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You Could Pay me To Run Around In a Pink Skirt also. But I wont.


on the gaming front

Ill be dead honest. I feel as of now "only a few moths in worldwide" their maybe only one PS3 game that deserves a 9 and higher. Im guessing thats RESISTANCE? I only played it a hour or so. Will play threw it hopefully this weekend??? But that being said. The 360 has been out 2 years almost. And I only see 1 game that may be a 9 or over on that system. Oblivion is not a 9 and over on any system. Even if it is better on the PS3. The only reason it got a 9+ on the PS3. Was because the gave it a 9 something on the 360. If it would of came to the PS3 first, your looking at a 8 something game. Which is what it is. But I think the 360 now has shown pretty much its full load of what it can do. Where as the PS3 has not shown hardly anything that is possible on that machine. And programmers/gaming comapnies have to watch. If a big name programmer cant make something look great on the PS3. And some small time company pops out something that looks out of this world. The big names are gonna look like idiots, which most are. And also those big comapnies may start to loose their strong holds if their made foolish because their games are not as good as some of the smaller companies. Alot of Gaming companies are gonna loose it this Gen do to ignorance. And will see a whole new breed by the time this is all over.

I mean lets face it. PRG5 is now a plain jane racer to Gamespot. If it indeed is a thrid party. Tell me Im wrong on that. See now you start to see youare truley vary biased, and you truley overhype things.

The New England Patriots cheating craziness, proves to me two things

For one. Ive always said no superpower can survive. And will eventually be taken down. Germany, Russia, The South "LOL," or whoever gets to greedy, gets taken down. No superpower of any level has ever survived. Or at least no superpower that has tried to take more than what was already theirs. No superpower like this, in business, or sports, or in the world itself has ever survived. All have failed eventually. Although they have their time in the sun. Ultimately fate and balance catches up to them. The world does not want any one thing to dominate. And thus will destroy it eventually. Anything that try's to un balance anything looses! Ok, I know thats kinda deep and hard to get. But I dont have time to explain it.

Also when it was brought to light. Many thought it was no big deal. Like it was a "so what" kinda thing. As many do that bend the rules some. They have a false feel that its not a big deal. And then when a rock drops on them, once all is seen. They wounder why is everything a mess. Why is everyone going nuts, how did I get myself into such deep stuff. When the fact is, if you bend things, eventually someone gonna nail you. And you'll end up worse off than where you were before. And people in all areas of anything, are just waiting for some of these to make just a few more mistakes, to drop a rock.

New England will have a good year still. But their future and integrity, is gonna ughhh, be not so good.

And on the gaming front. After RESISTANCE, MOTOSTORM, HEAVENLY SWORD, DARKNESS, OBLIVION, etc etc, and some others. And just about every last Gen game. Its time to go Sigma. And see in all true honesty, is it to hyped. Or is it as good as RE 4 or God of War?

Even PS3 fans know Halo is big. But we know 08 is comming!

My take: "I would play/link the vid, but my voice stinks, and I hate the way I look on vid."

Halo is going to be huge of course. You could just put the name on a box and sell it, with average content. But they wont give those guys a bad game thow. They have to much in that one basket to do so. A tun of work has been done on that game im sure. I do feel that for the 360, it is the must show game. Its the game that says "this is the 360 at full go, this is it!" Where as with the PS3, were knowing that programmers wont get it right for a little while longer. And as of now, were just getting tiny tastes of what the PS3 will be latter. But were not seeing anything full go on that hardwear yet. Yet with Halo, its more of a "We have been out for a while now, this is us full blast." So will see the 360 at full go. And of course it will be a hit. Mainly the 360 online community will flock to it again. And no matter how bad or good the game, that community will make things feel special.

And yea the Haze release date is kinda interesting. Haze does not have the time behind it thow I dont feel. I still think the weights on latter FPSers for the PS3. Killzone 2 would be the first out of that bunch to really look at. With Haze its more of just a beta PS3 test.You have to look for little signs. Just see if its shows that this system can look as good in the FPS area. And does it have the potential to look much better in the future." With a short development, I dont see Haze as a huge game. If it is, it would be a huge surprise. Epically with a Killzone 2 coming up. And for fans of these FPS. You have to look at those two of course. But than you also have to think RESISTANCE 2 latter, and of course Unreal Tournament. Thats quite a bag of FPS's, once all are lined up in your PS3 collection. Can you see HAZE, RESISTANCE 2, Unreal Tournament, Killzone 2, All in your little FPS PS3 library. And that not counting the Orange Box or Army of 2, or any of those. Just with the PS3 only ones, you still have a nice little FPS play area their. Even more so for a system thats going to probably play off of RPGs and 3rd person action adventure more so latter on.

