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The PSWii60 Union: is closed

The PSWii60 Union, is closed. Well to be fair, it was never up and running in the first place. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that right; the briefly planned "PSWii60 Union", which I announced in my previous blog, will not be set up anymore due to several reasons.

If you're wondering why, here is the small list of reasons I've compiled:
  1. Neither me or my union associate, amapi, have the time to regularly update the union.

  2. There is already a union launched not so long ago, with similar objectives to that of ours. And if you're interested, I can happily provide you the link to it, which is here.

  3. And most importantly, we've lost enthusiasm for the idea.

Make Love, Not Console Wars

It has come to my recent attention, that whenever I post a message on the PS3 forum, there's always a PS3 supporter who happens to find a fault with what I had to say. This is fine, however, what isn't fine, and I'm sure most will agree, is when you respond with verbal attacks! Now I'm not blaming it all on the PS3 forum, but that's just where it appears to mainly come from. And I have a theory that it's because loyal fans of the brand, are aware of how unpopular Sony currently are due to certain reasons, and feel they have to get defensive about it whenever someone says something that's against the ideaology of Sony and their upcoming product, the Playstation 3, which I'm also looking forward to play on.

The situation has grown to such a height now, that I'm always having second thoughts as to whether I should post a message or not, because someone, yet again, will have some aggression to give out for what I said. Now I know you'll all be thinking, "oh get over it", or "I just ignore it", well yes maybe I should. However, I believe the GameSpot forum could be so much better for us all, if we could all just get along, accepted each others' contrasting opinions, and didn't have to worry about being antagonised.

And this is why, with the help of amapi, that we will be starting a union, to put an end to this hostility, or at least help make a change. So if you're interested to find out more about what we'll be doing to deal with the situation, please visit the union when it's up and running (I will make a notice of it on my blog when it is). And if you would like to help support the campaign, then please do join.

Back from exams

Some of you who read my blog, may have been aware that I was absent from GameSpot for a while, in order to concentrate on my exams (GCSEs). Well the exams are over now, and I can honestly say, that it went pretty well. Except I'm still feeling a bit nervous about the results. However, I have only missed very little with the recent 'going-ons'; I watched E3 and all three press-conferences, though I only had the pleasure of seeing the Sony one live, which is why I've only got the emblem for that one *sulks*, and I have been keeping up with all of GameSpot's features and every new article that appeals to me.

I'll let you all know, later, how the exams went. As of now, it's back to the norm for me: gaming, gamespotting, and the rest.

Away for a while

As I'm in my last year of school, I've got my exams (GCSEs) coming up. I therefore won't be on GameSpot for a while: about eight weeks. Sad to say so, but my future has always got to come first; even before games, right? So as I'm away from here for eight weeks, which is when the exams are over, I'll be doing nothing but studying. So wish me luck, guys!
I'll be back...

I'm a video-game addict :(

Officially, or according to fuali.com...

I am 96% a Video Game Addict.

Total Video Game Junky!

I got a problem, man. I may not find the answer to life in a video game. I need to turn off the console or PC, go outside, and try some reality for a change.

Find out what percentage of a Video Game Addict you are here.

Introductory blog-post

So... the first blog post on my blog huh...
It will be very good and worthwhile, so make sure you all come and check it out whenever you can.