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Strange press releases from the UK--Part One

Kevin VanOrd over in the US recently started a series of blog posts called 'Fun With Kevin's Inbox.' Just to show him that people in the UK are just as strange as those in the US, I'm going to be bringing you the best of all the oddness that we receive this side of the Pond.

We're off to a flying start today with this news. Guy said he was so excited he was thinking of live blogging it.

From: *****
Sent: Tue, 13 May 2008 13:54:12 +0200
To: *****

YOU ARE INVITED TO A WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT! (This is flashing in different colours).

World's Fastest Laminator

When: Monday, June 2nd, 11:00-12:00 hrs

On behalf of GBC, Duomedia has the pleasure to invite you to join in the thrilling countdown as GBC makes an unprecedented Guiness World Record Attempt at officially establishing the WORLD's FASTEST LAMINATOR! At this unique event GBC will unveil the 8500HS Cyclone, a single-sided commercial laminator designed for ultra high-speed professional finishing of book covers, dust jackets, packaging and more. An official representative of the Guiness Book of World Records will be present on the stand to establish the time it takes the GBC 8500HS Cyclone to laminate 100 square meters. A champagne reception will follow the record breaking activity.


Come and join us in the thrilling countdown as GBC unveils their 8500HS Cyclone to make an unprecedent attempt at establishing it officially as the WORLD'S FASTEST LAMINATOR! Register now!