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Gah... damned OT!

Tsk, I give up. Off Topic is cluttered up with Political garbage so I'm going to say "Screw you guys, I'm going home" and play Tony Hawks some more. I don't know anything about each candidate's policies, but am I the only one who seems to notice OT's Bush supporters all seem to be violent thugs?

"Kerry is a pacifist sissy! Bush got it right, nobody should pick a fight with us. Might makes right! Kerry is a wuss!"

Yeah, heaven forbid there be a peaceful solution to this war on oi... uh... terrorists. I never see the point of these political discussions. Honestly, by calling somebody a moron and insulting their choice of President are you really going to sway them to your side? All you're truly accomplishing is proving to the world your ignorance and immaturity. That's the reason I left System Wars so many years ago, it's basically just a place for 10 year olds to unleash their aggression. A structured discussion contemplating the negatives and positives of the topic: fine. Calling somebody a "stupid idiot-ass" because they believe their Country would prospect under a different leader: childish.

Speaking of System Wars, Killzone got tore into by IGN. 7.5 I believe. Ouch. Games are becoming too over-hyped these days, so just about every game is going to be considered a flop unless it's an instant classic, and even then spiteful fanboys will still critisize it. Who'd be a reviewer, eh?


Captain's Log, Stardate... uh.. Wednesday.

So the politics are over, George W. Bush is set to pick fights with the rest of the world for another four years. Since I'm not an American, I don't have an (informed) opinion on American Politics, but Brian of Nuklear Power ( had a very interesting rant about how people are voting based on the party because of a long-running love of the party, as opposed to the actual candidate and his policies. It's the 2nd news article down.

Nuklearpower is one of the many webcomics I check out daily. It's Final Fantasy based, and has some really good one-liners. "Your GP or your HP" is a classic :D One of the other webcomics, however, is getting a bit raunchy. It's called "Mine's Bigger". No, it's not that you filthy person :P It's about an undead witch who hates everything but is very hot and her annoying neighbour. The "Mine's Bigger" part comes from an arguement about their tower.

Anyway, the creator is a girl and always enjoys teasing her readers, so the undead witch tends to be scantily clad all the time. Well, in the latest comic she goes topless... don't worry, you can't see anything. She covers up with her hands so I think it's still appropriate to show.

I usually find it funny how far she goes to tease the fanboys. Apparantly she gets tons of e-mail requests for teh nudey pics, and even posted such a request in the letters section (in which I appeared :D) But it's been removed now.

Why am I talking 'bout comics? Well, I like to plug them :P completes the list of webcomics... well, the relatively unknown ones. Everyone knows Penny Arcade anyhoo. White Ninja is a bit wierd... it's got a crazy sense of humour, and I don't mean crazy like me. Some of them are really obscure, but on the whole it's excellent.

What webcomics do you guys read? :)

Got my Playstation back :D

Woot! Since I was moping around the house complaining of boredom, my dad decided to connect the Gamecube and the Playstation 2 for me. Yay ^_^

On THUG I'm making the greatest skate park ever :o Thanks to the wonderful Create a Pipe feature, I've included a massive roller-coaster thingie made of pipes. Seriously, it's connected to every item in the level in some way, sometimes twice, and takes about 3 minutes to complete. If you can hang on.

Other than that my day's been boring as hell. I've started re-reading Bored Of The Rings last night, excellent book. Since Off Topic is flooded with political crap, I'm going to read a chapter. It always gets me in the mood for writing my own book too, so I'm going to use it daily like a performance enhancing drug of some sort :D

I'm addicted to literature o_o;


Feel a little down :(

I'm not usually dependent on relationships... for some time now I've been happy to wait until I meet the right girl... but at the moment I feel so lonely :(

I need booby hugs :(


I've decided discussing videogames ain't my forte. I don't follow a large majority of the games nowadays, I just play what I think looks good. So yeah, I'm going to try to write about daily things.

