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Whiskey Sour

The recently released Left 4 Dead design documents shows a reference to something called "Whiskey Sour" (in pages>files>index_002.php). I'm going to guess it's a codename to a major update for Counter-Strike: Source. It's plausible as CS:S hasn't received a significant update in quite a while.

Credits go to for this find.

Left 4 Dead

This game is amazing!

I've completed No Mercy and Death Toll with some friends on normal (will play on higher difficulties later) and it was really damn fun. The finale to Death Toll was particularly awesome.

I was also really impressed with the Source engine. Left 4 Dead is by no means an ugly game. In fact, I find it to look very visually impressive. There is a ton of detail, especially in indoor areas.

I eagerly await tomorrow to finish the other two campaigns, Dead Air and Blood Harvest. :D

Bought Sony MDR-EX32 earbuds

I bought a pair of Sony MDR-EX32 earbuds at Target today for $25. They're not bad for the price. Sound quality is good and they're sort of comfortable.

I'm using them on my PSP to listen to music.

Birthday presents!

Presents from my birthday:

* A Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster (brown sunburst, rosewood fretboard)

Going to need to replace the strings on this. They're pretty worn out after being at Guitar Center for a couple months.

* A Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP-2001, slim)

This didn't come with a memory stick or a USB cable, so I'll be picking those up tomorrow. Going to get a 4 or 8GB Pro Duo stick. Might get some earbuds, too.

* Two-hundred-thirty (230) US dollars.

I put this money into my bank account.