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You're probably wondering why the topic says "Same." well its because since alot of you are having finals well so am I.tomorrow it all starts well for one class atleast. anyways about the Vblog.. it probably wont be up until Friday due to Finals and stuff.. so yea.. thats for being patient with the Vblog. well have a good WEEK!!! :P

Bye bye 08!

08 was suppose to be my lucky year because 8 is MY favorite number! and guess what? my B-day is on August 8= 8/8/08 ?? lol.. but i guess not turns out it was the total opposite! Horrible things happened this year that might scar me for the rest of my life. lets start from the top shall we?

First it was my lack of grades which i should slap myself because i could do better. Im a pretty dam intelligent guy but like a normal human being i have my weaknesses. apparently Gaming is one of them. i can easily get distracted by it. and most of you guys know i didnt make grades to play my favorite sport Baseball. the requirement was to have a GPA of 2.0 and sadly i didnt make the requirement. i sadly had a 1.999-.. it was so embarrassing when my coach told me i didnt have grades to play infront of the team.. honestly.. i felt like crying but that would've made things worse for me... and if you're wondering where i had low grades it was in Science (my MAIN weakness) and spanish 1 for spanish speakers. i am NOT fluent and i dont know why i was put in that class.

sadly this year i ended up in Spanish 2 for spanish speakers but have maintained a decent grade of a B =) maybe it was my teacher? ionno.

Another thing.. My sister.. all i can say she is by far the main reason for my horrible year.. as much as i would like to tell why.. i cant.. for muiltiple reasons.. lets just say one of my older brothers got really ticked about it he just had to move out so he wouldnt see her face anymore. this happened over the summer and the day he left.. i cried.. i shared my room with him for 10 years and it was sad seeing him go. at first i was happy i mean having the second biggest room in the house was great but wasnt the same =/. I didnt see him for a month and i was so happy to see him. over the time i had music to help me get through it.. bands such as Coheed and Cambria (B if you're reading this look them up! ahah) Disturbed who are AWESOME aswell!! and Trapt... sweet bands! LOVE them ALL! my brother started to come over more and more often which keeps me happy and in a good mood. but i also had a good friend by my side and i'd like to thank him Christian!

My new school year has been good with good grades except Science class -.- but doing everything in my power!! going to start the new season of Baseball soon so excited about that.

And as for the ladies.. there arent none which i dont mind much the girls at my school just arent for me or who knows in the future. but going to wait until that special someone come in my life. im a romantic guy and not a man horror (lol cant say the actual word) and yea..

Well tomorrow is my last day of vacation and overall my vacation was great. i had my whole family over for Christmas even my brother and me. my 2 bros, and sister got along well.. we played cards and told jokes and just plain made each other laugh.. ive never seen my two brothers get along it was my first time and i was so happy..

09 - lately ive been breaking out and i feel like crap. and not a great way to start my 09 year .. and for my New Years Resloution is start caring about my look just like B because thats the thing now. i Also am going to start hitting the gym more often and i want to gain pounds. im 5'11" weighing in at 126 and i want to turn the fat i gain into muscle.. im tired of people calling me skinny and just stuff like that. I also plan to play LESS video games and start concentrating on my school work.. i get my Permit in Feb. and get my licence in Aug. so knowing that i plan to get a job and start saving my money in the bank to save up for a car.

well thats it.. i know its a long blog but thanks for reading! bye! have a good YEAR!

Real Blog

Hey you guys! yes this is another one of those blogs that will help me get my level to 10.. but i thought i would add some stuff you guys would actually want to read about.. first off things i got for Christmas.

