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I HAVE 902 UNREAD PMS HOLY **** I DID NOT NOTICE THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS UNTIL NOW GOD SAVE THE KING ps I think it's really oppressive that we're not allowed all capital blog titles

Just bought the entire valve collection and I am happy with the universe

Steam actually pulled through this time despite my complaining in the last blog - they're selling the entire valve collection of games (eg all the half life 1 and 2 games, cs, tf, portal 1&2, left for dead etc) for GBP 25 for the entire bundle which is frankly a steal. I have played most of these games before but my existing copies are unusable (which is what I was complaining about in my previous blog) It'll take a century to download and install them all so I'm doing it bit by bit based on what I want to play. I wish I'd done this before I moved out of university because their lightning fast internet would have been a godsend. But if any of you think any of the particular multiplayer games are worth playing let me know and you can kick my ass sometime here's the link to the sale I just wish I could have anticipated this before dropping GBP 30 on portal 2

6 years on I still hate steam

forewarning: this rant is mostly me blaming someone else for my own carelessness but let me have this one please the way I see it steam is only good for two things: Buying games and co-ordinating your multiplayer games with other players. Since I don't do much of either with steam I see no reason to have it installed but I have to anyway because it's sneaky like that and devs like to use it as some sort of anti-piracy measure apparently but whatever. read a couple of blogs back and you'll see where I mention I have a chronic habit of losing my steam accounts. I'm on account #4 now and I've taken steps to ensure I won't lose this one but losing the other three was pretty easy especially as I have no bank details tied to them. The problem I have is that losing these accounts means I can't play games. When I bought MW2 it was bad enough that I had the game on disc with a cd key right in my hands yet I still had to use steam anyway to install it even though I didn't want to play multiplayer because the publishers don't care about careless people like me. What's worse is that even though I have the disc right here and the game installed on my harddrive I still need to go through steam to run it. Any other game would work fine with those two things but I can't play MW2 because I forgot my steam account details. similarly I just tried to install HL2 but couldn't because the cd key was tied to an account made 6 years ago that has not been used since forever. looking at their help files there's nothing I can do about it because I remember absolutely nothing about the account it was tied to and if I want to recover my cd key I need a valid receipt from within 90 days of purchase and why the hell do they think I still have that services like steam pretty much require you to put in a password to play a game that would otherwise work fine and dandy on its own thank you very much. the people who run it are living in a fantasy world where everybody is so diligent that they remember their passwords and keep their receipts (or at least have bank details tied to their accounts). too bad the real world is full of people like me who are not infallible and lose stuff easily. everything I've said here can be countered with "but but evan it's your fault for being careless" and you're probably right but why on earth do I care also this reminds me of similar things that gaming companies do that are jerk moves if you ask me. when I bought mass effect 2 one of the novel things about it is that I required absolutely no internet connection to play or install it, which was great as I was on holiday in a welsh valley with no internet connection when I bought it. When I installed some of the DLC it insisted that I have their dumb bioware account that I had to log into every time I loaded the game (requiring me to connect to the internet) otherwise it couldn't validate the dlc (as if anyone would waste time stealing it) and I couldn't play my game. Again if I so much as forgot one single password in a moment of human fallibility the game would be unplayable. Fortunately that didn't happen and I started a new game and it doesn't seem to want any sort of account credentials this time which is great

Exciting discovery

In the Times New Roman font, the letter 'a' completely changes appearance when it becomes italicised. LOOK AT THIS: a a You see that? That's pretty whack. It totally loses the roof over tis head. FOR COMPARISON!!!!!!!!!!! ARIAL a a

yo I have a steam account again

This is my fourth account because I forgot the login details to the last three - my username this time is SHAQZIGWINNER_64 (play Shaq-fu, Zero Wing, Big Rigs and Superman 64 to understand the full harmony of that name) this is more as a memo to myself so I don't forget again but you're free to add me. I only have portal 2 on it right now :( second memo to myself: Evan don't forget your password or you're a dumbass who'll go to prison for forgetting passwords

Kinect is huge

I saw a kinect in a shop for the first time today. Geez that thing is huge it's like twice as big as I thought it would be It's like seeing the original xbox for the first time You know how formal gentlemen use their umbrella/walking stick handles to knock on doors instead of using their hands because it creates a more satisfactory noise and requires less effort? The kinect is perfect for that

