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Well What can you do without freinds?

So this is a quick blog because im busy gaming with my pal who actually helped me win a contest

This contest was for Uncharted 3 and he was one of the 200 people that won and he got an exclusive beta for the game and the ability to turn into a swarm of bats online. I thought that it was very cool of him to get it for me considering the fact that hes not the closest freind but a pretty good freind of mine and considering the fact he has a 360 and not a PS3 he gave it to me :D I dont fully understand why i have to put in the code on the 28th but hey ill wait....Thanks to him i can know water my taste of uncharted 3.

From Eloge :D

Props to Jake

P.S add me on gameinformer . com

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I love GameSpot for some reason...

I dont know whats wrong...But im having a very great urge for wanting to be active on Gamespot. Maybe because I'm just feeling happy. Maybe its due to the new games coming out. Or maybe just maybe.....It has to do with the girl that broke my heart. Yeah i know...i didnt really get turned down but she said she like me for awhile and then i liked her, then all of a sudden my freind told me she didnt like me. But im getting off topic arent I. :D

I've Been Gaming alot recently...Ive been playing alot of old games and new games. My Freind has an Xbox 360 so i go to his house alot over the summer to play Black ops and other stuff. He also has Mass Effect 2 which i heard is a really good game... I really want to try it out. I've also been playing NBA 2k11, Modern Warefare 2( old ), and Infamous.

I plan on buying some new games for myself, I was think LittleBigplanet 2 since i was addicted to the first one with all the creativity but my freinds online are mostly playing Black ops. I was also thinking about InFamous 2 but then again i dont know about its online mode or if the story is even good. ( i heard it was lame. ) And i want to get a lot of other games as well. What games do you guys plan on getting?

Another Game that i hope still comes out is Final Fantasy Versus...They announced it like 2 years ago er something and squareenix released another Trailer around January....

The Awesome Unable to Understand Trailer

Yeah well thats it...keep me updated and i hope to Blog more and comment soon.

Eloge :d

Schools FInally out for me, and i plan on doing one thing....GAMING

Yeah i plan on making this short since i want to play Games.

So my school Finals were pretty hard, not to mention the fact i didnt study. But i ended up getting all A's on them. People call my knowledge a curse, i call it a blessing.:D. But im happy i got that good. Now that Finals are over and everything is cleared up i can start coming to GS way more frequently. I hope you guys want me to stay however? I still plan on getting the new popular games that are coming out like infamous, etc. Yet does anyone want to add me on pS3? - Daudi99

Its Good to be Back!


Eloge is In the Building

Hey guys so like i was gone for a long time due to School, and practically thats it. The school that i go to gives you a bunch of projects and i enjoy that better than tests. So thats my story i just want to know what else has been going on in your lives. Did someone on gamespot die, Did someone leave gamespot, Did anyone get any new games lately? Stuff like that.

I'll tell you though, the main reason i decided to come back was due to the awesome games that are going to start coming out. For Example Uncharted 3 is going to be out in November i think, which i enjoy because November is the month of my Birthday. I saw a bunch of videos on it and I really want to play it as soon as possible. Does Anyone know if a beta is coming out?

Another game that seems really intresting is Infamous 2. I saw a gameplay video on it and it looks werid. Cole looked different, his voice got higher and he seems younger. Also He was fighting some flying Zombie like things. I didnt finish the first one so i may not know everything. I'm at the part where all that black stuff on your face starts to come in. Can anyone just spoil me on the ending. I know that the future comes in and fights you for some reason but can you explain me why. But yeah everything looks different and I wonder where Maya or Moya is, also Zeke. But i definately wanna get this game.

Thanks For everything Guys and i look forward to talking to all of you again!!!


[Insert Blog title about pokemon here]

Quick Blog:

I recently got pokemon diamond just to see what its like. So far im in this flower city trying to get the key for this galactic place. But im trying to have a really good and standard team. I first started out with piplup since hes a good starter and stuff but then realized the only fire type you can get before the elite 4 is ponyta and i hate that one. So i have Chimchar second form, Luxio, and thats it so far. Any tips for my team.

I also wanted to get a pokemon through trade if anyone has a good low level pokemon like Growlithe,Turtwig,Piplup,Pikachu, Ralts or anything that can help my team please help me trade with you for a bidoof. You probably dont play pokemon anymore and I know im a Newbie/Noob to get Diamond when Black and White is about to come out but hey since your getting that probably you think you could give me a low level pokemon from diamond. Please Help ME i really need some thing good.

Rate my team as well...

