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Top 10 Best Movies of 2008

We only have a day left until the year 2008 is over and it just feels wierd, because, man, time flies, I don't why it feels that way, but anyway, 2008 was a great year for movies, video games, I would say music, but I just hate music that we have these days, so here's my top 10 movies of 2008, I'll do an honorable mentions and worst movies of 2008, also I'll start off saying you wont see Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Tropic Thunder in this list, why? because I havent seen them yet and from what I heard from both them, it looks like one or even both of them might be in the list but I have to watch them first, and why did I mention this? because everyone seems to have them in they're list, well Tropic Thunder seems to be in every list.

10. The Spiderwick Chronicles

I can't provide a picture of the poster, sorry. Anyway, I'll start off saying I LOVE Fantasy movies and sometimes I feel there arent enough of them, and this was a very good fantasy film, of course it's not as good as Lord of The Rings but still this one was very good, the actor Freddie Highmore is still a kid but he has a talent, he was great in Charlie and The Choclate Factory and he's even better in this, Sara Bolger who played the sister isn't that known of an actress but she was good too, a lot of people thought she annoying

well, she was a little annoying, but I found her to be really hot, so she didn't really annoy me, anyway, great movie, you guys should watch it

9. -

Hellboy II The Golden Army, sorry for this picture, It's really terrible but its the only one that I could find and was this size, I also found out that Drew Struzan who is one of the greatest artists of our time (He painted The Indiana Jones posters, and The Stars Wars posters) actually painted a poster for the first Hellboy movie and they didn't use it and it looked great, I don't know why they didnt use it, anyway, lets get bck to Hellboy 2

Now this movie was really good, Ron Perlman was good, Selma Blair was good and the whole movie looks gorgeous and you have to thank Guerllmo Del Toro the director of the movie for that, he's really good with CGI, but the writing is bad, honestly some parts were terrible and the actors didn't react like real humans, but I got over that and enjoyed the movie, but nothing like Del Toro's last film Pan's Labyrinth, that movie is one of the great films of this decade and it's in my top 20 greatest films of all time list.


Cloverfield, now when I first watched this in the theaters I thought it was ok, but after a while I thought about it and this movie was amazing, I mean, when was the last time we've seen a monster film? and if you could get over the shakey cam thing, you'd realize that this movie is great, but it had some problems that annoyed me, but still it's a great movie and I heard they're making a sequel and that's good

7. Hancock

Sorry I can't provide a picture of the poster, This movie was funny and it had some special effects that looked good, great cast, Will Smith is one of my favorite actors so that helped me like the film, Jason Bateman was great, Charlie Theron was good, basically a summer block buster and it was great

6. -

This is my third favorite Indiana Jones film, my least favorite one is of course The Temple of Doom, anyway, I know a lot of people didn't like aspects of this film and they were nit picking, because when I went to the theater, I sat back, with some popcorn and a drink and watched the movie and I really enjoyed myself, It a very fun movie, with some parts that were funny, some action scenes and Harrison Ford is just great as Indiana Jones, Shia Labeouf was in the movie, I think he's kinda becoming an overrated actor because he's been in a lot of films lately but still I like him, anyway, this movie was just a fun movie, nothing more than that.

5. -

This movie was awesome, I'm happy they didn't spend a lot of time focusing on origins of the Hulk, Ed Norton was a perfect choice as Bruce Banner, Liv Tyler...well I don't lke her, but she was fine in the movie, Tim Roth was excellent, The CGI effects great, the last 20 minutes were amazing and Robert Downey Jr has a Cameo at the end of the film and Robert Downey Jr played Iron man, that's all I could say

4. Kung Fu Panda

Sorry, can't provide a picture of the poster, well, I made a mistake, this movie was supposed to be in the 5th spot and The Incredible Hulk was supposed to be in the 4rth, but that doesn't matter because both films were awesome, Dreamworks animation always seems to have a great movie inbetween bad movies, this is one of the really good ones, The Shrek trilogy was good I liked all three movies, Madagascar movies were good, but the second wasnt as good as the first, The Ice Age movies arent that good really, I liked the first, thought the second was fine, I'll watch the third but I don't know what to expect really, but this one is different, It has great CGI animation but I won't give the movie points for that because...basically any Pixar film has better CGI than Dreamworks films, but this one was funny and they're hand-to-hand combat scenes that would make you think this is a martial arts film

but something Dreamworks can't seem to understand is that, seriously you don't need Celeb voices, I mean they got Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, I mean seriously, I'm a big fan of all these celeb's but the people that are going to watch this film are kids who don't know any of these people, Jack Black was needed but I don't know why they need all these celeb's when they can get professinal voice actors and pay them less money, and well, the major roles were Jack Black and Angelina Jolie, but seriously, I mean Jackie Chan's voice was in the movie for like a minute, he barely said anything, it's not like Shrek were they needed the voices, In Shrek they needed Michael Myers, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz but in this movie I don't think they needed all these celeb's.


