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So close, yet so far away!

Well I sent my applications to colleges I wish to transfer to and i'm felling pretty good :D. As well I think, over the last year and a half theirs been a huge change that's taken place. Although I won't go into much detail (so I don't bore anyone), I will say I'm looking at the future with a bright smile.

"May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future"

-Don't know :(

New Semester

Eh started a new semester at college (though by accident almost didn't attend school this semester lol) and so far its been kind of great. The first semester was quite an expierence that finally fit my view of how schooling should be (I hated every aspect of highschool and was at odds with most teachers their) the only subject I struggle with is math but this new proffesor I have is really helpful and I think im finally getting it gasp! The spanish class i've taken so far have been a blast the teacher is so laid back and fun its hard to believe I am actually learning lol but I am. Though instead of taking another politcal science class (my major) i decided on taking a philosophy class this time around so far i've really enjoyed the discussion and I have a english class starting Feb. 21 or 22nd so I have to see how that goes.

Hope everyone is enjoying their current class set ups lol I know I am :)


Hehe my B-day today got a ps3 and a new LG phone and im bout to pick up Company of Heroes and maybe a copy of Blackhawk Down on Blu Ray with some HDMI cables :) hehe but I think im happy if I can get my hands on a copy of Company of Heroes lol


2 weeks into my college life has given me a sense of freedom but yet as well a feeling dread. These 2 weeks have really given me so much freedom allowing me to chose what I wan't to do and went I want to do it that just so different than anyhting I expierence before. Though this freedom comes at a price every decision from here on end will have a signifcant impact in my life which leads me struggle with my old self I used to be extremely lazy never placing extra effort as I saw so many others have done but now I see that if I continue with that path it will be near impossible to reach my goals. For the most part college has been fun and I hope in the coming years I will have more unique expierences.


Summer's been a bit boring nothing much sigh... well atleast I got my PC back and semi fixed :( but anywho I hope everyone summers is going well for them.

Though in a couple of weeks im going to LA wit a couple of my buddies so im ready to go lol

Graduating !!!

Today is my final day of High School all that is ahead of me is the stage in which I will recieve my diploma! Im looking towards my future and hoping to do my best to accomplish me goals :)


i might post some picks of it but im a camera shy person so i dont know lol.

Glad its my last year

Seems this year the underclassmen (im a senior) have been getting into quite some brawls and it's been so upsetting (LOL) to the principle that he pretty much placed the school into lockdown for 2-3 hrs lol. Though the issue was never really "race" as he had said it was just thought of as a race issue since of the recent small riots and fights that had gone at other schools close to ours on the issue of immigration but again this was an isolated event.

WTF money, money, money

Everything is so expensive nowadays I went to eat with a couple of friends to a resturant named Hooters for 6 people it was 74! WTF and the food we ordered didn't seem that expensive unless you think hotdogs and chicken wings are 10+ each. Then the other day at movies a regular coke was 4.25!!! Well it didn't really bother me since I had enough money but still 4.25 for a soda? and plus 3.75 for a hotdog(at the theater)? There are so many instances were I had to spend so much money on food like the time I had to pay 7 dllrs for just a hamburger (no fries, or drink) >.< maybe I should just eat at home....

Wish me LUCK!!!!!

Im about to apply for a security job as my first every job the pay is really good about $12 an hour plus its at a clothing place (a very well known one) so im bound to get some cheap stuff. Anyway wish me luck but if I dont get it there will always be more fish in the sea (kinda lame I know but meh)

new banner lol

I havent updated since I joined HCU so after a decade of having the same sig, and avatar lol I decided it was time for change lol meh this is just my first choices im change till im satisfied lol but I am loving my new banner (simple but effective lol).

well anyway have a good day.

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