Falout 3; GREAT GAME!! the begginning is kind of slow but it starts to pick up speed. the special features are that you can stop time and choose where you want to hit your enemy. such as: Head, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, torso and its cool when they loose their head =D ahah SO MUCH BLOOD!! its either a third person game OR a first person shooter game. its one of those games where you have to explor every single thing or else you could miss something big. its scary at night and its cool to play with the lights off. oh and you MUST save your ammo. OVERALL! good GAME! 9-10

Coheed and Cambria CD; from my good friend Great! love the band! and good CD! for the people who dont know they are a (Rock/Progressive Rock) band look them up if you want but i LOVE THEM! ahah =P

Clothes; eh not my thing but they're ok =/

MONEY!!!!; got 150 and im close to buying my guitar! yep i've wanted a guitar since 4 months ago or so, ever since i started to listen to Coheed and Cambria

ALSO!! i cant live without music and of course how to you carry around your music? A DEVICE! last year i wanted a ZUNE for Christmas and i got it =D a year later. it BREAKS! im literally falling apart! oh and something you dont hear everyday? the warranty ended Dec.19 and it broke on Dec.20 -.- you got to be kidding me! good thing i didnt get a Xbox =P LOL dang Microsoft! but they were kind enough to take it in and repair it for free but! the box hasnt came in yet! i called in Dec. 20 and said they would ship that same day! WTF?! its Dec. 29?! ionno

Well thats whats up! Comment! =D

Video blog

hey whats up guys. I have been planning to make a video blog and i finally found the time to do it but it turns out i have to be level 10 to put it on. oh soo close! well its kind of good because i really dont like it so mabe in the next week i will have one. oh!

i almost forgot! SHOUT OUT to GREAKAWAKENING!! happy b-day bro!

sup peeps!

Yo! whats up you guys?! just going to right a short quick blog.

First off, i did pick up a good game recently.. and no it isnt COD:WAW ahha..i got Little Big Planet.. its a cool game i think and im glad i picked it up over COD:WAW. YES you heard right no COD:WAW!! after COD4 and getting pretty much addicted to it well i think im going to wait on COD:WAW.. and since school and sports i cant afford to screw up on my grades.. and i dont think im the only one.. just saying...

so theres a short quick blog about my gaming.. thanks for reading! and please comment!

My life right now.

so everything right now is going fine. school is "OK" and im trying really hard to stay on track and focused. And as of the ladies im still single which is whatever to me. Not in a rush anymore and just keeping my mind in "whatever happens" and I'd like to say thanks to B. you know why. haha. As far as gaming for me goes im planning to get the following games...

-Rock Band 2: it has a awesome playist and i really want to get it.

-Call of Duty World At War: its going to be awesome and hoping to get it if i have the money. right now im not working with my dad and im flat broke.

I hear Socom is a great game, but i dont think its a good game for me. it includes a lot of tactical stuff and thats not really my style. im more into running into battle and blasting some foos ahha and when you die you dont resawn quickly and i like to get in it quickly. i just think those games waste my time. thats why in COD4 i hate playing S&D.

i should be getting my PS3 back soon and it'll be great to catch up on some things with some of you guys. im also looking into to buy a guitar. im a begginner and im just looking for a cheap but good guitar no piece of *BEEP*

Well i think thats it. thanks again for reading and have a good day! =P

Im Still Around

Yo!! hey you guys. i havent talked to anyone in a while so thats why im writing this blog to remind you guys im still around!!! right now i dont have my PS3 because my parents took it away because i lied to them about going to the movies (long story) but its alright im fine about it. and actually i thought about it and it isnt that bad. time away from the ps3 is good for me. School is going great for me, i like classes where you have to do work. i hate half butt classes (cant say the A word) haha. like this one class i got. Geometry to be exact. My teacher is BORING all he does is gives us a warm up and then just goes on his computer. he gives us homework but he doesnt collect it. i dont know about you guys but i wouldnt do the homework if the teacher didnt collect it. so of course i dont do it. and when test days come up, im SCREWED. except this last one we used a practice test worksheet haha. but anyways im going to be more alive on GS.

Alright it was nice to finally write to you guys since like FOREVER! haha. Peace!