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Scripts under-use disheartening

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So I've installed Deus Ex 2 weeks ago and since played it ; it wasn't the best circumstance, as I was away and had my CD wallet/binder contained the game, otherwise I would likely played something else but since I've kept playing at it even when I got the chance to play something else, it's a sign of interest.

I remember clearly how much I loved the game when I first purchased it almost a decade ago and there are still elements that I find lacking even in recent games. However something has slowly been eating away my interest and I thing it's almost to the point where I'll take a hiatus: the lack of script.

I don't want to get into detail, to make sure ti doesn't spoil the game, but sometimes maps are big (not huge) and others they're medium, well this one was medium and is partly filled with associates and at one end shoot one of them and half the map rush toward me and I kill them then let a couple minutes go by then move to the other part ; the other associates act as if nothing happened, not even on alert, the main quest even have me react with their leader and he doesn't even mention anything about that ; I'd understand if I were stealthy and hid their bodies as I progressed but I went trigger happy and sprayed a few of them at the time while others were still coming.

Unless facing an association made in big part of newcomers or was amateurish, one would think when one of them would investigate something or assist another member that they would let someone else know just in case s/he would also fall so that the whole organization isn't surprised ; especially when an alarm is sounded and there's 5+ rushing at you, I'd imagine the leader would be noticed and have a minimal backup plan (if the ones that rushed didn't report back).

So now I'm in a complex made of different maps and reached a big one but I lost the will to fight, as I'm facing a section apart and I know I can blow them to smithereens and it won't affect the slightest the other parts of the map even if an alarm is activated ; there's even phones and computers with email accounts that could be used to warn other sections so they'd at least be on alert and very slightly affect the quest but no. Nothing I do there will affect the main quest so the only point I see is just figuring out if the fight is worth the loot, a Capital Risk evaluation game executed through violence (or lack thereof).

I can basically rush through the main quest forgetting about the rest. Not quite exciting... I guess at that time, that scripts wasn't used much.

spike from 50 to 700 MHz

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So I browse this site and see a nice publicity for rapt leading here with the following text (background just after):

Raptr enhances your gameplay experience!

Get Raptr Now

Use Raptr to:

  • Automatically track your gaming stats
    and achievements then share with friends
  • See what and when your friends are playing
  • Chat in-game across top IM and game services

Raptr supports:


I used to run it but as another program was hogging my resources, I launched the Task Manager, I sorted the application by CPU % descending ; as I was looking for the problematic software, I realized something used 17% sporadically, it was raptr and went something alike 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 17, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, ... and that's when raptr was minimized (the only display is an icon the system tray). My system is a dual T3400 @ 2.16GHz, summing up to 4423.68 MHz, so an instant messenger (IM) program uses at irregular interval other than loading over 700 MHz SEVEN HUNDRED megahertz for an IM?!? WOW!

I used to have a 400MHz system and I could do all sorts of things, albeit not as thoroughly as now, including listening to MP3, browsing the web while editing a paper (in a word processor) and raptr takes almost double of that, even if sporadically? Unbelievable! And unacceptable ; you can split processing over some time through what's commonly called a cron, so instead it would be 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 4, 0, 0, 0, 3, ... Even 4% amount to 177MHz, why does an IM need so much processing?

picking up new fans VS ruining a serie

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So I was reading an article showing what I was suspecting from what I saw in the most up-to-date trailer: that the storyline of a game was put aside for glitzy new features. Yes those new features look good and yes it was part of what impressed me in the first of the serie, but what impressed me the most was the story and the ambiance, by far!

And now they take another turn. I could have trusted them but they ruined that with their second of the serie. I was REALLY hyped and I bought the game full-price head-down, I don't think I read a single review nor watched a single trailer (although trailers back then was much scarcer) before putting a lot of cash down to get my box with the oh-so-coveted disc that would be put on my computer that would allow me to go through the extraordinary world initiated by the first of the serie.

Well it was a let-down, not total suckage, but how I wished I'd waited it to be half-price before getting it. Even if they put money, even a lot, to create that, it seemed they simply didn't grasp how the serie began ; I don't know if it's by the pressure of corporate needs or if it was by a lack of respect, either way it's not my problem, I'm not a game developing manager, I'm a gamer.

