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Goodbye WoW

After some hard time playing with the best in the world of warcraft, i finally decided to stop. The game was my life since april 2009, and i had so many good times on Azeroth. But I was getting bored about how blizzard was making that make so casual... Epic items, that were so hard to get on vanilla, now are found when inspecting any level 80. Yeah, I mean anyone. Really. Create a char, get it to 80 and I give you 3 hours to find yourself full of purple gear. Not to talk about the bosses. You'll never ever find something as exciting as Sunwell Plateau was. Now everything is easy and buggy as hell. Everyone that plays WoW knows Ensidia. And like them or not, but they ARE the best in that game. And they were the first to reach the mighty Lich King on normal version, killed it, then Blizzard banned them. The whole raid got banned because they killed a boss that Blizzard didn't finish. A bugged boss. Then, for helping Blizzard to see the great work they've done while creating that boss, they were awarded with a ban. That can't be motivating in any kind of way to any player. So, a message to blizzard: Instead of thinking about how many new players you will be getting by making it easier, try fixing your damn game before it goes live, and don't ban people for playing an incomplete thing that by your responsibility is supposed to be perfect, as we all paid for it. Think less about new players and care more about those hardcore players that really experience the best mmorpg on earth.

GDC... I wish I could be really there, but...

GDC is driving me really crazy! Yeah, this is the first time I heard about OnLive, and I can't wait to get my hands (?) on it.
Finally I won't need to buy new hardware for my PC to play a good game! That is what I never thought about and, at the same time, what I always wanted (and needed).
I was really thinking about buying a console - Xbox 360 was on my mind - but now i'm gonna wait 'till winter (:
And oh, thank you very much Gamespot for giving this 'virtually there' thing for us, game lovers, that have no right to be there :cry: haha.
I love you Gamespot ;)

Back to the start...

So, I found lost somewhere this great game, "Sid Meier's Pirates!", a really good game made some years ago. Even with these not so exciting graphics, this game brings you back to pirates' age in Carib, and there's so much you can do in it. After spending some time with Pirates!, i started with World of Goo, good game but becomes boring after some levels. Now i'm back to Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, a really great football game, with this outstanding new engine and this so exciting Become a Legend new mode that makes you want to play on that team you love. With any gamepad you can play it for good and have so much fun. Then now i'm just helping my actual team, A. C. Milan, to win the Italian Championship :D Cya

Dunno what to play D:

So, I unninstalled some games and now I dunno what to play anymore D:
Got only Crysis, and Burnout Paradise right now, the only two that never get bugged in my beloved PC.
I should buy some games but i'm really outta money now :/
Anyway, i'm in time of school tests so playing isn't the better choice to do something at my afternoons :P
And i'm thinking about waiting for The Godfather II, as I love mafia stuff and that game seems to be very nice. I confess that I didn't play The Godfather, so I'll trust Gamespot on this one ;D

New Review

So, my GTA 4 review has been written. I got angry about the game lagging too much in my PC and uninstalled it u.u Bye, Bye GTA, see you in another version (lol), or maybe another PC. It's incredible, but around 10 minutes after i start playing, the frame rate suddenly falls from 40 to 2 on very low resolution and graphics configuration :? Maybe it's my processor (AMD Athlon 64 x2 5000+ @ 2,61Ghz) that can't resist the game, or maybe it's my VGA (nVidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB) that's not that good for this game. Weird, as i was playing Gears of War at the very high configuration, with DX 10 and over 20 fps. :|

GTA 4 screen shots :)

As I'm playing Grand Theft Auto IV more than any game, I thought it would be nice to post some in-game screen shots even if I don't play in the very best quality of the game. Maybe later i will make my own review of the game, but right now I'm trying to get some achievements, so I'll think about it later :P
Enjoy the pictures. See ya.