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Tis the season to give thanks..

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And I'm greatful for my followers (all 8 of you). And for that, I'm giving a special present to you. A double dose of reviews this weekend! That's right, two shares of yummy reviews for two fun games: No More Heroes and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. I know Thanksgiving is over, but it's time to pull out the left over turkey and grab a side of reviews. Expect them up within' the day.

- Herio

Namco Bandai and their Tales of R series

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Okay. So, for Tales fans, you probably know about the R remake games on the Vita. The only games announced are Innocence, Hearts, and Tempest, which were all for DS systems. Part of me is offended by this, as they even said that Innocence was "flawed" on the DS (After a watch through of Innocence R, I'm really mad about that, because Innocence R was really cluttered).

Well, they are now doing Tales of Hearts R. Tales of Hearts is my favorite game in the franchise (I have a review up on this site for the DS version). What I know about Hearts R is this: They have removed the Emotion Gauge (which allowed you to combo as long as you had energy in the gauge) and replaced it with TP, they now have an Overlimit gauge similar to what they had in Vesperia, and Calcedny is now a playable character. Only one of these things I'm pleased with and that's because I love Calcedny. There is also a new character who will probably be from the Innocence or Tempest world (similar to the two new characters in Innocence R).

Overall, I'm pissed. We understand that you love Sony, Namco Bandai, but why screw with perfectly good games just to appease your favorite company?

Ugh, unless Hearts comes stateside, I think I'm done with the Tales series. After the R games and the horrible Tales of Xillia, they are just starting to lose their touch.

Back in the Game

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So, I obvioulsy haven't been posting reviews like I said I would. I was trying to work out the issue of my reviews just being all scruched together as one big paragraph. Apparently it fixed itself, so everything is good. >.>

Anyways, I posted a new review, this time for Transformers Prime: The Game for 3DS. Check back every week for new reviews. I have a lot of games to get through...

Until next time, caio.

I'm apologizing now.

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I'm going to apologize right now for my 3 most recent reviews. Why? Because for some reason, Gamespot is deciding to merge the entire review into 1 paragraph. This is aggrivating me greatly because I can't fix it for some reason. If anyone has information on this, please share. I feel that my normally high quality reviews aren't meeting the standard I've set for myself and, thus, I'm embaressed that you have to deal with it. Hopefully this will be solved soon. I'm planning on my first Gamecube game review this weekend and I'd like it to be the quality that you all expect from me.

Again, I'm working on this and apologize for it now.

Some updates why not

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Hello all. I'm not dead. I had to get a new computer and I've been very slow at getting back into the swing of things. If you'll notice, I have posted 2 new reviews: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (DS version). Just for you.

Anyways, I'm doing classes and work, so I haven't been able to play a whole lot. I will start doing more reviews for Wii games, and also going to try and do a review every week.

Also, for my TWEWY followers, I'm sure you all know that The World Ends with You -Solo Remix- has been released for iOS. I will eventually get this and post something on it. Until then, though, just be content with my review for the DS version.

I'm aware that this is really short, but I don't got a whole lot to say at the moment. Once the Wii U hits it's first price drop, I'll pick that up and start doing Wii U reviews. For now, though, I'll do Wii, DS, and 3DS games.

Ta ta for now.

Falling into the Abyss

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Tales of the Abyss 3D was reviewed by Famitsu earlier this week. They gave it a 31/40. They gave the PS2 version a 36/40. So, why did they give the 3DS version a lower score?

Something they mentioned was the lack of new content. While the game did get the North American exclusive Mystic Artes, this was the only addition to Tales of the Abyss 3D (for Japanese audiences. We will get nothing). First of all, the producer of Tales of the Abyss (and 3D), Makoto (Last name got censored for some odd reason) stated when first announced that there would be no new additions. So why that was a complaint is a little annoying.

Makoto also stated that Tales of the Abyss was perfect as is, and that adding new content would just take away from the experience of the game as a whole. I found this comment amusing, as it was unintentionally a slap in the face to Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of Graces F, which LOADED their ports with extra stuff. I can see why Vesperia needed extra stuff to distraced people from it's terrible story line. Graces F needed something to make the F storyline bearable, so you get lots of extra stuff. I actually really hated that Vesperia PS3 and Graces F needed seemed to need SO MUCH extra content, when it was all just fan serivice and unneeded (which it really wasn't needed). So, keeping Abyss 3D pure was a good move. Not loading it with extra stuff makes it so that people will get the game FOR THE GAME, and not for the extras.

The Famitsu review also stated that menu text was too small. Okay, it's a handheld system. You can't expect the text to be as big as the text for the console versions. I found this mark down to be total crap. Look at Tales of Hearts and Tales of the Tempest. The text was small on those games too. Were they marked down for it? Nope. It might have something to do with the fact that Abyss 3D just ported over their menus. Since they didn't remake the menus from the ground up, it could be understandable that the text might be small on some of the menus. But come on. Is that really a big deal?

The last complaint that they seemed to have was that you moved to slow on the world map. If I remember correctly, you moved slow on the world map in the PS2 version, too. After all, you are walking ON THE WORLD. It's not like it's your home town and you can get to the other side in a hop and a skip. And that's what the flying machines are for. ^^

Famitsu did praise the 3D effect, though. Saying that it added some depth to everything. I want to see Indignation in 3D. You have no idea. They also said that loading times were MUCH faster and not nearly as much lag when on the world map or using FoF/Mystic Artes. They also liked how all your shortcuts were on the bottom screen and called it very helpful (they were really helpful in Tales of Hearts. Not surprising they were helpful here).