Now the serie is taking another turn, even the head developer was quoted as saying the first of the serie didn't appeal to him. OMGBBQ! Now even if I had the video card that would allow me to play the upcoming latest installment, I would thoroughly wait for reviews, comments, playthroughs, ... before I'd take money from my wallet toward their gratification. The wait would be invertly proportional to the appreciation of the game (5$ bin if it didn't impress).

I'm really wondering how fans could pass on their dislike that a version is not worthy of a serie without ruining the chance of another one coming. Most likely the rights holders of a serie will care much more about the short-term profits than the long-term ones ; easily putting it on the shelf with a high probability of something else catching up their attention later on when it would be a good time to create a new installment, because the first thing they'd see is how much profit it made the last time.

Or are serie something exceptional? Where only the best quality, the most outstanding or the most marketable idea ever really had a chance (of creating a serie) and they're simply squeezing the last drop of whatever magic was created by lesser, but real good, games? What's your opinion?

I think rights holders are venture capitalists and, just like music industry or cinema, they'd much rather prey on whatever sensation might come up (pop star) than care for & mold quality artists that will produce more than a few quality albums (although not hitting stardom). That they'd rather gamble than make sound investments.

For the curious ones: I was referring to Deux Ex 3.

awating Grand Theft Auto Classics

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I've ordered Grand Theft Auto: The ****cs Collection (PC) a few hours ago as I restarted a game of Pizza City. I played the game but still went at it again 1-2 week ago slowly progressing then finished a few days ago, it finishes abruptly [spoiler] when you've delivered 500 pizzas no matter your sidequest status or that you want to roam around but your job security still can, and will, go down having no more way to improve it ; so from then it's just a countdown to getting fired (game over) [/spoiler] . So even if it's fun enough to go yet another time, I found there was something missing.

I played some years back on my brother PS One. It was pretty fun considering it's stuck in 2D, but not fun enough for me to get a PlayStation. Now that I want to play a delivery game, it was time for me to look it up and was pleasently surprised there's a PC version ; I only wish it's a proper port, I long the time where I suppose the primary focus of developpers was to make a PC game (one can put a controller on his/her PC) and console was just a bonus,

The game is coming from United Kingdom (UK) so it will take some time to get here ; I saved ~40% by going this further. I await it's arrival.

PS: I can't make a link of GTA ****c because of this darn error so I had to make a bit.ly link to it:

You have encountered a forbidden .html error, and have may used one or more of the forbidden words while trying to include a link in your message. There are certain words, including '**** and '****, that we do not allow while creating links in your messages because they are a doorway into several js exploits. Unfortunately, if you should have words that have '**** in them (e.g., ****fy, ****c, etc), they will also be forbidden. We are looking to find the best solution for this problem, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


I received the parcel this morning so it didn't even take 4 days for the game to UK to Quebec (eastern Canada) so I worried it would take over 2 weeks for nothing.

I just installed GTA1 and played for 10 mins but the control is hard to get used to although it's not unheard of for game of that time. I think it would be better if I got my controller although I'd need to get a serial (RS-232) converter (to USB of course) and hope the drivers function on Vista (Windows) ; I think I got the controller when I did a electronic junk spree on eBay last year (at the same time I got equipped for sweet sweet video ram!).

I think I'll first finish my new game of Pizza Ciy before playing GTA1 ; I'm at rank Mozarella Master and I'm wondering what to do with the magic brownie that I got from Deep Thought Head Shop or whatever the place is called where school kids go for their 420 (with bicycles parked outside).

gave up on ST:Encounters and reacquainted with FFXII

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Following fun + spacial coordination with ST:Encounters, I tried the stage I was last stuck in that I was waiting to get out to so I'd give all the tips at once but I simply can't get out of it and after 20 tries reaching many time about half-a-gate distance to a win (about 300 in the meter, ~2 seconds), I made a verdict of this game: if you don't mind getting stuck at 2/3 of a single-player game having to consider that the end even if there's more material remaining, it's a good game but if you're like me striving to reach the end with the best stats/equipment/bonus/whatever that you can possibly get, you'll be disappointed. I'm sorry but I reached an age where I can admit my own defeats and the second race of the first episode of Voyager section (QUANTUM CHAOS, the creator of the walk-through I use, call it game) is that limit and I can't stand that there's more content remaining thus am very happy that I got this game for a few buck on eBay or I would've been totally pissed.