So Halo comes up, and you know their gonna hit a good one. But than their will be the shots heard after that. They will be what is looked at more so. The next Gen is just barely starting. And whats after 07? Whos big in 08? I mean some of us are already making are Halloween plans. Man! its gonna be 08 soon. Summers over. The year of MGS 4 and others is coming. Halo 3 will have been played. And will be looking for what is next. So were getting close to the time to where I will start to really look at whats coming in. Winter hype for the 08 summer will soon come. And than of course the games of 08. So will see. Ive said it a billion times. Mid 2008, and than on threw after, is where it starts. Thats where the race will just start. And its getting closer and closer every day. And all I mentioned here, was some stupid FPS games. A area of games so old and stale, that FPS should be dead by mid 09. No race games, or anything other. So were not even talking about the true Next Gen. Were not talking about 3rd person action/adventure games, or action RPG's, or any of the true next steps. Were not talking about games that might come close to using the PS3's full power, instead of 50% of it. Were not talking about steps that will define the next Gen. Were not quite their yet. Were talking about old stale "learn to play paintball, its funner" FPSers. So the real questions of getting into the Next Gen come after Halo and Haze. And I guess you could call GTA4 kinda the true start. But again thats just the start.

And my thought of the day. I look threw the 360 boards all the time. And I notice that at lot of 360 owners have vary high levels. Meaneing their like level 20+ on Gamespotsmeter. Yet most PS3 owners are like level 9 or whatever. But when you look at joined date. Most all equal out the same when it comes to that. Why do 360 owners post so much more than PS3 owners "not counting paid spam?" Some of their posting rate, has to be up their with hours a day. They dont even needs 360s. They never play them, their here all day. It fits right into "when I was kinda a Xbox fan with my Xbox." I would get on and ask about KOTOR help or something. And I would notice the main trash talkers were on so much. I had to wounder when they played? I was not talking trash back than, because I was clueless as far as who Microsoft truly was.So I owned every system.But PS3 people and 360 people are way different. 360/Xbox people love to get online prestige. They will play stupid games all day just to get merit. And their big fans of the whole Paint ball online junk. They love online, and they love talking on message boards. PS2/PS3 people dont like message boards nearly as much. They love games, but dont care to much about merit of how they look on some list. They like online, but many have been doing it since the early 90s on the PC. So their not as impressed by it. So they just play online for the fun of it. Not for merit.

That brings me to the point of gaming for merit. Its like when I raced motocross for points and championships. It got to a point that I was not riding for fun anymore. I was so obsessed with state championships and whatever. I forgot what riding was about. I did not even smile and ride anymore. I just thought what I had to get. It was not, "Oh lets go try this jump for fun." I lost all that. It was, I have to race here and their and their, to get these points and those points and so on. And I really messed myself up by the time I figured out that I did not care about riding anymore. I had already killed riding for along time. Worrying about how well I did, so I looked good. By the time I realized I was killing it. It was to late. I forgot how to have fun and ride. Are gamers gaming now to really game?? Only they truly know?

Were not even in stage one of the next gen yet. Manhunt! And MGS4 impressions

I love what the Next Gen can be. And it should be, It should be way beyond anything we see now. It should blow past the FPS greats of the Xbox "original" and some of the RPG action story games of the PS2. It should take us into works like Pans Lybi "whatever" and suck us in. But the real Next Gen wont only just look good, it will play long, it will tell stories beyond before. But thats a few years off still. In till than, the game Im looking forward to the most is MANHUNT 2. Althuogh I did not like the first one. I though it was sorta linear, and kinda the same stupid thing over and over. Almost like some kinda of weird fighter, where your doing the same basic fights one after another. Rockstar hits or misses. Bully was great, and the video game version of the movie "The Warriors" were spot on games. So I wont judge what Manhunt 2 could be from Manhunt 1. After all, GTA 3, VC, SA were all way different games. And all added so much more from one to another. So im interested to see if they really open this game up, give it a background and wild story. And make it the game it could have been. And so will see. PS2 still has alot of decent hits. My wounder is where did Xbox stuff go, why is no one making anything for the Xbox? That was like dumping your best friend for some girl out in the desert for good. But I guess some work that way? When you should keep both.

Also on MGS4. One thing I have learned more so as I get older "to old." Is that alot of these kids have no clue what MGS really is. Some dont know what Final Fantasy is, besides maybe a few glimpses at the last one. Only word of mouth has gave them opinions on MGS. But I think the new trailer is showing them. "Wow, this is not some basic war game like I thought. This is some wild freakish story, based around "real" old wars. And now with 4, a new middle eastern war." And although the guns, areas, and wars are based on real one. The war Snake is in, is a magical fictional out of this world one. MGS is not a sim of war. Its always been a over the top amazingly told story of war. With bad guys that even rival "or exceed" those of the best comic book villins. Theirs enough amazingly colorfull, deep minded bad guys threw the first 3 MGS games. Enough to make 20 games around just each one. And enough boss fights to fill 20 game endings. But they did it threw 3 games. But its not just a boss fight. Its not go into the area, and fight some cool freak. Their is more than that. They dictate their own story's into snakes. Thus stories and emotion are flying everywhere, but somehow find their way into each other, and into the main story. And boss fight may not even be the right word for how you deal with these. MGS solid cant be explained threw words. Its just to deep and to wild. Hopefully 4 will be able to at least explain 1 threw 3 to these others, while it plays into itself as 4. I mean when you really think about 1 threw 3 and all the people and stories. In some ways nothing has ever really touched that high of a level in action gaming.

