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Busted... WTF!

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Nearly a year after we bought Guitar Hero III there was a nice deal at ShopTo for Rock Band 1 this week. It was 18 GBP, so we imported it (prices here in Germany are around 35 EUR for a used copy).

Today it arrived, we plugged everything in and the GH guitars don't work. Gnaaaaaaaaaah! I had this news in my mind vaguely when ordering and thought it would be no problem.

After a bit of web research by LadyMog it turned out that it works on XBOX360 but not on PS3 and that there probably is a patch but Activision holds it back. For whatever reson as you obviously need to buy Guitar Hero to get a GH guitar.

Don't know what we should do now. A full band set is too expensive, despite the fact that the Rock Band 2 bandsets are STILL not available in Europe. Maybe we get a used RB1 guitar on eBay.

Update: It works! By chance, we yesterday bought a used copy of GH World Tour because it was a good offer and the Les Paul didn't work there too. "No way!" we thought and by fiddling around a bit LadyMog assigned a controller number lower 5 to her guitar which made it work. And with that "trick" it works in Rock Band as well. Phew!

Guitar Hero 3 Twinpack

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Hey dudes and dudettes,

just wanted to drop a line Lady Mog and I finally joined you cool guys playing music rhythm games as we yesterday bought a GH3 twinpack for PS3.

GH3 Twinpack

We actually were gathering some information for our upcoming apartment in two furniture stores but still got time till our bus went home when we were finished. As we were in a big shopping mall there also was an electronic store and we took a look there as well. There we saw it, a twinpack of GH3 with GH3 and two wireless Les Paul guitars for 75 EUR. Normally it's 90 EUR for GH3 with one guitar so we tried to find the catch, but there wasn't any and so we bought it. It was the first time we saw such a twinpack and it also was the last one for PS3, so lucky us I guess.

We're still sucking too much to be any competition for you pros and I find it quite hard to coordinate 3 fingers in easy mode but let's see how this turnes out with a little more practice.

Till then, "...played until my fingers bled..."

New Banner

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After my dear Lady Mog and Mr. Mo updated there banners I just had to update mine too. So up there is the new one. I hope you like it.

(Maybe you have to reload a couple of times.)

Got a new TV

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Hey there my friends!

Just wanted to show you off the new TV I got today. First of all here's my old SDTV:

Old TV

It has accompanied me for the last 8 years or so and has seen a lot of consoles, starting from Dreamcast, XBOX and PS2 to Wii and PS3. Having put some money aside this year I finally was able to get a HDTV. Mainly for my PS3 though for now, as we unfortunately don't have a wide spread of free HDTV in Germany via cable.

So, here's the new one:

New TV

It's a Sharp Aquos LC37 X20E, a 37" 1080p HDTV. I read a lot of reviews before buying it and it was the best compromise of all TVs for me.

In the beginning I was a bit disappointed as the stock settings for color and everything are quite weird and ugly. After a lot of finetuning I think I got the picture quite good. I have to sit at least 2 meters away to have a good visual quality. Otherwise the image quality is altered by interpolation and compression too much. As my room is quite small and I sat very near to my old SDTV, this is a bit unfamiliar to me. I guess I get used to it.

At the end of the day I'm happy with my purchase -- everything is working as expected. Have a good rest of the week!

Look what my friends got me for birthday!

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I recently finished my 23rd year on earth and because of that invited my friends over for a nice Wii session on saturday.

As I was eagerly waiting for GTA IV to come out yesterday I thought it might be good idea to pool together for a gift coupon if they want to. So I told my dear MogFromLeipzig about it.

And now look what I got from all my friends on saturday:


Isn't that great? I was sooo happy about this!

Just in case you want to know: it reads something like "Birthday surprise" in the title and has a pun with my nickname under the Rockstar logo. And it's me in the middle and MogFromLeipzig in the middle left. :-)

And for the archive here's the original I picked up yesterday:


Update: GTA IV just freezed for the first time. Gnaaa...

Calm down - the princess is safe!

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Good news! You can stop playing Super Mario Galaxy - the princess has returned to Mushroom Kingdom in one piece and good condition.

Despite the incapability of local plumber Mario to protect his girlfriend HRH Princess Peach of Mushroom Kingdom from long-time arch-enemy Bowser, King of the Koopas, a special squad of friendly Goombas (including me) helped Mario to save Peach again.

Finally!Our fellow camera-Lakitu took the picture on the right to proof our success.

We wish Peach and Mario our best and hope to get a big piece of the celebration cake!

Proud DS owner now :-)

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Being the 9th console I bought, today a black DS Lite joined my collection after the Wii in April. My friend MogFromLeipzig got one as well so we're the Leipzig DS Connection now. 8)

And I'm really impressed about this little thing. Until now I only played New Super Mario Brothers and Elite Beat Agents but it's awesome. Gonna have to get that DS Browser thingy and Zelda PH when it comes out in Ol' U-Rop.

Go and get one as well so we have more people to play with. :D