This is a good example why, just like films (and computer hardware), you should read reviews before making a purchase. It's really too bad, I liked that game up to that. :|

Here's the walk-through part related to the episode causing my premature end:

Well the bad news is were all out of Deep Space Nine, Next Generation and Enterprise missions... Don't even have any original series missions left to fall back on, I guess I'll have to play some Voyager now. This show did have it's good moments, and there are also some good novels based on this show too. So the good news is, that there is some more game to play.

Episode 1 "THE CHASE"

This episode in the game is based on a Star Trek the Next Generation episode of the same name. CooL. You start off in a Star Ship race, just like in "Battle at Genesis" so put all your power to engines. Then at the end of the race, you must fight some weak ships, the Kazon ships are not known for being formidable in small numbers. (Wow, Voyager might not be a pretty as an NX, Oberth, Constitution, Galaxy, Nebula, Defiant or Sovereign **** ship, but she sure is agile, she might not be pretty but she is a good little ship) (Every time I look at the ship, and start to get used to it, then I see it on a different angle and it just looks some how wrong, not the model here, I mean the actual ****of ship, on a side note, I find the Titan also looks like that, the Titan is not in this game)

After that fight, it's off on an other Starship race, these races are more rigid than the ones in "Battle at Genesis" thus these races are less fun. In fact the 2nd race is far too rigid to be fun at all, in my opinion, (still at least it's not as poorly designed as the "Specter's Ghost" or the Enterprise levels) Here's a trick, bumping into the Kazon ship just slows you down, so (awkwardly) hold L1 to rise above the Kazon ship should you ever be close to it, once in front of it's just for fun, you could always unload a bunch of mines, I don't know if it helps, but I like the idea of dropping mines on the damn Kazon here. You collect the 2nd artifact Then have your self an other space battle. In this battle don't forget to check for any character cards that might pop out of ships you destroy.

On the bright side, as my recent post comment mentioned my regret, I finally picked up where I left on Final Fantasy XII (FFXII). I forgot a lot about this game and I had to spend a good hour or two looking at the map, my items, skills and monster I've killed to see what was left and there's plenty ; oh not much for the main mission (near end) but a lot from the side-quests, right now I've had to take a break during my fight with Behemoth King as my roommates took over their large LED for a few hours, I was tired of playing on my small ~14" tv.

About the time it took me to get back in the game, it reminded me of the importance of taking note while gaining wisdom, which is especially true while studying but I have lost that habit now that I've returned to school. I should start taking notes but I know when the time come to apply that material IRL, I will simply jump into action and re-learn as I go so it's pretty much a waste of time. In theory, it's a good concept to create something usable out of your studies but which won't be used IRL so why bother? There seem to be a gap between academic world and real life applications of its knowledge ; I guess the only use would be if you become a teacher so your notes will allow you to skip the course preparation so you can just read from the tutorial...

bad decisions one after the other

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Wow! Didn't that company have a reference where they've picked up my address? If so those from Asheron's Call 2 are likely to be disgruntled as I am, if not they are making bad decisions one after the other running all over like headless chickens... I replied to a nice (not ironic) embellished email trying to get me back.

To: newsletter@turbine.com
Subject: RE: Come Back to Asheron's Call!
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 17:40:21 -0400

You think I will trust turbine with anything after you closed Asheron's Call 2 thus wasted the money I've used building my characters? Why on earth would I do the same mistake again on any of your products? The only reason I'd ever trust you back is if my payments were to be made to a 3rd party whom would insure that if the server is ever closed before I quit, all my payments would be returned.

You make good games but make bad business decisions, so what if you lost money at the end, what about the gains at its peak? Hurting your customers only count if there's money to be lost ensuing that hunh?

fun + spacial coordination with ST:Encounters

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Another day playing Star Trek: Encounters and I'm halfway through it. Well I had a run of bad experiences before, I just had a couple fun ones. Not long after yesterday post (Stupid ST:Encounters mission) I had a fun one which I don't remember then my last game was quite entertaining ; not only did I get a new ship but I got myself in a new environment: the badlands.
Star Trek,ST,badlands,Alpha Quadrant Star Trek,ST,badlands,Alpha Quadrant

