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Blog No.#128 - Good animation software?

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Does anyone know any free easy to use animation software because right now i use paint and windows movie maker which takes ages and isn't the best graphics obvissly haha so if anyone can comment any information please!

Blog No.#126 - Dead forums?

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All the fourms I seem to vist are all dead these days and theres no discussions, games or debate going on and it puts users off coming on I used to come on to the fourms and people would reply within 10 minutes these days someone replys weeks later. Is there any busy fourms anyone goes on or any other good sites similar to this I can vist? and what do you think about fourms these days and how can we change them?

Blog No.#125 - Whats the deal with user submissions

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Is it just me or does anyone else think user submissions take far to long to be accepted/decline??? this site isn't that active with submissions anymore so whats taking so long? I like to submit things in large bundels for example I will probably submit fifty maybe even more submissions at once. But the bad thing is it took them two days to accept eight of them and it took them another twenty four hours to accept another two and none where declined so I still have alot waiting to be viewed. I think this is very bad if I have made the effort to do all these you think could give the time to decide all of them as soon as they can!

Blog No.#124 - Cartoon Network has opened there eyes?

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Okay so as you should all know by now I am a cartoon cartoons die hard and before I left for ages I would not watch any cartoon show but the old 90s and early 00s then I started slightly getting interested in Chowder but quickly lost interest, then I quite enjoyed flapjac but it was nothing special. By this point I thought cartoon network had failed and was done and I had given up on it, then when I was flicking through channels I gave Regular Show a shot thinking it was going to suck. I then supprisingly really enjoyed the episode and went on to watch all 40 episodes released at the moment, plus the pilot and ringtone special. After this I decided to try out Adventure Time and The Amazing World Of Gumball and enjoyed them aswell, I have started thinking cartoon network has opened there eyes and realised they showed some amount of (beep) once they ended all the old cartoons. I am now starting to get back into cartoon network I think Regular Show could of been a cartoon cartoon because it is just as good as them! Has anyone got any other new cartoon suggestions I should watch? and what are your comments on the new cartoon network?

Blog No.#123 - Regular Show

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As you can clearly tell I am never on this site anymore due to the fact that the site is quite dead. I have came on and redone my profile picture, banner and personal image Sealed I drifted away from cartoons even the old 90s ones and thought that was me done with them until....

One night I was sitting bored and clicked on the cartoons section just to see what was on these days and on cartoon network was regular show so I clicked on this to see what it was. After watching the episode the power I thought it was good and watched the first season on you tube to test if it was a good show or not. I then realised I had watched all 40 epiosdes plus the pilot and short and became a huge fan of the show.

I am now going to try and vist every week at least and try and make an effort to get back into things! It was a long time ago since I joined and I have left so many times but theres something about this site I keep getting drawn back to. I dont know if anyone will see this because most of my friends list has left or not heard from me in ages but oh well.

- Alex

Blog No. #122 - Not been on here in ages!

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Hey guys ive basically quit here but just came on to see hwo your all doing. I havent been on in a good half a year or so due to every fourm being basically dead and I would like to know is there any new sites like where all the old users went?

Blog No.#121 New look and new fourms

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I have changed my profile picture, personal picture and profile banner. I have also changed my description ect.... and I am moving onto new fourms as the ones I currently use are all dead. I will vist my old fourms from time to time but I will mostly be on different fourms

- Alex

Blog No. #120 - Just letting everybody know im still here (Barley)

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Hey Everybody,

Just letting you know I still vist every once and a while but not much. This is the first time I have been here in a month but as I have said in past blogs all the forums are dead so there is not much point in coming on anymore.

It is sad to see this site being so dead becuase I have been on it for over two years and through my blogs ect... you can see how much I have grown and stuff!

So heres a few updates Icould have left school but I stayed onfor another year I also go to collegetwice a week aswell as school. I am currently looking for a part time job. I do not play my xbox 360 or watch tvthat much anymore which I am really unhappy about because I am constantally out or busy when im in!

Well lots more has happend but thats just a breif update, Thanks alot to all thepeople who are still friends with me on this site and old friends that have moved on


I haven't been on much but can you blame me?

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This site is dead I come on it maybe once a month. Alot of my friends have quit and i've been thinking of doing the same for the past year but I don't like leaving sites. I have not offically left but I will only come on maybe once a month.