It seems that Famitsu was more of disappointed by the lack of fanserivce the game got. But, I agree with ****. The game didn't need anything. I'll admit I was hoping for some new costumes, but I'm fine without getting anything. At least North America and Europe are getting the game, with it coming to the States before the end of the year! I also don't really care for reviews, anyhow. You are the only critic. If I play it and it's bad, well that sucks. But, since it seems like a graphically and technologically advanded version of the PS2 version, I will probably love it. Now, to wait till it comes out. >.>;

Handheld Systems are the bombdigity

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So, after a long struggle with my dad and my internal wants, I've decided to get rid of my two home consoles; my Wii and my N64. I have a lot of memories on them, but I just don't ever play them. They just sit there. Collecting dust. Never being played. I think this has to do with me being at college now. I'm never at home and I can just play my DS where ever I am, so it's just easier to play. Even when I have the option of playing my DS or my Wii, I always pick my DS. I don't know what it is, but it's just clicked. I think something has to do with E3, and the lack of good Wii titles that caught my intrest and the annoucment of the Wii U, which looks like the biggest mistake in video game history. The pieces started falling into place at that point, and I'm just now starting to see the picture.

I think the realization really sank in when I played Sonic Colors on my Wii for about 10 minutes, and then I went straight to playing Sonic Colors on my DS for about 2 hours. No, there wasn't something I wanted to watch on TV. No, there was absolutely no reason for me to switch systems. I just did, and I did so without even really thinking about it. I also am not really interested in any games coming out for Wii, while I have a laundry list of games coming out for DS and 3DS (which I still need to pick up). The odd thing is, there are DS and 3DS versions of games on the Wii that I want more. I don't get it, but I'm giving into it. It's something that I've been thinking about for a long time, and it's my decision.

All my money is currently going towards a 3DS, so I won't be picking up any new games for a while. I'm reviewing all the Transformers Pick-O-Side games (War for Cybertron, coming soon), and I'll be reviewing some other games I've been playing (TWEWY and Pokemon Black/White. Infinite Space will becoming WAY down the road as I crawl through that game). I will also probably become more active on this blog, as things regarding games come out. And I may just whine and rant on here, too. But that's what blogs are for, right?

Anyways, ta-ta my lovlies. Catch ya on the flip side.

And the Winner is....

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Tales of Graces F. The next Namco Bandai game being released is Tales of Graces F. I know what the F stands for. FURIOUS!

Being the hardcore Wii fan I am, I'm pissed that Namco Bandai won't release the Wii version of Tales of Graces. However, that is not my ownly reason. Some fans on Namco Bandai's wall are complaining since they are Wii owners themselves. Some of us don't have the ability to go out and get PS3s so, it's really upseting. Especially after Dawn of the New World (which I personally enjoyed very much, but others not so much).

On the bright side, it's the first time in 3 years that the U.S. has gotten a Tales game. However, in my opinion, it was the wrong choice to only do F and not the Wii version.

If Namco Bandai does Tales of the Abyss 3D, I will be happy. I will be more then happy. That is one of my favorite Tales games, if not my favorite. And, with news that the 3DS might be region locked, I'm hoping for Abyss 3D. I'd love to be able to play Abyss whenever I wanted.

If they do not do Tales of the Abyss 3D, and they do not do Tales of Graces for the Wii, I will probably shun Namco Bandai. Cause honestly, why deny fans games when it would get them money?

Well, that ends this chapter of Tales history. We'll see how things play out.

- Herio907


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Day 6. Tomorrow is the big day. The big announcement. What game is Namco Bandai trolling us with?

Well, let's get to the new picture. You can see something of the Tales of Graces F logo. But, there is a new deveopment. A "V". A "V". As in, "Vesperia". As in, Tales of Vesperia PS3. Are they planning on giving us Tales of Vesperia PS3 AND Tales of Graces F? Are they giving us one or the other? lolwut? I don't even.

That being said. If they are infact doing BOTH Vesperia and Graces F, then there really isn't any reason not to do Graces for the Wii. No excuse. I will have some faith restored in Namco Bandai if they release Tales in the U.S. period. If they release Graces for the Wii, I will kiss their feet. If this is one massive trolling, I'm killing their souls.

Anyways, I shall return tomorrow with the big news.

- Herio907

Hatred towards Namco Bandai

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Day 4 of the Tales of Two Richards website was yesterday, and now the image is even more messed then before. The Pac-Man ghost are now gone, but there are Invader ships flying everywhere. Also, the words and logo are now unrecognize able. The background to the site reminds me of the background for the Tales of Graces box.

The thing I hate the most about this is the fandom. They've already concluded that it's Tales of Graces F and anyone who says otherwise "isn't a true fan", "doesn't know what they're talking about", "are clearly idiots". It's called being realistic. It looks nothing like the logo and for some of us who are not that enthusastic about jumping to the conclusion that it's Tales of Graces F (remember, we haven't gotten a Tales game in 3 years and just last month Namco Bandai said they had no plans to release any new Tales games).

Well, the site now says Have a Nice Weekend, so I think we're done until Monday. Still, I stay on top of this.

- Herio907

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