Not only the map was fun but I was trying the Defiant for the first time which is pretty much the same as the previously played Vor'cha. The handling is quite sluggish, there's no targeting and the main weapon is a double shot (side-by-side) short burst mode ; although it might be more powerful as the Klingon counterpart was Disruptors and this one is Pulse Phasers. I heavily relied on targeting with the previous Enterprise and I mostly sticked to phasers as when I switched to Photon Torpedoes I tended to loose my lock so I just dropped speed to stick around a few more seconds and turned my ship so the usually powerful counter-attack (I didn't need torpedoes for easy targets) was spread out to the different sections of the shield ; I could've locked the ship again but by then there was multiple targets and it was a headache, too bad there's no possibility of using a mouse for those occasions (on this PS2 version).

I also practiced placing mines some more and at a later stage I was pursued by half-a-dozen average difficulty ships, so I would've ended up with a couple minutes intense fights but I dropped mines and blasted them away. That mine launcher is pretty cool (instead of just dropping where you are) !

Stupid ST:Encounters mission

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I've been having a lot of fun since I've picked up Star Trek: Encounters yesterday but I've encountered this stupid mission:

Star Trek: Encounters: FAQ/Walkthrough by Quantum_Chaos01
Version 1.1, Last Updated 2007-07-19

2nd series 'STAR TREK'
Star Trek the original series (or perhaps here it would be better called) Star Trek the original Motion Picture series as this is an Enterprise from after Star Trek's first movie.

There's not much to walk through here, but this is a very fun level! not often I've said that for this game! You'll be trapped in a failed attempt to save a Vulcan ship, You can not move the Enterprise. Use Phasers To Destroy enemy ships and Torpedoes and missiles... Use Tractor beams to collect items left behind by destroyed ships. When Phasers canNOT be used, use mines and Torpedoes... Photon Torpedoes are not very useful, but best when the enemy ship it retreating. Mines work best, but be careful to launch when enemy ships are a good distance away, you'll only end up damaging or destroying yourself if you fire out a mine and it hits a enemy ship that it too close to you. Soon some Oberth ****ships will come and help you, you'll be repaired, simply seek out and destroy remaining Klingon bases.

You'd think the ship would just happen to stall where there's dozens of easy picking targets get by? Or that the leader would send units that he likely know my ship destroyed, sometime half a dozen at a time? This is ridiculous. The one thing I got from it is that, while I read that you could place mines off your ship, I haven't done it yet and this... predicament forced me to think about it and use it, thus truely know about it.

I hope I won't get more than a couple more inane plot mission.

Featured contest ****: All Time Greatest Game Vilain

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I just saw the site (Gamespot of course) feature image on top with this images
Gamespot All Time Greatest Game Vilain feature banner

for the contest All Time Greatest Game Vilain featuring on the right the landmark Darth Vader with a more obscure Kerrigan on the left, the feminine face resembled the archenemy from a game I adore so I immidiately clicked on it. Was I surprise finding I didn't even know her! Good thing for her, she must be interesting but I don't really care to know why ATM. On the same row that include this 6th round, there was round 4 & 5 and the one I expected wasn't feature in those so I frowned and clicked on the previous again & again until I went all the way to 1A to finally see her.
System Shock Shodan
You might not see a resemblance right away but that the end of SS2, Shodan takes material form which you may see its shadow and she wear what seem to be moving dreadlocks so both would wear them, they also have pointy faces ; for me it was not a too far stretch that the banner left character was a representation of that unseen Shodan.

Shodan, the evil AI from the great DOS (OS) FPS System Shock (SS), was last featured (SS2) in 1999 was opposed to another evil AI, GLaDOS, first featured in 2007 (in Portal, although it faced Portal2 version). Wise people know that such poll favor popularity over other consideration ; in a poll where one side is unknow people will most likely choose the one they know even if the other is better, most won't care clicking and be done with it. I'd say that a popular lame character would have the same chance as a very good unpopular one, so that speak to its impact ; I also think that even if most young avid gamers took the time to read Shodan description that they would vote 3/4+ for GLaDOS but that old avid gamers would vote 1/2 being optimistic. Are those on the same playing field, I think not!

This could be the exception but I don't care to verify as I've made my mind: If the fearsome, controlling, canniving, death bringing, undeath(-like) giving, devastating Shodan didn't even have a chance, that contest SUCK!

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