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Top 9 mmmorpgs (in my opinion

So lately I have been playing f2p mmorpgs (for a reason I don't know probably cause I'm waiting for Guild Wars 2. So I have put together a list of the top 8 f2p mmorpgs I have played and why they are so good. 1. Forsaken World: This game is packed with features and is fun to play. The combat looks great the classes are balanced for pvp (however I would recommend the assassin) And the graphics are great. Altogether a great game. 2.Vindictus This game has SUPER fun combat I would recommend it for those looking for a fun combat system. However it is entirely instanced and there is server lag whenever going in instances with other players so it takes away from the lacking open-world feel of this game. 3. Runes of Magic Its a WOW clone we know that. The dual class system is fun. Sieges are fun. The world is big. However lackluster graphics and combat keep this from being number 2 (NO way it would pass Forsaken World) 4. King of Kings 3 I play this game often only because I have a great guild and I want to play some pvp. However this game has few skills and slow combat which can make it a bore to play. If you do play Im Axthen in the Pandtaile guild (with Mutethia best guild leader EVER!!). This game is also very challenging. 5. LOTRO Now this game is a great game. It has maybe the largest game world in an mmorpg. Player housing, an interesting story, fun but too easy combat, and many classes. However it lacks in pvp for the f2p community so thats 1 reason why its number 5 (the other is too easy combat) 6.Allods Another WOW clone except this one is more innovative and interesting then Runes of Magic. It has Astral Combat and Talent grids to make this a truly unique game. However no auto attack mar this game but expect it to move up on this list (possibly to number 3) once its officially released. 7.DDO Dungeons and Dragons Online is a unique mmorpg. It has combat kind of similar to Vindictus and many many classes. However it has much instancing (towns are the only open world like Vindictus). This game is also a challenge but it is fun. 8. Rohan Online This is a game with fun combat and many many skills and classes. However it doesn't have addictiveness and just isn't as good as the others on this list. 9 Perfect World Don't even get me started. It has boring combat not so good graphics and a borin setting (not to mention the horrible menu music). It also has much cash shop dependency for pvp. However the jumping and flying is fun along with territory war super fast leveling but overall I wouldn't reccommend it (just play Forsaken World).