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It was pretty good, a really stellar movie. George Clooney was great in it.

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I say "Hey man YOU'RE WINNER !"

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2007 I think though I probably popped by a couple of times before then.

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If you want to be picky, the Palestinians are all semitic people too, so sticking up for them isn't anti-semitic. "Anti-semitic" as a phrase for prejudice against jews is a very outdated phrase (coined in the 1800s) and I don't understand why it's still in use. The only anti-semitic stance you could take on the israeli-palestine conflict is thinking the whole region should be nuked.

As far as your question goes, I think people getting accused of anti-semitism for criticising isreal is something that only happens out of desperation but it's entirely justifiable to criticise israel or anyone else involved in this conflict and not something exclusive to prejudiced people.

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  • If you removed all of the Scottish votes, the outcome of many elections would still be the same.

That's not true at all. I found this list someone put together that covers instances where the majority or plurality of Scottish seats went to the governing party, including several instances where England as a whole voted differently and Scotland affected the outcome. Even in the 2010 election Scotland affected the outcome. If you remove the Scottish seats there would be 591 MPs, 303 of which would be Conservative, resulting in a conservative majority government instead of the coalition we have now. Not as significant a change as having an entirely different party, but the conservatives would have freedom to pursue a lot more of their own policies if they had a majority and their governance would be different.

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I don't live in Scotland but I don't want to see the UK break up, I think it would end badly for as all and there's no reason for it. This independence referendum has led to the fantastic achievement of getting nearly all of Scotland's population interested in politics again, discussing and debating issues and most importantly, turning out to vote. That's what we should be seeing at every election. I'm hoping for a no vote but one close enough that it brings about change, and that the people of Scotland can share their newfound enthusiasm and energy with the rest of us.

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I usually get moths in my room over summer, damn near impossible to get rid of unless they land on something so not much to do but ignore them. Spiders are cool so I usually leave them (except for one the other week that was fucking massive, I put it in a box and showed everyone how big that fucker was before releasing it outside).

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I don't understand the specific focus on sexism in gaming. There probably is sexism in gaming but it's a symptom of there being sexism in wider society - it's the same with movies, music, pretty much any other hobby. Why focus on gaming alone when the problem exists on a higher level and should be tackled there? If there is a disproportionately high amount of sexism in gaming compared to wider society then there is a problem with gaming, but I haven't seen any arguments for this being the case.

That aside, it's interesting to hear a self-identified feminist speak out against other sections of feminism. I think the problem with feminism, or rather many feminists themselves, is not their views (everyone has the freedom to hold whatever views they choose) but that they think their views are indisputable fact and everyone must agree with them. Efforts like this by other feminists serve as a reminder that there is no consensus and people are free to hold their own stances on equality and disagree with others.

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I don't think that article's meant to be taken seriously at all. Even I worked that out and I'm the most unobservant, oblivious person ever!

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That was a pretty poor list of things, they're supposed to be five separate pieces of information but that was just a single run-on article spaced with five headers that had nothing to do with the text attached to them. Still, good on her for coming out and writing it all in light of what's happened, that's a very bold thing to do. I still don't think she's a nice person but everyone has the right to say their side of the story, and nobody deserves to be abused.

I see Cracked itself is still garbage, however.