pokemon black/3ds/other exciting developments

So I figured that I would use my blog to write something proper for once. Especially since I never usually do that :P Anyway, the second term of my first year at university finished yesterday, thus beginning a long break before next term begins. However I won't get much time to slack off - exams are just around the corner so I'd better revise. After then I can slack off all I want over summer, that'll be so boring. University has been quite the experience so far. I'm pleased with how I've coped with being thrust into independent life, I had so many concerns that simply did not materialise into anything at all. Work has been challenging in parts but on the whole I've enjoyed it. I just hope the next term and following three years continue this way. Yesterday I bought Pokemon Black, and as several of my friends plan on getting B/W themselves, this will probably be the first time I can make use of the connectivity features (back home, all my friends were the "Original 151 Pokemon are the only Pokemon endorsed by god himself" sort of people who wouldn't touch the DS games with a bargepole. I haven't gotten very far into it, so every time someone's asked me how the game is I haven't had much to tell them. The beginning phase of this game is exactly the same as it always is, I'm disappointed that GF haven't done much to change this area. For example, the starters are always fire/water/grass, there's no reason that always has to be the case. Nonetheless the game is fun and many of the new pokemon seem interesting. I like the new graphical changes and other adjustments to the gameplay mechanics. Today I finally got to try the 3DS at an event in Covent Garden. I only got to play PES, and that wasn't for very long, but I got to try the 3D features at least. To be honest, I wasn't really impressed. Most of the time it just made the display blurry and sometimes hurt my eyes, but when the 3D effects were clear to see, they weren't anything special. Perhaps it's my eyesight, but I'm still in glasses denial mode and there's no way I'm buying a pair just to play 3DS. I may get one if they make a game that I absolutely want, but I don't plan on getting one any time soon. As for Sony's NGP, that seems to have dropped off the radar ever since the initial announcements. That may prove to be interesting when we learn something new about it. On a non game-related note, I got caught up in protests in London for the first time today. It was a mass socialist protest against government budget cuts. There is a video here. What you see there is a protest consisting mostly of decent, normal people who, though vocal and unhappy, are well behaved. The problem is that once these people all go home, the protest tends to be continued by those of more radical views. People who don't have strong opinions directly on the issue at hand but are there because it ties into their wider ideology. As before, some of them were well behaved, but being around them in the streets of london was quite something. Some of the shop fronts had been smashed in parts and had paint thrown at them. In Oxford Street, a large group, all dressed in black with pirate flags, was there burning placards, while in Piccadilly Circus some more had occupied a fountain and were waving communist flags while chanting something in a language we didn't understand (maybe russian or spanish). The police had a heavy presence in full riot gear, forming lines to keep the protesters from going all over the place. However they were still behaving calmly and were helpful to those around, while the protesters weren't giving them any grief. I didn't enjoy being there but it wasn't like I was in the middle of a riot. Compared to previous protests, it's nice to see that the anarchists and the police were both on relatively good behaviour this time. Nonetheless, I think it's a shame that protests by the wider public must be taken over by those who cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble. Ultimately it's another chapter to add to my book of "whack things I've seen in London that I would never see back home".

Ridin 20 rims

This is an important discussion. Do you own spinnaz? A good rim is an integral part of an automobile, as round components are aesthetically pleasing. Thus it stands to reason that having 4 aesthetically pleasing round components on your vehicle that are also themselves decorated in a pleasing manner makes your automobile very fetch indeed (I will make fetch work or I will die trying). A spinner is a particular type of rim that rotates independently of the wheel, creating an illusion that is a wonder to behold. Rims - particularly spinning rims - are not cheap, thus are a symbol of wealth among the automobile community. Theoretically, the more grandiose your spinnaz are, the better a person you become. Some have taken this to the extent where their rims are in fact in the shape of a dollar sign because they make $$$$$$$$$$ The size of rim you wish to use is an important consideration. If your rims are too small then your car won't attract the attention it deserves. However, if too large, your rims will be ridiculously out of scale with your car (unless you're driving a monster truck). An important part of installing rims on your car is to make sure you do so at a legal and trusted mechanic who will perform the work to a high standard at a suitable cost. The last thing you want is spinners in the shape of dollar signs that fall off, informing everyone in attendance that you are not, in fact, rich, because they all now know you chose a cheap mechanic. Conversely, you don't want to be ripped off, because then you won't be able to afford another set of spinners in the future. Lastly, having installed spinners on your car, you may wish to write a song about it. "I'm ridin' spinnaz" is a popular lyric, but you can't use it because it's already taken. Come up with your own. I hope this has been an informative post and you are all now ready to purchase rims for your car. In the united kingdom we just call them "hub caps" and they aren't anything special.

Clementines are damn fine

Damn son check dat fine sweetness Sainsbury's were being some generous-ass brothers and giving me 16-20 clementines (I haven't counted them because I'm too transfixed by their sweetness) for ₤2.50 and they is damn fine too. I don't know what's better about clementines. The dam wicked kegger they throw in your mouth or the convenient packaging they come in. Whoever invented these things is a goddamn genius. I'm gon track down that player and give him the "inventing the best damn fruit ever" award. Damn The only downside is their small size, which makes it easy to eat through half a bag in a matter of seconds. They also lack the juice production capability of larger oranges. HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Tangerines Satsumas why you still reading, get yo ass to the store and buy some CLEMENTINES
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