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Breaking radio silence...

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Hey Gamespotters

Hope you're all doing good. I have a small and painless to ask y'all. One of my very good friends, UK indie developer Paul Taylor from Mode 7 games has started a petition to get his game Determinance released via Valve's Steam.

He's been turned down twice--I don't think he's sure why--and keeps getting asked by fans of the game why he doesn't put it on Steam. It's driving him nuts, so he's started a fun petition to take to their offices. If he gets 10,000 sigs in the next six months, he's promised to deliver it personally dressed as a tomato.

How can you say no???

Thank you all so much in advance! Save the indie games industry, ya?

Check it out here

Other than that, I have absolutely nothing to say about this web site whatsover.