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Cancer Bats (even better second time round)

Last Wednesday I went and saw Cancer Bats at the Engine Rooms, which is the basement under a bar. Now this sounds like a really bad place but it was quite the opposite. The area was tightly packed, had a low ceiling and got to about a 100 degrees in there (sure I am exaggerating, but I can assure you, it was very very hot). The opening support band were called Sharks, who were really good, and reminded me of The Clash slightly. They were a great support act but the guitarist broke a string on his guitar so they had to stop early. What was funny though was he proceeded to completely wreck his guitar after their set list. The second support band where Blackstorm who all had amazingly epic beards, which made me go to my mates "these guys are going to be heavy, brace yourselves". I wasn't wrong, and they certainly didn't disappoint.

When Cancer Bats came on, the entire venue started to move as everyone just got psyched up and let loose. They started out with Shillelagh, played a song I didn't recognise and did Let It Pour, to which I just went mental. After the first four songs they did the lead singer had to stop after every second song as it was just ridiculously hot in there. Cancer Bats rattled off a lot of there best songs and my friends and I headed home incredibly satisfied.

A Day To Remember

On Thursday I went to see A Day To Remember at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms. They were supported by Azriel and For The Fallen Dreams. The support bands are quite heavy and screamo compared to what A Day To Remember are like. This of course was a great thing as both of them were really good, and fun to see live. When A Day To Remember came on, they started out with the Downfall Of Us All, which is one of my favourite songs (and one of the only ones I actually know the name to). This was a great song to start out with, as it had several great moments for opening. They then belted out a couple more songs which I didn't know the names of, but I remember hearing. They also played Since You've Been Gone, which is a cover of a Kelly Clarkson song done A Day To Remember style (in others it gets loud at some bits). The gig was great, I had a lot of fun moshing, even though I was head-butted but you have to take these things in stride. When they started up a circle pit it was a hell of a load of fun, mainly because two guys went down and everyone just went bundled into them causing a massive pile up. We had to leave quite near the end of the gig, to get the train which was annoying, but the important thing was that I got to hear the two songs I know by them.

Cancer Bats concert

I went to see Cancer Bats in Brighton yesterday, who were supported by D-Rail and Black Hole. D-Rail were the first support band and they were quite good in my opinion, even though the crowd looked almost dead. Black Hole were the second support band, and they were alright, but the lead singer kept trying to push their merch on everyone, even though barley any of the people I was with had any money. For some strange reason a lot of people came and saw Black Hole then left, which was a shame as Cancer Bats were absolutely awesome. Cancer Bats started out with Pneumonia Hawk and went on to do loads of songs I know and love. They finished up with Hail Destroyer, which I proceeded to mosh to and yell the lyrics back. Overall, I think it was one great gig.

Yuri's Revenge

Once again, after several weeks, I have completed the campaign as both allies and Soviets for Yuri's Revenge.

Red Alert 2

Woot! It has taken me a couple of weeks but I have finally finished the campaign on Red alert 2 for both the Alliance and the Soviets. Now to wait for the thrid one.


Oh yes, that means that I saw Disturbed at Brixton Academy yesterday, and it was amazing. The supporting band were called Shinedown and they started the gig with a song called Devour, which was brilliant and set the mood for the whole gig, which was a good one. They then belted out some more of their songs, which I didn't know but still enjoyed. They then left and we waited for Disturbed, who came on and did Perfect Insanity. They then proceeded to play Liberate, Down With The Sickness, Stupify, Land of Confusion, Remember, The Night, Stricken, and Inside the Fire. They did more songs, but I can't remember what they were or didn't know them. OVerall, it was probably one of the greatest gigs I have been to.

Meshuggah gig

A couple of days ago I went and saw Meshuggah play live. We got to the gig a little late and missed most of the first support band, but they were good (what we heard). The second support band were actually quite legendary. Trigger the Bloodshed they were called, but apparently they had a new lead signer who wasn't quite up to the challenge. After some waiting Meshuggah finally came on and thrashed out Perpetual Black Second, which was followed by Bleed and then Rational Gaze, which made my evening as they belted out 3 of my fav songs in the first 20 mins or so. All in all it was a great gig.

Seether concert

Yesterday I went to see Seether play in concert, who were supported by Finger Eleven. At least I think it was Finger Eleven, they might have been a different band called Puncture. Any who, none of us who went could figure it out. Anyway, whoever they were they were a great opening act. They managed to get everyone in tune with the gig, and had quite a few great songs. After a ridiculously lengthy wait, Seether came on to rock the gig. They opened up with some great songs, even doing a cover of In Bloom by Nirvana which they pulled off greatly. They made the audience wait right to the end until they performed Remedy, but it was worth the wait. All in all, it was a good gig, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Good Charlotte Gig

Yesterday I saw Good Charlotte in the Carling Academy Brixton. The support act Rooney were really quite bad, but bless their hearts they tried. Good Charlotte came on shortly after and it was a very enjoyable gig as they thrashed out some of their greatest songs and even a few slow ones, all the while in between the lead singer told us how much he loved the British people.

Sum 41 Gig

Yesterday I went to see Sum 41 and Reuben. Reuben started off well, with many Reuben fans getting into the swing and them rousing the crowd. The lead singer managed to rally the crowd by waving a large wooden pole at the crowd. As Reuben left the stage everyone got ready for Sum 41. The lights dimmed, everywhere, and the crowd started roaring, waiting for the band to come out. Suddenly the lights blared out at full, and some very theatrical music came on. Sum 41 promptly entered the stage and started up with Undercalss Hero, this instantly got the crowd going, almost as if someone had set off some sort of bomb. The rest of the gig passed in a similar sort of hectic frenzy. All in all, a pretty amazing gig.
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