And on me saying Stuntman 2 is to hard. Its is. I dont want to hear you BS on how its not sim enough, and your a great driver blaa blaa blaa. You know who I am by now right? Some of you right. Fact is I will tear anyone! And i mean anyone on gamespot, "member or guest," a new A Hole on any real track with 2 wheels or 4. Dirt or pavement. Ive been doing well since 5 years old. And Stuntman 2 is to stupidly hard. Its one thing to beat it. Which anyone can. Its another to say how easy it was after it took you 50 tries to get threw it. Teens have a problem with that today as well. A game is either hard or easy. Its never just right. But what it is to them. Is its to hard for a long time, in'till they beat it. Than its like "Oh man, im so cool that was easy" Dont give me that BS. In fact just quite with the BS in gaming. I hear enough of it from Microsoft. Game could of been great. It was not. Hell the site lines on like movie 4. In the snow. The 3rd take. Where you go nitro 3 times in a row, Why ice is falling everywhere. You cant see a dang thing on were to go. That has nothing to do with driving, thats blind luck, literally! Because you cant see anything.

And here is another thing that just frustrates me with this game being considered decent. If you go back to last gen you had a vary underrated smash/race game call Destruction Derby "eve of destruction." This game nailed down the small town hick/fair racing feel PERFECT. Yet, it gets no recognition, and a bad score. Than another "much better than Stunman" was Flatout. Not quite the same small town feel and aura as Eve of Destruction. But a tad better physics, and when Hooked to a Xbox thew a HD "in HD" last Gen, it looked pretty sweet. Yea I still hate Microsoft. But the Xbox threw HD cables was the way to go for third party games like that last Gen. In fact my Xbox threw HD next to a 360 does not fail in comparison to bad. Now next to PS3 stuff latter it may fail major? But enough smack talk. You get the idea. Stuntman could of been another great wild take on driving games. Like those 2 games did a few years back. But I dont think its as good. Because for one it is a tad hard. But more so, you just have to go over and over some of the runs. But its close to being great. And so many tiny things could have made this game amazing. But how its gets considered decent over Flatout is another reason I get ughh on this game. Flatout is a way better game. Heck the low scored Eve of Destruction is a blast, and better game. Old style derby and some wild backwards and pole racing, some car/almost supercross fairground racing. It was a blast. Plus you had this cool little home town hub you worked and repaired and bought and sold,, and even street raced out of. So That game I feel was way underrated. Stuntman could be a great franchise. I think another sequel, may be what takes it to the next level. But Its just so irritating to see something so close, but so far.

And dont think hard messes me. I beat GTA SA and VC with no cheats. But I still feel a few of those missions were just a tad to much and ruined those games. But I did beat them. And I think those games could of been great also. With a few changes to just loosen up how hard they are some. Not to easy, but just a bit.

Bioshock PS3 is not new news. It was a done deal for a long time.

Any idiot knows that Bioshock has already been in the works for the PS3. Micro could only buy part of that idea for a limited time. Unlike most of their other ideas they buy. So the spam nation of 360 buy out posters, must of thought this was the one to gun at as their hit. That big paycheck getting spam area, Must be dumber than I thought.

I said it once for many reasons and Ill say it again. If Microsoft some how found a way to win this gen. Which they wont. Good gaming as we know it, will be over! And will see alot of crappy eye candy for the next 500 years of gaming. Its everyone's choice thow so?

In truth thow. Even with the the spam in the US trying to push BS polls and stuff to try and push the 360. Something many people have looked into and know about. Most are starting to see the PS3 just starting to get its roll moving threw the rest of the world. "The rest of the world does not go much for BS." Thus that will cirlce around to the US eventually. Plus time equals PS3 potential, and true power. And so I dont think any freakish moves will have to be made one way or another. All thow alot of crazy stuff is being looked at just in case. And the system wars will play out alot like the last two, when all is said and done. Sony wont do as well, but they will still do well. I do see this as a nice comeback for Nintendo thow. Nintnedo as just a gaming company wont fall now, because their from the east. Even thow they might have missed a few for a while their. If your from the east and a gaming Co. Thats your thing. Sony can do the same thing. It not NASCAR, its like F1 racing. Meaning it will never be a US thing. Plus I just think their is enough older smarter gamers out their, that will not let a Windows PC thing happen again in gaming. Like it did to the computer world. The computer world looks ok via windows and stuff yea. But man if it would of went the other way, it would of been so much cooler. And old gamers dont want that big mistake twice. I dont think the east will let it happen. They dont want to loose their thing. And I think the US can be ok with not having to control everything in the world. Gaming being one of them.

