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I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to inject personal ideology and politics into reviews. Ultimately the only reviewer who can tell you whether or not a game is good is yourself, but reviews are necessary to many in determining whether it is worth investing time into playing the game in the first place. It is very difficult to review a game in a purely objective manner; doing so just reduces it to a few comments about graphics or gameplay that don't help a lot of people make a decision.

Reviewers all have different beliefs and some will be more useful to the individual in helping them make a decision than others. Each have their different priorities and beliefs as to what a game should be, and the best thing we can do as consumers is consider various reviewers with an open mind to find which ones we tend to agree with the most, who will give an opinion on the game that is meaningful to us. Carolyn criticised GTA V for being 'profoundly misogynistic' which is a priority to her and to some viewers but not to most. I think there are much worse things about the game than that, like the mission that makes you torture someone. Nonetheless her reviews are useful to people who share her beliefs and priorities about what is important in a game or what is especially bad.

The problem with sites like GameSpot and IGN is that they have numerous staff members who review games and it is almost random which one ends up reviewing a game you're interested in. While Carolyn gave GTA V a 9.5 despite being 'profoundly mysoginistic', another reviewer might have given it a lower score after taking stronger issue with another aspect of the game, or given it a perfect score. If people are to rely on GameSpot as a good source for reviews, it needs to present consistent standards and priorities in its reviews that won't appeal to everybody but to a dedicated group that agree with those standards and generally trust GS's opinion. Having numerous reviewing staff makes this more difficult. I think it's fine for Carolyn, for example, to review games from the perspective of social justice activism, as long as she presents herself as such and reviews those games for people who consider that ideology important. If a review is published on GameSpot as the site's official review, however, the implication is that it is a review to appeal to a wider interest group of people who play games, not just supporters of a particular ideology.

Sites like polygon are also known for reviewing games from an ideological point of view, but Polygon is very consistent in doing so such that anyone who doesn't agree knows to just not read Polygon's reviews. Bigger, more generic sites like GameSpot however do not present a consistent set of standards or beliefs about what is good and bad in a game which is why some users feel alienated when a review pops up that makes a big deal over something they don't see as important (or vice versa).

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Yep, but rarely does Cynthia posts on forums tho, she makes blogs more... imo. Before Dracula and JodieR used to post on OT rarely also.

I think Drac used to interact pretty frequently on forums and had a few he was active in (and I think he still posts on gamefaqs). But he wasn't a gs staff member, he worked for gamerankings and had admin privileges here to help him carry about that job and volunteered as another community manager/mod. Staff who have stuff to do with the site like Synthia/Jody and the dev team often posted but I've hardly ever seen editorial staff (the reviewers, presenters, etc) post on the forums which is a shame.

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LOL come on dave...we know the truth.:P

David is squeaky clean, you could eat food off him

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On the more active boards we tend to consider a thread whose most recent post was over a week ago to be too old to be bumped.

If a similar thread already exists, then generally use that one unless you want to talk about something specific that you feel warrants its own thread. If you think it's been dead for too long though then go ahead and make a new thread.

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Why do peple throw parties when firefox updates their crap browser? Chrome FTW!

One of the things I don't like about chrome is how basic and minimalistic it is out of the box. Usually you can find an add-on to do what you want, but I'd rather not go trawling around for third-party add-ons just to add functionality that should be there anyway, especially since they have had some problems with add-ons containing malware in the past (they're probably not alone in that regard). The options page in chrome is awful, it's a very basic sheet that gives you little control over the browser. I think there is about:config but that isn't as intuitive to use as a GUI. Firefox is at least a fair bit better in that regard but for me nothing comes close to old opera giving you damn near total control over the browser and letting you set a wide range of options on a per-site basis.

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Too bad they're still using the garbage astralis user interface. I don't really like firefox but I use it because I can't find anything better. Opera used to be my browser of choice but then they shat all over it and turned it into Chrome, getting rid of everything that ever made opera good.

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Looks pretty cool, interesting having a stormtrooper as a main character. Unless he's not a stormtrooper and has just stolen a suit like Luke did.

Aren't clone troopers a white New Zealand guy? Unless that was disregard.

I think by this point in the timeline, most of the clones have died off or are too old to serve as stormtroopers, most of the stormtroopers are people who have been recruited.

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Looks pretty cool, interesting having a stormtrooper as a main character. Unless he's not a stormtrooper and has just stolen a suit like Luke did.

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Exchange all your US Dollars for Shrekels and insist every outlet accepts them

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I just finished reading a book called "the red mandarin dress", a crime novel set in shanghai. I picked it because I hadn't read any books or seen any films/tv shows actually set in china and produced by people who live there so I wanted to get some inside perspective on the country (the author is from china but wrote it in english and I think it shows that he wrote it for a western audience).

Pretty enjoyable book and a bit different to your usual american crime stories. There were some things I didn't like, such as every young female character being described in excessive detail (seemed a bit pervy to me), though the author also seems to be aware of these themes and how they might be perceived and has the main character discuss them in the story. On the whole though it was a good book.