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'Grand Theft Mario' parody on Robot Chicken

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I saw this on the internet, and did literally laugh out loud--Mario takes a trip to Vice City, pimps his ride and rescues a 'princess' on a street corner.

(I guess viewer discretion advised, probably not suitable for under 18s) Take a look...

I loved the ending, "Hmm... Raccoon City, that sounds lovely..."

For anyone that doesn't know, Robot Chicken is a popular stop motion animated television series created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, and is shown as part of the 'adult swim' programming of the Cartoon Network in the US, and on Bravo in the UK. It's one of the only American comedy shows I actually like, being a Brit.

Robot Chicken has previously shown other video game funnies--in one the Halo crew tackled the Donkey Kong game, by infiltrating the map and setting a timed bomb to blow up under the gorilla. In another, the Final Fantasy VII crew were tasked with working in a fast food restaurant, and villain Sephiroth attacked Cloud with his special 'unpaid overtime' move. You can probably dig those out on youtube, too.

The episode that shows the Mario clip is episode 39, was first aired on November 5 and is called 'Lust For Puppets', if you wanted to see the original.

I thought I was over it...

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But I realised yesterday I wasn't. "It" being, of course, puerile jokes about Nintendo's latest console name. It started in the morning when I got an email from a friend in Japan who ended her missive with the phrase: "I can't wait till Wii comes out!!". So, she will presumably be very "relieved" to read the press release that landed in my inbox just a few hours later from Nintendo, promising the world "a steady stream" of Wii in the run up to Christmas. I'm not making this up, they really did use that exact phrase. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself.

The press release seemed to follow through on the theme, with other phrases raising a snicker, for example: "a rapid replenishment program designed to consistently pump Wii". I emailed another friend to tell him the news, and he responded with: "I can't wait for that crisp December morning when I can finally have a Wii. I've been waiting for ages for it to come out. I'm sure my flatmate will be just as pleased when he returns home from work to see I've put a Wii on the floor in front of the TV."

I remember when I first heard the announcement that Nintendo was changing the really-rather-cool name Revolution to Wii, there were of course, the mandatory jokes. But now the rest of the industry seems to have just grown up and got over it. Apart from me--apparently it still gives me the giggles.

Do you have any Wii jokes? If so, please post them as comments. I'm afraid for the time being, I appear to have run dry.

Game On and on and on...

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I checked out the media preview of the Game On exhibition at the Science Museum on Friday morning. Perhaps it is the current furore over Rockstar's Bully that has pushed video games into the interest of the media in the UK, or perhaps a lot of journos simply didn't fancy being in the office on a Friday morning, but there were surprisingly large numbers of media companies there. The exhibition itself is worth checking out, even though it weighs in at £8.50 for adults, a bit steep perhaps considering most UK museums are free.

It was seriously cool to see the first ever game machine, the DEC PDP-1, and play some of the old arcade games that I used to "back in the day". It's running until mid-February. All the kids there loved it, so it's well recommended to parents looking for something to keep the little blighters quiet over this week's half-term.

Is this the future of gaming?

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I can't believe it's been three weeks and I still haven't worked out what to write in my first blog entry. Well, enough procrastination!

On Wednesday I got to try out the prototype of a new controller for games--codenamed Fusion--and although the product probably won't be out for another 6-9 months, I think it has the potential to change the whole gaming experience.

It's a wireless motion sensing device which basically means that you can get into the games like never before. I played a tennis and a bowling game, though obviously the possibilities go beyond sports games.

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