And I thought Halo was the most overrated game. I forgot about Madden

This is coming from a jock that played madden since day 1 back in the late 80s/vary early 90s. I loved this game at one point. But again this game "although it looks decent" plays about the same. Madden "like Resident Evil finally did," needs to just take that whole thing they have apart, and throw it out. Take this same basic game engine from the mid 90s, and throw it in the can. And just re make the whole thing. I know thats not a easy thing to do, when you got easy BS money coming in from junk. Im sure the Resident Evil Crew, could have made a great living for the next 10 years making the same basic RE style game over and over. But they did not. They cared enough to sit down and totally re do a game. Becuase they new it was time to change. Madden wont change so long as they get a huge group of idiots following it, and the messed in the heads 360 fans. So will have to deal with the same junk "im starting to guess" forever. Yes Madden will never change. Ive said this about the 360, and ill say it about this game. If you feed the kids crap and they eat it up. Your just gonna feed them more and make your money doing so. So im starting to think will never see a true innovated new football game ever again. Just decades and decades of rehashed stuff. I think the problem with this new gen is, they think anything is good. I hear kids think Gears was like the best thing ever lol. Yea ok :? But that's the problem in basic. If they buy the crap they will just keep sending the crap. If you only buy good stuff, crap will stop being made. Can you see this great new GEn now for the next 3 deacades. 20 million FPS's "paint ball online," and 20 more years of rehashes of the same basic football game's for years and years to come. Thats what it looks like it will come down to for this new gen of gamers who have no clue. And folks the reason madden can run on the 360 at 60FPS for the first time. And on the PS3 at 30fps. Is because its the same dang game as last year, and they had the time, and were able to touch ""the same game"" up on the 360. It will run at 60 on the PS3 next year with ease, because im sure it will in be the same basic game again. So no its not a new game. These tiny little changes in games every year are not worth it.

Oh and one last thing Madden does not mean the 360 is actually a next gen power machine. Its a fluke in gamming. The PS3 is still way more powerful.

Yours truley

What systems owners want. I have no clue

The odd twist to what Playstion 3 owners want compared to 360 owners, is more different that one might think. Of course Wii owners look for different things in their games. But the PS3 and 360 wish list's are quite different from each other. One thing that amazed me. Was although Assassins Creed comes out for the 360 and PS3 at the same time. It is the 5th most popular 360 game. Yet PS3 owners don't seem to be that interested yet. Its the 40th most popular PS3 game. I can only think back to Oblivion. When 360 owners thought it was the RPG of all RPGs, and PS3 owners thought "ughh its ok." And here is another noticeable thing. User scores for the same game on both system's. Even if it plays slightly better on the PS3. The user scores are lower. While the seeming easy to please 360 owners, score their version higher. Does this mean PS3 owners have higher quality tastes? And that 360 owners overrate things? I think its more of a fact that PS3 owners are big time gamers. And you have alot of Halo and Fable and Madden only wanabee gamers over on the 360 side. That just really have no clue.

Top games for each system seem to make sense. Halo 3 for the 360. MGS 4 for the PS3. I'm sure Fable 2 will crawl into that area soon for the 360. While Killzone and Final Fantasy 13 "the main version," will eventually be main stays in that top 10 for the PS3. But as of now, games like Heavenly Sword, seemed to be looked into big time for the PS3. Granted it could be a nice game. But I thought a game like Ratchet and Clank would of been more popular. Or even Uncharted Drake's Fortune, or Infamous. Infamous being a GTA/super hero game, would seem to be something vary appealing. And also the fact that these 3 games, are being made by companies that have a excellent track record.

For the 360, After the KOTOR series was one of the best selling RPGs for the Xbox unit. One would think Mass Effect would be a hugely anticipated game. But that does not seem to be the case. Although it is of interest to 360 owners. Its not the hottest thing out their by far. Another PS3/360 game I thought would be hot for both systems was Jericho. And again. Although it is hot, eagerness is not steaming for this game from any side, yet. But Jericho is unproven also so? GTA 4 seems to be hot. And rightly so. But it seems gamers have forgot which teams and games were hot before. Not counting the stale FPS paintball games.

I have to think alot of this has to do with new gamers, that really did not game anymore than maybe a FPS here and their last gen. So instead of going by their own knowledge, they go by word of mouth. When I hit the streets and talk to the younger, new gamers. I am shocked at how many have heard about Ratchet, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Sly Cooper "makers of Infamous." Final Fantasy, KOTOR, Fable, Eternal Darkness, and the mega list of last Gen super hits, that would take 8 pages to list. But im vary shocked at how many of these new gamers, have not really played them. I mean really. Some people may be able to tell me the stale story of Silent Hill 4 "it just was so weak compared to the others. I mean they did not even really use the flashlight stuff." But how many can tell me the story's, or walk me threw the fantastic Silent hill's 1 and 2. With the showing of already proven hits, and new names that are about to come upon us in late 07, threw all of 08. I have a feeling these new gamers have no clue to whats about to hit them in the next year and a half. I even talk to the 20some crowed of gamers. And even most of them eventually admit. No, I did not play those. Well if these companies give us the treats they did before. These kids are in for some fun surprises they had no clue about.

