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there definetly my favorite band ever even though i dont really listen to them that much anymore but that band definently changed my life i meet many friends at there show and meet the band a couple times, during freshman year like 4 years ago, the first coheed show i ever went to we met claudio and i had to get my report card signed and returned to the teacher but i had it in my pocket since i didnt want my parents to see my 2 d's so claudio signed it instead of my parents :P then a couple years after that we actually got to hang out with travis and claudio after a show for about 20 minutes, which was cool because there the coolest, most down to earth guys ever, so they'll pretty much always be my favorite band no matter if i listen to them or not

I ENVY you..LOL haha LUCKY!!!
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Nope. Can't find a single song of their's to which it's worth listening. The singer is terrible, the music derivative...meh.LJS9502_basic
Well its better than listening to the singer from The Cure who looks totally EMO and sings like a emo guy too.. im not hating though =P
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Agreed! most bands get worse but not them!!
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eh, ok but i still love them NO homo even though everyone says his voice sounds like a girl.. it doesnt i think his voice is unique and goes well with the band. thats my opinion anyways
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WOW.. alot of bad reviews.. well i guess it really depends what you're really into.. i really dont care if you hate them.. other people have different taste in music. one of their best albums is i have to say... No World For Tomorrow.. =D awesome!
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about the same as you Nav but a bit less i need to start deleting people i dont know and that just added me because i had a good game in a map lol
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15 but people sometimes dont believe me because my voice lol
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well when i TRY to delete my messages i cant -.- i dont know why?! it says deleting but they're still there!?
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they are by far my favorite band!! i LOVE them no homo lol. anyone else? if not back-up your reason!

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i love their old stuff but the new stuff is OK i still love them =D
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