Sorry can't provide a picture of the poster, What can I say about this film that hasnt already been said, The CGI Animation is excellent but that's what were used to experince from PIXAR, It plays on your emotions better than any animated film you will ever see, It has a love story between robots that feels more realistic and heartbreaking than any thing you will ever see whether it's animation or live action, It's just THAT good, You might cry at some points of the film, and at the begining you just feel very bad for WALL E and I don't know It's just a very good film, it could be my favorite film of 08, but my love for Marvel/DC Comic Book films is just very strong, also I'd like to say that I realized this recently, I didn't feel this way when I first watched WALL E


In the second spot, Iron Man, This movie is soo good, everything is good, you already have a great plot, and the cast is BEYOND AWESOME, Robert Downey Jr is well like I just said BEYOND AWESOME, He should really get the best actor in a lead role award, because he deserves it and the supporting cast are great also, Gwenyth Paltrow is great, when she's on screen with Robert Downey, It feels very real, you believe that shes Pepper Potts, Jeff Bridges is great, he's always great, Terrance Howard was good, and I'm kind of sad to hear that he wont be in the sequel, he'll be replaced with Don Cheadle who is a great actor, but I don't know, basically...you HAVE to watch this film

1. -

You expected this from a mile away, I mean everyone has it in they're list, and I think it should get Best Picture award for 08, The Dark Knight is amazing, from having a great story to an equally great cast, everything works in this movie, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, everyone is great, and Christopher Nolan the director of this movie is one of my favorite movie directors of all time and I already talked a LOT about this movie in previous blogs so I won't say much right now.

Honorable Mentions:

Wanted ( This was a good film, great cast, good story, but overall it wasn't anything that amazing and the writing was terrible, James Mcavoy narrates the film and the thing he's saying are plain stupid at times )

Get Smart ( The movie was good, the cast was good, it had a few good laughs, but overall nothing too amazing, I mean it's based off a show that was spoofing James Bond films and we already have the Austin Powers trilogy that already spoofs James Bond so how many James Bond spoofs can we have? )

Mamma Mia! ( The cast is great, I mean you have Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and other actors and actresses that are good and it's based off a broadway musical that has people singing the ABBA songs and ABBA is one of my favorite bands of all time, so this movie was enjoyable, because I love the songs, but honestly, just stupid )

Mummy Tomb of The Dragon Emperor ( I watched the first two mummy movies on DVD before this movie came out and I loved the movies soo much, so I was expecting a lot from this movie and I was disapoointed, because it has all....CGI and the story was stupid, the jokes werent funny and Rachael Weiss wasn't in the movie, so I don't know, It wasnt that great, but the CGI effects were GORGEOUS )

The Forbidden Kingdom ( This movie is basically a fan service to people who love Jackie Chan and Jet Li's martial arts film and it was a good movie but they're was something about it that I didn't like )


1. Meet The Spartans ( Dumb, Retarded and just DUMB, its not funny, it's god awful when are they going to stop MAKING THESE TERRIBLE FILMS, after this I decided I'll never watch another spoof film from these guys, so I havent watched Disaster Movie, and the only spoof movie I'm planning to watch is Scary Movie 5 and thats ONLY if it gets mixed reviews and yes mixed reviews because they're is no way it's going to get postive reviews )

2. Bedtime Stories ( THe last film I watched in the theaters, well... it was bad, the jokes were stupid, Adam Sandler should stick to Comedy target to adults because this was just stupid, the whole cast was bad, Russel Brand that british guy who I really like didn't help this film a lot, he was actually funny in the movie, but he wasn't on screen enough, and well I don't know it was just stupid, although I've discovered Teresa Palmer..who is a terrible actress, but She's really...hot.

3. The Love Guru ( Stupid, Stupid and Retarded and stupid, It wasn't funny, I got a few chuckles here and there but still it was just stupid )

4. Twlight ( I know some people would get mad that I'm saying this but this MOVIE IS TERRIBLE, Robert Pattinson was good, I liked him in the 4rth Harry Potter film but he wasnt that good in this film, Kristen Stewuart is ok, and the whole supporting cast was terrible, except the guy who played her father, the story is just stupid, they're vampire lore doesn't make any sense AT all, and just stupid, I hate the fact that I saw this movie instead of seeing Bolt which I hear is a good animated film

Hope you enjoyed this blog, I know I don't make that many blogs these days, but I just don't feel like it sometimes and well like I said a million times, I have nothing to blog about.