Speaking of last Gen. You know what none heard of game would be kinda cool, on a Next Gen. The Suffering. Only problem is the story was already dying out quite a bit by the second one. Which was not even close to what the first one was. Talk about horror games that no one knows about. The first Suffering was pretty cool. And how would a Fatal Frame Next Gen be? Or something like it maybe? Either or, ones more of a shooter, the other more of an adventure. Both scary as heck. And if next Gen graphics can really up the level a certain type of gaming. Its with horror, and the look and feel, which is vary important in those games. Lets face it, you could not do Silent Hill or Fatal Frame in the NES days. These games play off of images and animations that scare you. And great stories to, but you get the idea. Next Gen Horror, could be great!

And if your a RPG fan of the old ways. I know their are a few versions of FF 13 coming. But im gonna put my money on the main one "not shaby cheap side verses money making FF games" but the main one. For those fans. I think its gonna blow people away. Thats what taking them so dang long. That game is gonna use as much as they know about the new units, and all the space they can. It could be as much as a leap as FF 7 was than, as far as presentation in a RPG like that. I know the new types of RPG's this GEN will be funner. But I like to every so often go out on a limb. And at least in the presentation department. FF 13 is gonna be HUGE!

And people, ideas have not gotten thin. Its just that when Halo was released everything kinda stalled and went backwards for a while. Not that Halo was bad. It was just a vary old way of gaming. A way that was already getting old and stale by the time that game came out. What once was the new fresh look of 3rd person, open ended, wild new gameplay. Will be a road we finally get back to. New games like Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, and Infamous could be the first steps in showing these new, "already burnt out" gamers, what were supposed to be the next, new, and inovated great steps. And even thow their was a stall from the Halo freak, or fluke. We still saw a few new games this last gen, that did try a few new things. Like the first Prince of Persia did a few cool things. And thats what we need to see. Granted the other 2 sorta stunk. But the first one was pretty good thow. Bloodmoney and Hitman 2 did some new things kinda cool. And they came close to some good things that were touching some areas's, that gaming needs to explore more. Also game's like Destroy all Humans, God of War, and other's. Showed the potential of what could be amazing stuff. But these games never quite hit it on the dot. In fact they got high scores, but could have been so much more. And we should of chased that side of gaming more. And instead of seeing 40 FPS WW2 games on one shelf. We should of saw 40 games with these new looks. Each doing something new and inovated. Part of the reason these games never went to their full potential, was not having enough trial and error run's. Which is the case in any new type of game. Because they were to busy making their 30th FPS. And they had more than enough trail and error their, since the mid 90's. And maybe it's good that we stalled away from these fresher newer games for a while, after they made their debut "ala Tomb Raider 1" and other's way back. And we are just now "threw new machines" moving back into that area. New version's of Halo were not the next step. They were not the next step 10 years ago. But I think we will finally be forced to see that truth. And we will now finally move forward. And if they do go forward to the cooler stuff. On all three systems Its gonna get wild!

But I still think the key for the 360 games and PS3 games. 360 is for the basic public. Like the Madden sports fans who just happened to fall onto Halo and thought they loved all games than. And the PS3 is more for the gamer side. And it seems like its gonna chase that side to. Because most hardcore gamers were burning out from FPS 7 years ago. And some never play sports titles to much. Me I find myself vary in-between that. I started as the jock sports only guy, "I own the first Madden still." And on the court or field or race track in real life, I was vary good, and threw games I also loved it. I was a sports freak. And 16 or so years ago at age 20. I Slowly moved into a few RPG's, which I used to think stunk before that. I got into a few action adventure, pure adventure. About 9 to 10 Years ago I hit 3D platforms "Sly and Ratchet and Crash, and Mario 64 and those.' Some how I went from Just Madden and Racers and a little Sonic and Mario. To the deep gaming sides "even a few done up gaming PCs." So I know both sides. I know that 360 "think your a gamer" side exists, because I once was their. And its a needed area. But in basic fact. No hardcore guy/girl is gonna economize their gaming either. Which is what the 360 is. Its the Honda CRX in a Ferrari world. If a PS3 looks a tiny bit better, "which EA Football at 30fps one year is a fluke from running at a higher true def" It ran at 30fps on the 360 last year. Fact is the PS3 is more powerful. And everyone knows that. Hardcore gamers wont settle for less to save a few bucks, never have in the past, and never will. And thats why those 2 systems will always be split. Split like a loud wannabe fast and furious fart muffler CRX, and a slick Ferrari/Mustang Cobra at a stop light. One for whatever side you are. I mean I can be honest with you and say I know exactly how the 360 fanboys think. And with their online Game tags and points for games they dont like. But they need those brag points for when they go back to the online, and so their tag looks good. And they need it for when they go back to Red shoot green again,, and again,,, and again. The same boring sh&* lol all day long! Man is that old news to most gamers. Its like watching Elvis try to act in a movie re-run for the 300th time for some of us gamers. But!! I know its fun for some of you, so I kid! Thats all the basics of that fanboy area is. Shoot online all day over and over, get points. And than a few 20somes that are sports nuts.

