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Addiction to the Sims 2

Ok, so take a look at my collection of games. Go ahead and look. Alot of them, right? Well guess how many games I play on a day to day basis - yeah about 1. The Sims 2 - extremely addictive. I'll throw in another game every once in awhile just to spice things up, but that's the game I mostly play. Now, what does this say about myself?


My Crazy Crazy Life

So for those of you who actually read my journal or attempt to contact me, you may wonder where I've been recently. Well my new job has been taking up a lot of my time. Plus, I haven't had real internet access for a month now, so it's hard for me to get on here. The only day I really do is on Mondays (and note that I am writing this on a Monday).

My life has been spinning pretty fast lately and most of the time I'm not sure where I am at. So if you wanna chat with me, PM me or something. Cuz I'm not sure what else I'm good for right now.

Phantom Planet and the best concert ever!!

Last night I went to a Phantom Planet concert in Chicago. It was the BEST concert I've ever been to - which until last night had been Godsmack (they are still an awesome band live). For one thing it was in a bar (Schuba's in Chicago) and there were probably only like 300 people max there. I was literally less than 10 feet away from them at all times. It was SO awesome - I love their music and well just looking at them. :-p

For those of you who don't know who Phantom Planet is, go check them out at and . They are a pretty unknown band (at least where I'm from). They are pretty big in California though. Some of their claims to fame include the theme song from the popular show "The OC" which is a great show btw and various background songs on MTV. I've enjoyed them for about 4 years now and everytime I see them they just get better and better.

Who do they sound like? Well if you like bands like Jet, Maroon 5, The Hives, etc. you are almost guaranteed to like this band. I like to spread the word about them, so please go check 'em out! You won't be disappointed.

Yay! What a good day!

So today is turning out to be a pretty good day.

I fixed the Sims 2 yesterday. I had issues with running the program - basically it didn't run at all. Gave me an error message about some .dll files. So I went with my best instinct and installed Windows XP (it had ME before). Now it works and SOOOO much faster than my laptop. I couldn't even play it on my laptop, it was that bad. We're talking 10 minute lag. So note to self, my computer can not run games very well (but I kind of already knew that).

Second, we got more receivers from Dish Network last night. I now have a DVR in my room - which is basically like TiVo where you can record and pause TV. It's really cool, I'm pysched.

Third, this weekend I'm going out of town, to Valparaiso (where I went to college) and ultimately Chicago. One of my favorite bands, Phantom Planet is playing at a bar there on Sunday. It's a sold out show, so it should be awesome. We're also going to the Wizard of Oz Festival in Chesterton before that.

And finally, my new job starts on Tuesday. I can't wait! I actually have to go take a drug test today for it.

Exciting times!

I wanna play it!

*SOB* I can't get the SIms 2 to work. I wanna play it, ARGGGG!

I wrote an email to EA Games, but who knows how long it will be till they get back to me. until then, I'll just try everything I know how to do.

Sims 2 here I come!

I thought Sims 2 was supposed to come out on Friday.. but a lot of people already have it. Someone suggested calling places and asking if they had it. Now I preordered it months ago from Best Buy. There ad says Friday - but I called and they have it in!!!

So I'm off to get it. Crap, I wish I could skip work tomorrow. :-p haha

need sleep!!

So last night I was tossing and turning and didn't end up falling asleep until 6 am. Some of the things I did to try and fall asleep:

- Played a season of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

- Finished reading "The Bad Beginning" which is the first book in a new series I'm trying - it's a kids book so I read it in like a day. But its... interesting.

- Played Yoshi's story on GBA.

- Read/skimmed an entire 350 pages on nonfiction about birds - entitled "The Backyard Birdwatcher." I like birds, but that for sure should have put me to sleep. After all the second I started reading for class when I was in college, BOOM I was asleep.

- Got out Civilization II for PS. I got the game like 6 months ago because I liked the PC version so much. I like the PC version better, but I didn't have it installed due to my reformatting of my computer. So I made due with what I had.

- I pet my cats for like a half hour. That's calming, but still didn't make me fall asleep.

Finally I fell asleep at like 6 am. I started reliving my whole life by that point. I just thought back to my first memory and then continued on through the years. I don't remember where I fell asleep exactly. But I dreamed about birds and cities, of that I'm sure.

Crazy mothers

My mother is driving me absolutely crazy. This morning she attacked me after I had just woken up - not a good thing, now the rest of my day is going to suck. Her main complaint is that I "don't do anything around the house" - after I spent yesterday cleaning my room, putting away dishes, and scrubbing the pond scum off (that was definately disgusting). ARG!!

I think I'm gonna start looking for my own place. yes, it will be expensive, but at least I'll be able to keep my mind!!

Working on a Saturday

Well, normally I'd say that I hate working on Saturdays. Except at my work, I like working then. No one is here to bug me and I don't have to deal with all the bull crap that goes on here.

Anyways, I am only going to be working here for another week (Although I still come in every once in awhile to help out with special projects). Then I start my new job, which I hope will be exciting!!

tgif (that's supposed to be in caps)

I'm so happy its Friday!!! I don't know what it is.. but lately I can't stand to be at work. This week has been draaaaaaagging on. The bad thing though is that I have to come in tomorrow due to the hours I missed on Monday. ARG! But at least there won't be that many people here (I hope).
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