Well, my videogames are all in my bro's room because I live in the box room. There's scarcely enough room for a bed and this PC, nevermind videogame consoles and videogames. He's getting his room redecorated, however, because all the wallpaper was falling off, but this means we've had to disconnect the consoles and stuff and move them to the attic whilst the stuff was getting done. So I've been left with ma Gameboy with Leaf Green or my PC with the Internet and solitaire :|

Needless to say I've been bored as hell lately. More so since my parents banned me from building a fort from all the boxes :( "19 year olds shouldn't be doing stuff like that!" They say "They should get jobs." Well I already have a job, being uber-l337 is a 24 hour obligation :P

I'm still waiting for the Girobank to get back to me anyway. I applied for a job there weeks ago and I don't want to look elsewhere until I get a response. I was there on work experience and it was just so cool. They have high tech wooshy doors everywhere, it's like being in a James Bond movie :o

Failing that... I dunno what I wanna do. Well actually I want to become a novelist. I'm writing a comedy novel at the moment called The Cursed Sausage. It used to be a segment in the Egonga Forums, but I enjoyed writing it so much I'm trying to write it proper. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself, mind. I'm two chapters in but I'm going at a snails pace.

Meh, anyway. How're all you?

Christmas game rush

First of all, an update on Pokemon Leafgreen. I beat the Elite Four and today I was able to begin trading to Pokemon Colloseum, and from there onto Ruby :D

Of course, this has brought up it's own problems. Traded Pokemon gain double exp. points, and it is so tempting right now to trade my Leaf Green Pokemon into Ruby and get them levelled up really really fast. It's tempting, but it's going to suck all the fun out of the game, so I shan't. Which brings me onto the one bad point I've been able to find about Green: The leveling is unbalanced. My Pokemon are at Lvl. 65 right now, and I can only find one decent area to train at. I'm aiming for about 1000 exp. per fight right now, and a few of the Pokemon there provide that. My only problem is this one little git called Sentret. He is incredibly weak, and you only get 80 exp. points for him, but he's VERY common there. So whilst I'm trying to get 1000 exp., these little sods keep popping up and I have to run from them to save my move's energy. It's like this in every area I've been to, there's always one Pokemon that's very common that you don't want to waste your time with. I'm doing in an hour what it should be taking ten minutes to do because of this, and Ruby's balanced areas and boosted exp. is looking soooo good @_@

Enough of my childish fancies for now :P

I'll get onto the main topic in a minute, but I thought I'd give a quick run-through of Star Wars: Battlefront. It is a VERY, VERY fun game, but it's greatly hindered by lack of variety. There are two ways to achieve victory:

  • Capture all command posts
  • Kill all the opposing army

Now, the thing is, once you figure out a decent strategy to capture each command post, that's basically that level mastered. You can try different jobs, such as sniper, vechicle destroyer or pilot for example, but the core gameplay is essentially the same. Thankfully I've been able to add some longetivity because I usually have Jedi's disabled. Now that they're not the battles are a lot more challenging... the Jedi are AI-only bots (uncontrollable by humans) who are basically invincible and all-powerful. It was brilliant watching Darth Vader slice his way through the dozens of soldiers, all the while deflecting my bullets, and he slowly but surely cut through to me. For the first time in the game I was like "FRIKKIN HELL! RETREAT! >_<"

If I get XBox Live when I get a job it will certainly add tremendous depth, as I've heard it's brilliant online, but otherwise it's a fun game, but greatly flawed by depth.

So now onto my main rant, christmas. Am I the only one who doesn't give a crap about most of the big games? The two big ones this year (if they're not delayed) are Halo 2 and Half-Life 2. Both are 1st person shooters. I don't like 1st person shooters. Ergo I don't really give a crap about either of these two. You can add as much new vehicles, improved AI or realistic physics as you want, it's still Doom in a shiny new package to me. I enjoyed the Star Wars, granted, but like I said in a previous post, it was great because you felt insignificant: you're just a soldier in the army like everyone else. H2 and HL2 are just reiterations of the whole "you vs alien army" concept.