Oh!!! And than theirs the rare 25 to 35 year old that got his 360, never played it , but makes politically correct posts all day about it and gaming. We know about that area. They have been looked into for years now. Who would not want to see who they were? In fact were not even sure if they indeed all own 360s! Maybe they just have like a read off check sheet. And they get a new one each month to post new junk? But will get deeper into that latter. :P Yea that will be vary fun to talk about. It the area that actually has the 360 in 3rd place in month to month sales. Not in dead last 3rd place. Their is a difference :) Not that us PS3 owners are any better. We sit around all day, and are waiting for are greatness to come lol. Playing old PS2 games all day. Although RESISTANCE is way better than most think. Truth thow, Im on my 4th run threw of RE4 On the Cube now. I only like the cube version "see if it is better on something besides sony, I will play the better one." Im sure the Wii version will kick butt also.

Oh and to answer your question "Is The Internet Killing Professionalism?" Yea the day it had the word Microsoft behind it. So its been none professional full of Wine and Cheese wannabes for quite some time now.

MY E3 TOP 10 NOT your1 BUT MINE!!!!!

1) Assassin's Creed (PS3/360) This game could be a huge hit. As big as any game out their. Reason we have a hard time believing that is, its a new name. But I see tuns of potential. Sure it was a rough Beta yea. But you could see tuns of great elements. With maybe a little Hitman in their, a little Sam Fisher, a little Prince of Persia even? Lots of cool element's its seems, that could make a vary full rounded game. And its a new fun twist, to the sneak and peak "than kill like a mad man" type of gaming.

2) Wii's multiple brain and exercise games, and new pad. Talk about a machine doing everything. Exercise to learning, to "can you see a new surf game comming with that thing??" I loved it.

3) Resident Evil 5 (PS3/360) Finally some more footage "not much? But still." Now if we could only see something Silent hill!

4) Killzone (PS3) Well its a real thing. What stood out to me more than looking for graphical stuff. Was the cool environments, the scary smoky destructed Gothic like war world. It looks vary intense. I was looking at the game as a game, more so than "did they miss a pixel." And it seems to have something cool. But still its a FPS?? So?

5) Project Gotham Racing 4 (360) Ok so I hate Microsoft. But I feel this game is better fun than Forza "by a mile!" And this new version has Bikes. Im partial to bikes. So it grabbed my attention big time. And this type of racer "which has a perfect balance between arcade and sim," is perfect for crotch rockets bikes flying threw it.

6) MX vs ATV UNTAMED: (PS3/360) Ok, so I have not seen any screen or anything on it. But its the best off road racer out their "and most underrated." As far as filling that supercross/motcross area. Im huge on this game series. And so excited about a NExt Gen version. So long as we get to race Chad Reed, And James Stewart and other greats again. Its the best true motocross supercross game out. And it keeps rooted with that fact.

7) MGS4 (PS3) Well its kinda just seeing at tad more. But it is more. And it is MGS 4. If the series is gonna end on a bigger bang than it has shown threw the first 3. I cant even imagine how big of a bang this game is gonna be. And a Next Gen one. Heck MGS1 was good on the PS1. With mostly overhead graphics. You know you have a good game when graphics dont matter. But now it has graphics also. I cant imagine where this game is going to go. And how deep its gonna be, and you thought MGS 1, 2, AND, 3 were to deep for ya.

8 )Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) Kinda like a tropical better looking Tomb Raider with a man, and more action. This game is what I like to see. Back to what was supposed to be the next great thing. 3rd person great action. And we would of been way into that greatness already, if it was not for a few stupid little steps backwards in the industry. But With A. creed, and Games like this. We may be actually moving foward again. I love the look and the feel, of not some super hero in glowing tights and armor. But a dude in a T shirt and jeans. Keeping a close eye on this one.

9) Mass Effect (360) Yea a Microsoft game thats not a FPS. I know its hard to beleive. But I never have seen a RPG quite like it. Its either gonna be huge and new, or new and bad. But so far it looks like something vary interesting. But it is Bioware. So I expect a KOTOR type of feel. That looks 20 times better. I played KOTOR 1 and 2. They were not the same old basic RPGs. And were fun for what they were, and vary refreshing. Can they bring it to a new level? If so, it could be vary nice, and vary huge to the industry.

10) Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) I could of put another FPS here CoD 4. But FPS after FPS is to much. We have seen Mario in alot of odd games since Sunshine. But I have wrote many times "when will we see a true Mario again?" This may be it. And im excited. Sunshine was ok. But Mario has not truly shining in greatness on his own, since Mario 64. And I think this will make up for lost time. I played Mario 64 "I dont know how many times." And im looking forward to playing with the little dude again, in a true Mario game.

Other boards just starting to see things a little. IS micro a cheat?

I did not write any of this. But people are starting to get the idea, Below

"""""""""""NPD refuted VGCHARTS in the past.

BUT the authorities there havent mend their ways.

They are being financed by MS to make 360 look good to gullible people.

take a look at this

the AUTHORITIES there have degraded the ps3 sales by 2.5 k (hardwares)

RB6 which is at no 19 on FAMITSU and MEDIA CRATE has sold over 6000 copies last week in Japan.

