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Asian Horror

Does anybody here on GS enjoy Asian horror like I do (a lot)? Sure, there have been some American greats, but I feel that most of the horror movies that come out in America these days aren't too great. I've been watching a lot of Asian horror this summer (sweet free time), so I've decided to review some of the ones I've watched so far. Some are great, some are meh, and others are horrifying. I present to you three Asian horror movies I've seen recently:

A Tale of Two Sisters Audition The Red Shoes

A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean), Audition (Japanese), and The Red Shoes (Korean)

GREAT: A Tale of Two Sisters

I'll start with A Tale of Two Sisters, one of my favorites. I won't say too much since I really don't want to spoil anything, but it's basically about two sisters, their father, and their evil stepmother. One scene was particularly creepy for me where a ghost lady (you know, the cliche Asian girl with the long black hair?) goes into one of the girl's rooms and starts to crawl along the floor and onto the bed. The effects are all very nicely done and the ending is a bit perplexing until you finally learn what's going on. Five stars to AToTS. :D It was eventually remade in the States as The Uninvited. Haven't seen it, but it got mostly negative reviews, so I think I'll pass.



Hey look, it's the strange girl waiting by the phone for her boyfriend to call her...And a sack? That moves? Uh-oh.

Audition. Where to start with this one? The movie starts off a bit slow with a few mysterious/creepy bits (What's in that moving human-sized sack in the strange girl's house? I wonder...), but it's mostly just a guy meeting a girl who he falls in love with instantly. Then the guy starts to learn about some of the lies this strange girl has been telling him, and this is where the movie really takes a turn for the horrifying. It all starts with how, in her résumé, she stated her place of work as at a bar. This seems fine until the guy goes to the bar and learns that it's been closed for a year. He asks why and finds out it's because the bar owner was found dead and cut into pieces. The police put the owner together, but found three extra fingers, an extra ear, and an extra tongue. Uh-oh. Around this point, you finally learn what's in that sack (I won't even say it because you don't want to know). If you really want to be horrified in an extremely gross way, watch Audition. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it.

MEH: The Red Shoes

PINK Shoes

Seriously, do those shoes look red to you?

The Red Shoes is basically what you think it is: a movie about some cursed red shoes. Except the shoes aren't red, THEY'RE PINK. I just had to get that out of the way. At first I thought the title was just a way to call them bloody, but then the characters in the movie referred to them as red shoes and I was just annoyed to no end. On to the movie though: it's alright if you're easily scared. Some of the scares take a while to start and just leave you waiting in tension for two full minutes, which can get annoying, and others just come naturally. So basically, if you find pink shoes sitting by the train at a subway station, don't take them. Odds are, someone else will take them from you, and when someone else takes them from you, they die. Oh, and let's not forget, their feet get chopped off. Most of the "horror" moments are just gore, with the only really creepy moment for me being when the main character waited with some ghost girl on an elevator, then just walked by her in the hallway. Other then that though, the movie was a bit boring with a twist ending that will either leave you stunned or disappointed like me. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you're bored at 2 in the morning like I was, give it a watch. You might get some cheap scares out of it.

And I'll leave it at three. I tried to keep the reviews short for those of you with short attention spans. :P And now I have a question for you: Have you seen any horror movies lately? If you have, then what are they? Or do you just not like to get freaked out?


It's amazing how so many of you do it. You work so hard at school/work, and at the end of the day, you still have time for GS. Well, I aim to be like you, good friends. From now on, no more inactivity for me! I missed Thanksgiving AND Halloween here, but I assure you I'm not going to miss Christmas on GS. Actually, maybe on Christmas depending on if I get anything good this year. ^_^

And things are finally starting to let up school work-wise. Either that, or I'm just getting lazier. ^_^;

Holy Crap

I haven't been on this site in like, forever. Three reasons:

  1. I got a PS1 (with Final Fantasy IX).
  2. Birth by Sleep is epicness.
  3. School.

School is really the bulk of it. I've been barely playing Birth by Sleep after I beat Aqua's story and Final Fantasy IX after an epic fail. Don't get me wrong, I love my new school, it's great. It's just the education part.:? The worst grades I got so far are a 45 on my Spanish test (ouch) and a 75 on my math quiz (dammit I write the correct answer and he takes off points cuz I didn't "make it clear"). It's probably like I've been dead. Forgive me. ~

I'm Back :D ...Again

I moved. First there was the packing, which sucked. Now there's the unpacking. Ugh. I'm living in the basement, which is pretty damn awesome excluding the fact that my phone has no signal down here. Also, I had to give my sister the 360 for her room and I have to let the Wii go in the living room. I hate giving those up. :x Hmmm...I don't know what else to say, so...yeah. Cheers.

I got Mass Effect

Finally. It's cool so far. I made a female Shepard. It's funny too, since I got to GameStop at 7:58. I was really lucky, since GameStop closes at 8. At first they said they were closed and I was like "WHAT?" but then they said oh wait, we have two more minutes. If this series doesn't turn out to be epic, something very bad will happen to the people that told me it was awesome. VERY. BAD.

I was thinking of doing a top 20 game list thing. Hmmm...I wonder what my favorite game is...


