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Conquering The Godfather

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I'm still trying to become the Don of NYC. Ma I have heat with all teh families, especially the Staccis. I wonder how this will play out. I'll probably play it all night. We will see. And u r buying me Wii trigger.:D

Game Freak!!!!!

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Just registered here on gamespot and my eyes seemed to be glued to the computer screen. Unfortunately, I'm only up to level 2, which means I'm not permitted to write any reviews yet. Games? Well, lets just say I eat, sleep, and breathe them. I adore the MGS (Metal Gear Solid) series, and the FF (Final Fantasy) series is even more splendid. Now that it's the summer, I have more time to get hooked: Less studying, more playing. Feel free to fall in love...

Your lovable psycho: 1073