It is nowhere in the top 50 chart on VGCHARTS.

on the other hand none of the x360 game could even sell 500 copies last week in Japan.
In medicrate chart/famitsu chart no x360 game appears in the top 100.

VGCHARTS shows x360 software sales around 13k which in reality was just 2k by FAMITSU.

on the other hand ps3 software sales were around 26k whcih were degraded to 20k by VGCHARTS

ALSO in UK....x360 sold just 3k hardwares last week . Vgcharts have defalted that to 10k.
Ps3 has sold 8k last week in UK. Vgcharts has downgraded that to 6k
for real UK sales fug please go to

another Flaming and misleading gaming forum run by 2 previous MS employees.
This is the forum where you have people posting "360 is the last stand for RPG in JAPAN" , "x360 kills ps3 in JAPAN" and getting away with it.
Most of the users are members of sites dedicated solely to x360s.

It is the only forum where you have members praising cartoonistic Halo3 over Crysis and Lair. Any poster who talks about the Wii/ps3 gets banned in a couple of days.

ps3 is dead in japan

MS grabbing Sakaguchi is probably the best thing they ever did. Mistwalker will probably single handlely get MS over 10 million in Japan.

x360 is the least selling console in Japan that has sold just 380k till date(in 20 months).It sells just 2k consoles over there.
Blue Dragon was a massive flop in Japan with just 123k copies sold till date

absolutely considering Blue Dragon was such a gargantuan hit over there lol""""

My shortened view: In the US were looking at this top 10 list phenom also. And nothing really ever fits. Put this into prospective. If your a XBOX 360 fan. The game you would probably look up the most now is Halo 3. It should be on the top of every list. But instead, the lists look more like advertisement's, for which 360 game is out next, or out just released. Even if the game is horrible. And no one buys it. It sits on the list? Why? Everyone wants to read about it?? Yea right?? So their is definitely a poll conspiracy theory. And a theory on any game list. Becuase nothing does add up. But those have to be looked at a tad more, to see for sure what the deal is their. And thus making a conspiracy a reality. Thats kinda the key to any of this. You should see the 360 junk that sits on the top 10. Over 72% of their games that have been listed at number 1 at some point. Have not gotten rated higher than a 7.whatever. And some have been even lower. Were talking the D list of games here. The bottom of the barrel for rentals even. So no it makes no sense.

I mean look at it this way. Sony announces price cut. PS3 sales jumped for at least one day. And the counters are right in front of you. Gamespot has more 360 sub par games printed everywhere and anywhere today, than you can imagine. Despite the fact that Sony has tuns of new stuff coming. All we see is Hour of Victory "360 link. Quake,, Time shift,,, Dark Sector,,, Hail to the Chimp "WTF???" and a bunch of other Sub par games, being shown as if their Gods! And the PC 360 switch thing they do. They'll stick a PC game like Age of Conan up their as the headline story! Even thow its ranked 198 most popular. Its the number 2 headline? And a 360 game? They pull that BS all the time. Even if their a PS3 game also. Its Tony Hawk 360 link!!" NHL 360 link! NBA live 360 link! Out of multi-platformed games that are made both for the 360 and PS3. We have the % of where each game is linked. And we wont let that number out. But its freakish how many more link to the 360 version, compared to the PS3 version. Yet they wont show something like, how the PS3 version of Darkness, kills the 360 version. Shown threw a vid at Never will you even hear a word of that here. I mean thats just one area. Comparison articles with pics, so biased its sick. Polls asking PS3 joke of the day questions in basic. If you documented this site "and many others" for the last 2 years. For any real gamer, What you have seen, has been down right disgusting actually. Its not a game site. And from what you guys wrote about above. Thats part of the reason so many are looking into this junk. And something major is gonna explode. Becuase their has to be a why. The only thing we can think of is illegal something, that leads to profit "In basic" money reasons? But this is a game site not a Microsoft site. So it would be illegal. Sure Their are people that know alot more on this. But If I told you now, I would have to kill you lol :P!

I mean if Microsoft trys and keep on pounding a communistic, "even almost Nazi type of way into the Video game market. They'll eventually fall. Like I said before. No super power that has gotten over greedy, has ever succeeded. From Russia to Germany. All have had all the power they needed to go on forever with what they had. And they had enough, with no need for more. But they wanted more, or everything. And thus they got kicked into being nothing eventually. The society of the world wont allow one to be it. Neither will the business society. Becuase simply put. Its not right. And people wont stand by that forever. If you give them only a few choices, or BS/lie to them, that their the righteous choice. People will wake up eventually, and be PO. So that tactic is never gonna work for good. Plus for every thing they think they have "even fans" power wise. Theirs always a counter. It just never works. That way always builds fast and falls faster.

INSOMNIAC RATCHET VS **** PUNCH SLy'S 4 for best Next Gen Platformer ?

