to suffer from the affliction who explains in detail how her life has been affected. The site has enjoyed great success, so far receiving over 60,000 unique users. The primary feature of the site is to house the video Understanding Vagina Dentata, which plays as a straight documentary. Support material on the site, including a look at the myths and facts of Vagina Dentata, and frequently asked questions, helped to create a believable healthcare concern. vagina

The Understanding Vagina Dentata video has received over 130,000 views online so far, with fantastic user responses debating whether Vagina Dentata is a real medical issue, and whether the interviewees in the video are genuine. The campaign has grown via viral portals, networks, blogs, with additional reach through the distributor's student and washroom activity.