Fable was on my christmas list, but I've quickly removed it. It's not so much that it isn't what it promised: in fact, when I heard it was a hack n' slash, I still relished the ability to customize your character and interact with people. However, I saw a video review on GamerTV and it just turned me off. The combat I saw seemed to be jerky, not fluid, y'know? And the interaction with the whole good choice/evil choice system has been done with KOTOR. I thought it would be a case of how you act alters your character, not by choosing certain options from a menu. I thought using cheap moves in battle (sand in the eyes trick for example) or completing a mission that another mercenary needed to feed his family would turn you evil, not selecting "I will tell your wife you were cheating!" from a multiple choice question.

Speaking of KOTOR, unless it gets poor reviews, that's definitely on my Christmas list. THUG 2 sort of is, but I haven't been reading videogame magazines lately so I don't know what's new. If it's THUG 1 but with new levels and Bam Margera I'm going to leave it. So that's a definite maybe :)

San Andreas looks awesome though. From messages I've been reading, people have been saying how dumb feeding your character is, that it will get in the way of the missions. I honestly think it's a good idea. GTA3 had a nameless guy as the main character so you felt it was you doing this stuff, not some character. GTA: VC scrapped this idea for Tommy Vercetti, which provided a stronger plot to the story. GTA: SA seems to be combining the two in such a way that the character has a name and persona to advance the plot whilst allowing you to edit your character to suit your own preferences. It will add a new dynamic to the game, anyway: as good as Vice City is, I think a re-iteration of that but in a new city would be a disappointment, so I'm grateful of new features like this :)

WWE: Smackdown vs RAW should be good too. I'm genuinely disappointed by the lack of new match types, though. I mean, why did they have to stick to WWE-only matches? Why not bring in the Japanese Barbed Wire Ring Ropes match? Re-invent the old Coffin Match from previous Smackdowns? Include the Buried Alive or the Ambulance matches? They could have invented new match-types, like a Tag Team Elimination Chamber, where it's two vs two vs two. At least give us more Referee matches, like Last Man Standing Referee or Hardcore Referee! No, instead we get a Car Park Brawl.

The graphical update looks really good, and the new submission and chop systems should prove interesting. Still uncertain about the heel/face thing, where they can earn limited invincibility.

Anyway, this has been a long one :) Thanks for reading.

Can't wait fer tomorrow ^_^

Wooo! Finally, after months of waiting, tomorrow I should be getting Pokemon Leaf Green. I ordered it through Amazon to save money, and today I got a confirmation that it's in the mail. It's going to be awesome!

Now, you may be wondering why I, a 19 year old, am so eagerly awaiting a "child's" game. Well, I wanna get something straight: I don't like the Pokemon franchise. They can keep their stupid cartoon series, collectable cards and fluffy Pikachu's: but the game itself is awesome.

To me it's a mixture of two videogames that I really enjoy: Final Fantasy and Championship Manager. Like Final Fantasy, it is a solid RPG. The story is a little... well, very weak. It's basically "Beat the Elite Four and all the trainers!" and that's about it. Ruby, the only Pokemon game I've played, did change a bit with Team Magma trying to destroy the world, but it was more of a sub-plot than anything.

Well anyway, the plot is weak, yes, but the battle system is terrific. Unlike Final Fantasy, each Pokemon is restricted to only 4 moves. It can learn new ones, but you have to delete an old one for it, so choosing the right moves for your Pokemon can be very important and suprisingly challenging. Each move and Pokemon have a type. The best way to describe it is Final Fantasy X. If you went up against an Ice monster, you used fire because fire melts ice. The Pokemon are all types like this: Pikachu is Electric-type, Kyogre is Water-type etc. The difference, of course, is that where FFX only has 4 types, Pokemon has about 12. Each have strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right Pokemon for the right fight is of vital importance.

It is also like Championship Manager, a soccer management game, in that you can aquire Pokemon that impress you. Let's say I have a Water Pokemon, an Azurill. My Azurill is weaker than the rest of my team, even though it is at the same Lvl. I come up against a Gyrados that nearly destroys my Pokemon: I can catch it and make that awesome Pokemon my own, and never use my Azurill again. It allows you to build a team that YOU like. In FF7, nobody liked Tifa. She was a physical character, but she was always weak. Whilst my Cloud was doing 9000+ each hit, Tifa was doing 400. In Pokemon, you don't have to use your Tifa. You can bring in an uber-Pokemon that you like.