I'm Back :D

And I found my PSP. :D BBS here I come! Just sucks how it comes out the day before school starts though. :( I'm probably going to be inactive for a while here on GS. But it'll be back to the way it was in no time. :) And I'm definitely getting a dog! Yay! And now I see that LittleGreenDog is still banned. Dammit, when will she get her account back!!! :cry:

Bon Voyage

I'm going to be out of the state soon, and where I'm going, I don't know if I'll have internet connection. I'll bring my laptop just in case there is. :D If not, then I'll be gone for a couple of days. I have nothing else to say except I pre-ordered Birth By Sleep from Amazon. It's going to come with extra BBS decals for my PSP, which is depressing since I can't find my PSP! :o Wish me luck with finding it. I'm going to need it. :? Cheers.


One half of summer vacation is almost over! And y'know what I just realized? I have to play a sport to get into college! I'm thin, but I guess it's just genes, because I don't exercise AT ALL. That's right, no talent here. All I can do is play video games. :P I think I'm going to try track...volleyball's fun but I hate working with a team. :x

Hmmm...what else? Hell's Kitchen is coming to a close and things are getting heated up in Big Brother if you watch either of those. Oh yeah, and Futurama's back!


If you don't know who this guy is, then get educated!

I'm going to move next month, so I'm going to get the basement, which is going to be a gameroom/bedroom. :P I'm pretty excited.

Recent Purchases

I've been to Borders recently, so don't be surprised.

sonic universe StH sonic archives

I'm a huge Archie Sonic comic fan if you didn't know... Above is two recent Sonic comics and a collection of the first few Sonic comics reprinted, Sonic Archives

reborn vol 2 kh combleach

Reborn Vol 2, KH CoM Vol 1 (I should probably get the game before reading :P) and Bleach...I recently got into this. Thanks Omega...you're just giving me more to buy. -_-

I also got back into Majora's Mask (I decided to take a break from Wind Waker after I got stuck at the Forest Cavern...) and finally got Epona, Link's horse. Assault is really fun but I'm stuck on Pigma and, as for Jump Super Stars...I beat that quite some time ago. :P

Oh yeah, and a Katekyo Hitman Reborn game was released this month, so buy it!!! :x No, I'm not serious.

narutoskate 3

My only purchases for July were Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Skate 3. I already completed Clash of Ninja, which is a decent fighting game. Then there's Skate 3, which isn't worth $60. Seriously, I bought it off a friend for $20 and there's nothing to do after you finish everything. Not worth sixty bucks...remember that!!

As for movies, I saw Despicable Me (4 stars from me) and Grown-Ups (2 stars from me).

I think that's about it...

I wrote this blog cuz kingdavid told me to. Roger that, Dave! :x :P


I haven't been around lately since I've been caught up in Wind Waker and Star Fox and imports and other stuff. I've made a lot of new purchases though...(game-wise, that is):

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (there's only pain and addiction here...meaning I freakin love this game)
  • Star Fox: Assault (really awesome, but right now all that's going on with my GameCube is Zelda)
  • Jump Super Stars (I finally got this, and it's awesome!!!)

wind wakerstar fox!jump super stars

Wind Waker, Assault, Super Stars

I also got a Super Famicom. ^_^ You probably don't care but I think it's awesome! I also got a bunch of games for it, some that I'm playing right now, others that I've already sped through and a few that I left alone for later...

  • Wonder Project J: Kikai no Shōnen Pīno (it's this cute Pinocchio-type story, but he's a robot, not a doll)
  • Star Ocean (I really like the battle system)
  • Seiken Densetsu 3 (it's the best RPG on the system, probably even best game on the system; it rivals Chrono Trigger)
  • Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo (I still have to start this...)

wonder project jseiken densetsu 3fire emblem

Wonder Project J, Seiken Densetsu 3, Fire Emblem

star ocean

Star Ocean

I've also become a fan of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. It's this manga/anime about this boy named Tsuna, if you don't know. He's next in line as his family's Italian mafia boss leader. My favorite character is Chrome. She's not a major character, but still my favorite.


Chrome FTW!!!

Well, I think it's time to wrap up this blog. Cheers.

Halo: Combat Evolved First Impressions

After playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts (I'm deep into Hollow Bastion, so I'm guessing I'm almost done with the game), I decided to take a break and play Grand Theft Auto IV. After spending way too much money on hospital bills in GTA, I decided to take a break from that and play a game I've owned for quite some time, but never played. That game is Halo: Combat Evolved. So I turned on my 360 and popped it in the disc drive. I decided to start a co-op campaign since that sounded funner than single-play. Driving the car was a little challenging at first, but turned out to be really fun. Aside from that though, the game is a little shallow.


The game follows Master Chief (or two Master Chiefs in co-op, which kind of scews with the story a little) first getting off the attacked ship you start off on, then going to this nature area and that's where I'm up to right now. Halo lacks the same thing Gears of War does: a good story, some depth, innovative gameplay, and likable characters. Other than that, I like it much more than Gears of War, which I don't think I'm going to continue playing any time soon (I just don't like it, it's really boring). This reminds me of some of the games I loved playing years ago on my computer, including Star Wars: Jedi Knight Dark Forces II, which I could play over and over again. I was in the middle of driving around the nature area and exploring the caves when my 360, unfortunately, froze. You have failed me once again, 360. -_-

That's all for now. I'm probably going to play this game when I have more time in summer break. But for now, I'm sticking with Kingdom Hearts.


Cheers. 8)

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