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Hello Again

Hey every one

Checking back in again after another long hiatus. Just picked up Assassins creed 2 n black Friday to prepare for revelations and I have to say Ezio's first adventure is a lil on the long end. Not saying it is a bad thing, but I was not yet prepared. I started Skyrim but took a break due to its vast size to play thru Fable 3 (which I beat), and now Assassins creed 2, and then brotherhood, followed by Revelations. Once I play through these games, I will finish up Skyrim this winter and then prepare for VITA and MASS EFFECT 3!!!!

Saints Row 2

I just got saints row 2 for PS3. It was 30 bucks at blockbuster so I said "what the heck." I remember beating the first game on xbo360, and I was always curious how the rest of the story played out. I just hope I can beat this game before the launch of Uncharted 2 next week (not happening tho haha).

Now I am just wondering if I should get the DLC after I beat the game...

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Assassins Creed so far!

Today right before class (which i was late for :) ) i just picked up assassins creed for xbox 360. All i have to say is wow! i am about 2 hours into the game now an its really innovative. The graphics really are top notch and i say the environments rival GoW (i LOVE the fact that there is no slow down OR TEXTURE POP UPS!) Hopefully the game plays out well. What i do hate about it though is the fact that you have to like slowly walk by guards on horses, even in between the cities. Its just a small gripe in a Fantasic game.

i'm back...

I have not written on this thing in a while but the last post i wrote was if the letting go of my 360 was a bad choice. well good news was i re-bought one a few months ago lol (may 07) lol i just got Mass Effect and all i can say is Best damn game of 2007 hands down. the conversation system makes playing through the game a completely different experience every time. Also i was thinking of getting AC, but i am not sure write now because of the mixed reviews some of my friends told me. Well thanks all for now!

Rebuy xbox 360

Back in december i traded in the xbox 360 for the PS3 an now I am starting to thikn was that a smart move. Yeah i played the hell out of gears but with the upcoming release of Mass Effect I am wondering to think if i should repurchase the xbox 360 to get hte Mass Effect, Bioshock, Crackdown, blue dragon, and of course halo 3. Any thoughts if its a smart idea or not? 

PS3 Rebounding?

With the release of the virtua Fighter 5, this marks the first worthy purchase for the ps3 since Resistance Fall of Man. After this game we got a hot march to look forward to. Motorstorm, Oblivion, and Vegas to name a few will be droping in the month of march. all I can say is FINNALLY!  The ps3 is starting to rebound it self after a veryyy slow jan and feb. Hopfully we will get a steady stream of titles leading up to the fall where killzone 2, MGS4, and HOPEFULLY FFXIII will be dropping. 

Waiting game

I'm Am stuck playing the wating game with sonys new console. I had the console since 12/15/06 and All i play is R: Fall of Man. I need sumtin new to play. Genji is ok not that great. Everything else is straight xbox 360 ports. Im stuck here wating for Virtua fighter 5 to drop and motorstorm. I may purchase sonic only if Sega fixes the clearly flawed x360 version.

Iphone is king

I just got done watching hte full keynote of Macworld and all i can say is wow! Steve Jobbs blew everyone away with their iphone that combines widescreen ipod, phone, and internet on one device. I have the cingular 8125 and let me tell you the thing cant compete with the phone its thin looks real easy to use and it runs Mac os X. The 8125 runs windows mobile 5.0 which is kinda hard to use and lacks features of the real windows and I cant port my music to windows media from itunes which kidna sucks. On the bright side tho i can now do it with the IPHONE!

My PS3 launch

Recently just purchased the new Playstation 3 Premium edition (60 GB) about a week ago. After a week worth of gaming I think the investment was well worth it, and will pay off in the end. I purchased Resistance: Fall of Man with the console, all I can say is WOW! Outside of GOW this is one of the Best FPS of 2006. Also this is a great game to get if you are in the market for the PS3. I also purchased Genji. This game is not as good as The Fall of Man game play wise, but if you are looking for a game to show off the PS3 system capabilities then pick this game up. Genji features lavish environments, also great audio and very highly detailed characters, as well as an engaging story. The only problem with this game is the lack of innovation in the game play. But other then that It’s a good start. I really can't wait for FFXIII as well as MGS 4, and Assassins Creed. These are only 3 of the many games due to launch in the year 2007. So Playstation 3 dose have a bright future ahead of it and its only going to get better.