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Screw Trolls!!!

I'm sick of them at this site. GameSpot really needs to do something. It's so freaking bad that I'm at the point that I can't post a dang thing without them swarming a thread.

I'm sick and tired of simply making a simple comment, and getting it ripped apart and insulted for it by all these trolls. We can't seem to have a decent conversation on the boards anymore without it devolving into tirades and insults, and it's freaking frustrating as hell!

It's even more frustrating that the mods have this attitude of, "maybe if we ignore them, they'll go away." Guess what? They're not, they're getting worse and more numerous by the day. And then to add insult to injury, many of them add remarks into threads like, "maybe if you guys wouldn't respond to them, they wouldn't do this." Right, slap the hands of the REAL contributors while letting the trolsl run rampant. Excellent job GameSpot. :roll:

I'm at the point where I'm about to leave this site for good, after being a contributing member for years. Someone give me a reason to stay.