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Here I Am

Over a year ago (I forget exactly how long) I was snatched by the jaws of life - no not the liberating kind - and I could not be as active as I normally was. 2 semesters in college and moving around so I could work was keeping me sidetracked; especially since I had a large number of things planned for a couple of the unions I was active in. Yeah it happens. Under normal circumstances it would have been a simple, "I must go! My life suddenly needs me!" but it was on the verge of Gamespot going through its changes.

I was notified of this by multiple friends of mine, who had (And still might have) some issues with the system (Don't we all?). So I decided to try logging back in to give it a quick lookie-loo because I had a day off (INCONCEIVABLE!!!). I managed to log in, and attempted to brush up on things. It didn't seem that bad at first; I thought it was just GS being the GS we all lavish with our luv (Largely Understated Vendetta). Then soon after I could not log into GS whatsoever. I figured that I might need a change anyways, so I tried a new account. Failed. Tried again. Failed. And you know what? All this time later it now lets me return to this old account and one of the replacements.

I will not be using the replacement. Instead I will return to this one and all others will simply be there until this one ceases to function properly again. So hello, GS! The Devil is back in town!