Anyway, rant over. I cannae wait for tomorrow... I haven't been this excited since Christmas :D

Star Wars Battlefront: My first impressions

FYI, I might be writing a few videogame-related entries such as this into my journal since I tend not to frequent the videogame forums and I really need to let the geek out of me :P

And no, that doesn't mean I've swallowed a whole geek and let him out on Saturdays for a walk. But that would be awesome!

So let's get the geek going with my first impressions of Star Wars: Battlefront, XBox version. I'll have to admit I'm not a fan of shoot em' ups in the least. I thought Halo was "blah", redeemable only due to the suicidal urges of my brother in co-op. I still giggle imagining the Warthog falling off the cliff whilst my brother next to me yells "Where are the brakes on this thing? :o". I would have tried Doom 3, but I found that I couldn't carry the game to the counter AND get the money out of my wallet at the same time.

So why did I buy Battlefront, then, considering it's a shoot em' up?

Well if you stopped asking questions I'd tell you.

Cartoon Network. Yeah, possibly the oddest way to choose a new game. Toonami, a channel owned by Cartoon Network, have been showing a Star Wars cartoon series, each episode lasting about five minutes. Recently they combined the episodes into a full-length movie, and I quite enjoyed it. It was focused more on the clone-army than on the Jedi, however, so when I later tried to emulate this on Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, it kind of sucked. You try defeating a Bot with a lightsaber whilst you fire puny little lasers at him, see how well you do :P

Upset with this sorry state of affairs, I did what any man would do: bathroom break! Taking my brother's latest Playstation Mag, I went to the bathroom. Whilst weeping over Sega's latest review score, I stumbled across an advert for Battlefront. It was out in two days, too! I found it all very convenient, however... perhaps the force has plans for me? Well I had money to spare and time to waste until Pokemon Leaf Green comes out, so I went out and bought it. Of course I forgot I was on the toilet, ergo forgot to pull my pants up, ergo was arrested for indecent exposure... but I got let off because it was my first offence and I pleaded insanity.

And so we finally get to the first impressions. Are you still reading? Good. I thought I was boring you :)

What immediately struck me was a similarity towards Halo, or rather a specific part of it. One of my favorite.. hell, my favorite part of the game was when you had to fight alongside the survivors in the second level, whilst wave after wave of aliens came at you. It's the part where you get the Warthog. I liked that part because throughout the game, Master Chief is at the centre of everything. They make out like he's some grand, invincible warrior, the savior of all. And yet, during this section, you're humbled. It isn't just Master Chief vs The Aliens anymore. You're not the centre of attention. You fight as part of an army: if you die, the game could continue without you and still win. You're just a factor, like the star player of a soccer team.

Why is this a good thing, you ask? Simple: it's not longer Master Chief who's killing aliens. No more can your victories be shrugged aside because you're more powerful and should have died. In the heat of the moment Chief's identity is forgotten: it's YOU that's leading this army to victory. Normally this is forgotten, but here you can see marines running around doing what you would do, and you feel like one of them.

For me, that's what is making Star Wars: Battlefront so great for me. I'm no War Leader or highly decorated Officer, I'm just another soldier. If I do nothing, my comrades can still win: I'm unimportant. And that's why when I take down an AT-AT, or shoot down an X-Wing, or provide cover fire, that I feel like I've done something. Without me that AT-AT would still be standing. Without me that X-Wing would kill another soldier. I've achieved, not Darth Vader or Master Chief.

Of course, it's also this lack of responsibility that provides freedom. The only real goal in Instant Action mode so far has been to take enemy bases. This effectively leaves you free to choose how you accomplish this. If you want you can just fly above taking pot-shots at foot soldiers, or dive head-first into the enemy lines, or sneak away from the action and try to kill using stealth, you can. The different character classes allows you to choose your character based on how you want to play, and whenever you're killed you can change class for some variation.

So far I've really enjoyed this game, and I can't wait until tomorrow to try it some more.