Chimchar lvl 16

Luxio Lvl.15

Need psychic,water, plant, flying and or anything else you think is good.

Thanks Eloge

My Birthday disaster

Well my birthday was last week and sorry i havent posted since October.:D:

So my birthday was sunday and i had no idea what my freinds were going to plan to do like they did before. I go to church and people forgot that it was my birthday. :D Then this guy got a candle out of his car and got a match lit the candle and made me blow it. Throughout the day only a couple people wished me a happy birthday.

I know im not super special or anything but a little sing along wouldnt hurt and maybe a couple of guys would want to come over and hang out but no one did anything. Maybe i shouldve called them. Or maybe i shouldnt have done anything, am i overeacting on this situation, or am i just a mean person. I ended up getting no presents from anyone though, thats the major thing that bugs. No one offered to buy me anything or make anything.

With that i end off asking you guys if im mean or do my comments seem disrespectful in any way.

Well i didnt get black ops yet, i dont even know how its like. Exactly like MW2 or WaW. Is it worth buying?

I plan on buying Final fantasy 9 for the ps3 lol though i still havent finished final fantasy 13 im on the part where you get into this outside place and you get to do certain missions.

Relax and have a blessed day


The Eye Of The Sword Is weaker Than the Mind

Warning this blog has nothing to do with the title I did it to fool you guys to thinking i had an interesting blog- IM A BAD BOY!!!(viewer discretion is advised )

Hi Im Eloge

These past few days ive been playing Modern Warefare 2 and Im not getting the hang of this. For some reason when i played world at war I did really good in matches. Now I just stink with a 4 - 9 average kill death ratio. Does it take special skill or practice because i dont play this game 24/7.

Now most people are enjoying my banner made by Aiden129 - which by the way is awesome. But idk if i should get a new banner or at least an icon. I love it all its just i wanna change something so people dont think im dead. If i do it should be the icon.

So Halloweens tommorow -

Yea Im going to this festival thing with lots of candy and stuff and its gonna be fun. Also i dont drink, smoke, or do drugs because that just ruins you ( no offense to people that actually do it) Its just not something im into especially since im a Christian. Anyways i cant wait to taste Peanut Butter Reeses again its so good. What Candy are you into.

So...Yea take care and have a great halloween.

P.S - {Parents check the candy of your children you never know when someone puts something bad inside thoughs stuff.}


The Gun on The Run

HIYA FOLKS welcome to Eloges Blogging Hip Hip HOORAY!

Well hey everybody i know its been awhile since i blogged but as you can see ive been doing some commenting here and there so people at least know im alive. Ive been doing a lot of stuff lately. Ive been watching tv, doing homework, playing video games and doing homework. Did i mention ive been doing homework. School is very important for life. I plan on becoming a doctor once the time comes( Still in High School ) since everyone in both sides of my family have some form of medical teaching and experience. What do you plan on working for when your older or if you are the age what do you do now.

Gun on the Run is basically a random name for my blog. Considering that I have an Iphone i wanted to ask you guys what apps should i get on my iphone 3G. I have Angry Birds and thats a fun app, the facebook app is useful too. I just wanted to know what apps you guys use on your iphone or ipod. If none of these handhelds what phone do you have.

Time for sadness so ill make it quick

They delayed LittleBigPlanet 2 and DC universe online, they were going to come near my B-Day oh well.

Have a Good Day and ill be on Ps3 at this very Moment



God Bless

Sad, Sad, and Stuff

Warning: This blog can be very depressing so watch some Barney after this.

Gamespot Best Villan : I came from school today to see what was going on gamespot. I came right away and logged and went to see whats on the Greatest Villan board and saw that the werid Starcraft lady was winning against Darth Vadar. Pardon Me But What The :twisted:.... Darth Vadar has a werid twisted mind to Kill with stradegy this lady seems as if she'll just dive right at you and all you have to do is throw and ak at her face and shes gone.

Another thing i just realized is Sephiroth lost in The first round. Im not a major RPG player( LIAR:twisted::roll::twisted: ) But Sephiroth has taken over peoples minds forcing them to do there work, summons a planet to attack 3 people only ( Supernova at the end ) Then Turns into a God , and has a duplicate of himself so he can be hidden whiles hes asleep in frozen Ice. If thats not worthy of going to the next round at least then i dont know what is.

Well im trying to find what games to play but i still have no clue what to play or Buy. Im planning on getting 2K11 but im still deciding.

Anyway whats going on with you guys?


P.S- A FREAKING PLANET AT 3 people. Then comes back to life later in Advent Children for Revenge.

People these days.