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Batman Arhkam City Screenshots!

Great news guys! Batman: Arkham City in-game screenshots have been posted! Go check it out yourself.

It has Pics of Two Face, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman. And boy does cat woman look sexy :D

It seems that detective vision has returned also, but hopefully there will be a certian amount of time detective vision can be used for. So we can enjoy the pretty visuals :) It didn't bother me to much in the first game, but I did find myself in detective vision alot.

So go check out the screenshots :)

Cheap gaming PC?

Hey guys, I need you opinion on something, I want to sell My Xbox 360 for a cheap gaming laptop. Because I'm going to be going into college in a couple of years, and I'm just getting bored of Xbox.

So my ? is - Whatcheap gaminglaptops, that are under $1000, are good enough to play games like COD4 and Dragon Ageon? Please. I would really like somerecommendations :) I don't wanna have a super high-tech laptop to play games like Crysis on, but I don't want it to be crap. lol. Just leave a comment in the box below and give me some opinions. Thanks :)

Remembering the good old days..

I have just been thinking of the good old days of gaming, for me that was 2002 -2003. The first shooter I ever played was Medal of Honor Frontline for my PS2. That was a great game! The first level had me storming Normandy beach and taking three bunkers on the beach that are firing at tons of men, I remember dying so much though, because the gunners in the bunkers kept shooting me or I got blown up by a mortor while trying run from cover to cover/crater to crater. I think that level is the most cinamatic level in all of WWII shooter history. I also remember my sega, I loved that thing. My friend gave me 50 sega games for $2, I was around 9 or 10 yrs old at the time. He gave me all those games cause he just got the Xbox. The game I played the most for my sega was Sonic The Hedgehog. I spent so many hours playing that game, my sisters played with me too. They always played as Tails. I also remember some side scrolling shooter I loved to play. You ran around as some dude with the head of a raptor and the body of some huge buff dude. It was very bloody, and I was only 10 at the time :D. I just wanted to post this so that we shouldn't forget the games that made us get into gaming.