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The screens are great!!

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The first month I got it I spent 2 hours or 3 hours a day, when I got Brawl, 5 hours a day for one straight week, when I got No More Heroes, 3-5 hours a day.

but even if some huge game I'm excited about comes out, I can't just play 5 hours a day, I'm busy with school..... so in the weekdays the maximum I play is probably 2 hours and usually it's just 30 minutes a day, on Weekends, probably 3-4 hours only if I don't have anything to do.

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Seriously it it's been like... 1 year since the last Mario and you want more? perfect Mario Platformers don't grow on trees, also Animal Crossing is amazing.
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Not really, because I just buy good games (doesn't particulary mean games like "Halo" or something like that, I just get games that people say are good, like Mario Kart Wii, or Wario Land Shake It", but yes there have been times where I enjoy something and people hated.

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Does anybody remeber back in the old days when consoles were JUST for games, consoles like the SNES, N64 etc. And now with consoles like the PS3, Xbox360 there becoming less and less about games and more about internet, music, films etc. Do you think thats a good ting or bad thing?FredGoon

That's what I've been trying to say for the past 2 years, consoles are trying to become less and less gaming systems and more...multimedia device's, I mean I hate the fact that I can't just go and buy memory cards when I don't have enough space on my memory card, now we have to worry about hardware, I don't know...It's getting complicating this generation, I don't what I'm going to do next generation

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Well, Umm... It hopefully will grow a lot when I finish college in the future and get a job, but I'm future I'll stop, I'll probably have it as a hobby where I just buy games you kill time, but I feel like I'm gonna stop collecting..actually I'm not really collecting right now really, I just buy games I like keep them safe and I play them...so I don't know.

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Not really, I never really notice Video Game Music, but sometime's when it's so good, I wish I can get some soundtracks, but honestly, I doubt I ever will, I don't even collect CDs, I just get one's I like and that's very rare, which is wierd since... I collect Movie Tickets and Comic Book's.
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I've been playing Wario Land Shake It!!, I got in October 2nd and I'm in Area 3, the game has 5 Area's, I'll beat it by next weekend or week.

also, I'm trying to beat Trauma Center 2, but GOD that game is impossible, extremly hard.

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Now that's annoying, you claimed some song's for good and there coming in 2009, how do you know they're good? and the PSP has more than 20 good games.
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I own Jungle Beat on the GameCube it's not that good, but I hope they release Tales of Symphonia or probably MGS Twin Snake's.