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To win an Alpha lite key please click on the link below and click Like and Comment on my video, I will choose a winner at random in a few days :)


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Is there a multiplayer at all or is it just a single player and contracts mode? If not I hope the single player is massive

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Yes all of this happens to me especially getting stuck on a piece of rubble, lol this game hates me!!

Another thing for me is when i throw or fire an explosive, then i get killed it doesnt explode. For example yesterday I casually snuck behind enemy lines to find 4 enemies who were all sat together annihilating my team, so i put down c4 right between them, even with one guy stood on it I step back and detonate the C4, I even see my finger press the button, as I do this I get shot and my C4 doesnt blow up... WTF!!!

I absolutely love knives (I also have about 600 knife kills BTW), BUT the responsiveness on this game is terrible, i cant seem to take someone down if my knife is already out, so when two guys are sat next to each other, I knife takedown one and unless i press Y to switch back to my gun I won't get the second, most times I try to knife and i end up having to shoot them as my knife doesnt work! another thing is what is with the long animation, my guy is forced to be shot everytime I stab someone as I cannot cancel the animation to run away, for example when i stab someone my guy reaches over to put a knife in the enemies throat, i then start getting shot at by an enemy as I am trying to cancel the animation, since I have the kill and I need to get to cover... my guy decides to look his victim in the eyes as he rips the tog dag off, he then drops him to the ground and 2 seconds later the animation has ended and I am dead as I have just been peppered with clips!

Also yesterday i was covering the flag when i saw a sniper enter the area, he then ducked behind a wall, his scope wasn't even over the top of the wall and i could see the scope glare through the wall, so I shot many bullets with my LMG hoping to either suppress or kill him, then 2 seconds later he shot me through the wall, I even i looked at the name to confirm it was him who shot me.

I love flying the chopper and have a lot of experience in them but why have they slowed down the scout chopper (flying snail), I was in a littlebird yesterday and it went so slow i felt like players were able to run faster than me, Dice are retarded! Since the chopper is smaller its should be agile and fast with light firepower so its not overpowered.

I entered a building yesterday knowing an enemy was coming down the stairs, so as i stepped in the doorway i burst fired aiming down my scope and shot him in the upper chest/neck about 4 times as I did this i noticed he was reloading, because his gun was pointing straight at the ceiling and he had just pulled out the mag, with his gun pointing vertically he still shoots and kills me, then apparently I didnt even hit him once!

As much as I love the battlefield games a lot of improvements need to be made for battlefield 4 and if DICE also release bf4 as an unfinished game to compete with a little **** game also known as COD i will not be buying it, as the evidence has proved with bf3 it is only half the game it could be.

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The m98B but apparently the JNG 90 is second

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yep thats right im on xbox like Condor said if you go into the server browser and click the right stick you can choose your settings there you will find hardcore and if you type in simulation it should come up with one called RM simulation server not sure if its expired now but was playing it the other day :)

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Hardcore!!!! OMG its amazing only just tried it and its awesome i love how you start with about 60% health and it doesnt regenerate unless you find a medics health crate, also feels a lot more real and it forces more teamwork. They also kept the mini map in hardcore which they didnt in BC2.

VOIP!! Did anyone else know about this? I always wondered if there was an option to talk to the whole team and then just yesterday when i paused i noticed it said VOIP I changed it to team and then all of a sudden i was talking to teammates :)

Also noticed the lack of realism servers, I did find a good one yesterday called Royal Marines Simulation server which was awesome, wish you could customise the hardcore settings slightly to make it more challenging without it becoming unranked, although this server had was ranked with custom settings so it means you started with 100% instead of 60%.

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Love this gun got 1500 kills with it but.... That was before i started using the M16 which i now prefer because its a little more powerful

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san andreas if its too big for the memory just take away san fierro and las venturas and make los santos bigger

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fighting games or shooters
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GTA IV for me i played that game all the time for a year
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