Well one of the best platformed series ever Will have competition for the top spot. Sly 4 may be coming also. Despite teh fact that Insomniac has proven themselves to be one of the most unique and great talents of the last ten years. When it come to platformers, many argue that Sly Cooper may be the real king over Ratchet. But will see. We know the new Ratchet is on its way. Now hints of Sly 4 are under way. Of course will have to wait till the best RPG "FF" does it stuff. But 07/08 is going to be a dog fight for a lot of top spots in the start of the real Next Gen. Best RPG, best Action, Best platform, etc etc. And maybe by late 08 will see who is really the best racer with GT 5. Not a Last Gen game outshowing a Next gen one.

"Game Galore"

"As per market reports, the game developers at the Sucker Punch has somewhat confirmed that they are indeed working on the new Sly Cooper games for the Sony consoles.

A report in the latest issue of PSM Magazine states that they are working on Sly Cooper 4 for the Sony Playstation 3 and Sly Cooper PSP for the Sony Playstation Portable console."""

And my thought of the day: Pure freakish obsession. We got to talking about how we never saw like Nintendo fans when we were playing Sega or Sony go overboard, or get so insane. The Xbox and 360 when you really think about it, havent done much in gaming. I mean that have to be out numbered in the amount of big hits by Sony and Nintendo by the thousands of games over the years. Or at least almost. And most average gamers can sit back and say Halo was good, or Halo is kinda like all the others, or its one of the top 10 of the last decade, Whatever.

But these kids who are on that Microsoft only boat, are like none I have ever seen. One Kid Kills his girlfriend because she said HALO did not seem that great to her. Teens going Halo nuts. One game. In basic Doom online. And they go freaking nuts. And than the other odd twist comes in? You have to wounder why they have hate of Sony added?

I mean its easy to hate Microsoft Because plain and simple they do things dirty and low, and always have before gaming. So thats where hate comes to them. From the antics with the Computer worlds and tech world, into the gaming area. They are considered one of the most evil companies in the US, if not the world. And they have had more hate and court cases on them, than hit games time 20. So you look at the one side of this pure freakish obsession of just Xbox stuff. And than also the hate Sony for no reason. And its insane. I swear to God I had no clue how sick deep it was.

But I got on some little 19 year old just messing with him while over in Cleveland. And He was almost in tears because I was making fun of his 360 and giving him some honest facts. They actually are that emotionally sucked into the BS. And I wasnt that mean. I was just fooling. And it was not like he was gonna kick my azz lol. I dont think anyone thats that glued to Red vs Blue, could ever come close to kicking my azz lol :P

But I make hard attacks on Microsoft do to everything. Threw here it has to do with gaming. Other paces it has to do with other stuff. But when I sorta try and flip the page and look at it from these young mesn eyes. I cant see why that side would even be bothered by Sony. Sony does not attack anyone like Microsoft, they just kinda do their thing. So if I did not know about Microsoft ways, and just was a 360 fan. I dont think the PS3 would bother me at all. Just like the Wii does not bother me as a fan of Sony. Despite the fact that the Wii is beating the PS3. Nintendo never gave me any reason to hate them. Even if I dont like their system. Youll never hear me say a word about Nintendo. But it's because Nintendo and their fans dont spend 17 of the 24 hours in a day on a computer, saying why Sony is not good. If your a 360 owner, why would you even care? "That part is also something were looking into" And the other 3 hours actually talking about their sub par games. And maybe 15 minutes of actually being a gamer "playing." I swear how many 360s sit,, why their owners post all day?? And a few hours of sleep.

The one key difference with the freakish Halo/Microsoft or whatever they are. The one constant that stands out. Is their more intent and concerned about what they say about the other machine, than they are their own. And why is it so important for them?

Were gonna do one vid to start. But this also came up when we said, we really want to show what people are thinking, off of what the 3 machines are giving us. And we came to the Xbox fans, and their was a ughh from everyone. And than we started to talk about it. To be blunt honest rude. Its like they let everyone out of every psychic ward, who had obbessive compulsive disorder, and gave them a 360 or Xbox. And than gave them a computer to post on. lol It nuts.

Ive been threw race fans, sports fans etc, etc,. Ive seen Yankee haters at games, And Yankee baseball fans. I've been to Browns games and seen Ohio State vs Michigan. These are blood fans, who die for their teams. Yet, who can still have a beer with each other after the game sometimes. And I have seen the wars of Sega Vs Nintendo, which was the last true kinda big one for gaming. Than a little bit of Sega vs Sony. And some BS their. I see the passion with My LS1 GM Trans Am vs Ford guys. Yet we get along. But in sports or anything. I have never "on my dads grave" seen anything so blinded,, with such a obsessed following as the Xbox ones. Its not everyone, or else they would be dominating the world gaming market. Thats the odd part,, their not that good. But the ones who are stuck with only Xbox and thats it!! like a panting dog in heat,, its like a sickness. They spend everyday not so much thinking "im a gamer/what will I pay" But instead. How can I complain about Sony or some BS. how can I show my system is as good all day. I dont know if these people even game! And thats mentaly messed up people lol.

It almost like some weird horror movie where were not infected yet. And were seeing these brain washed/dead people, totally stuck to this one way. And while your still not infected you can see things for what they are. And the ones infected are just lost in it. Like a Zombie movie. Its almost that weird.

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