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He..Hey... Remeber me??

Yep.. It's been a while, you know... I've just realized over the past few months, that I'm more of a Movie/TV show fan than a Gamer, whereas, a couple of years ago, that wasnt the case at all, I remember a year after Resident Evil 4 came out, I was still playing it over and over again, I think I beat that game over 10 times by now, I'd be sitting in my dark bedroom all day just playing it, I kind'a felt sick doing it, but I really didn't know to do, so I'd just play it all day in the summer wasting those three precious months where I could'vetried losing weight.

I thought of myself as this serious hardcore gamer, but really, the only reason I was playing itover and over again was because it one of the only games I could beat, around that time thehype for the Wii was huge, boy did I love to day dream I was playing The Legend of Zelda with a Wii-remote and a nunchuck swinged the Wii-remote in a highly exaggerated fashion thinking that's the way I'd play Twilight Princess...yeah, It's not like that at all, really if it were like that I think It'd be really tedious don't ya think??

Then I think after like 6 months, of the Wii's release, I picked it up, bought a couple of games, I got little crazy when Super Smash Bros Brawl came out, my cousins and I played the **** out it but didn't completly relive those bat-**** crazy days we spent playing Melee, than I slowly got bored with my Wii( My cousins aswell, they got a PS3), until No More Heroes came out, and I and went through that RE4 phase of playing the game over and over again... and I stopped, I just got bored with the game,I'll replay it amonth before NMH2 comes out,and yeah, and I think the beginning of 2008 I got really serious with movies, and with collecting DVDs, and I think I hit the 300 DVD mark by now, but it really isn't about quantity.

Anyway, let's go to the present, It's the 24th of October, and I have a Math test tommorow, and It's a big one, It's not like a little quiz, but I already studied well, I still need to practice and study s'more and hopefully I'll get a good grade, I have to start taking school a bit seriously, I've only got three years left. and I'm realizing that, I'm gonna have to seriously decide what I want to do for a living, andget those crazy dream jobs of mine out of my head, I know.. I know "you should do whatyou love", but in the end of the day, maybe your not good at what you love, I mean the world is filled with people passionate about movies and graphic novels, but how many of them can actually write/direct/draw?? not a lot, because I found out that you can be highly imaginative and have clever and sometimes original ideas, but when your staring at thatblank Microsoft Word page, you feel like killing yourself because nothing is happening on your moniter.

Also about that "I could've beentrying to loseweight" remark, yeah, that's what I'm doing now, It's nothing too drastic, because well..... I'm not expecting to have good heathly body instantly, a body a female could find attractive, yeah.. I'm doing it for girls, can you blame me?? I'm a teenager, I'm doing it for all the wrong reasons, but hey, I atleast I have someting to keep me going.

And actually I've been playing Madworld and The Conduit on and off for the last month or so, so yeah... I havent completly gotten bored with my Wii, I never will, because still there are some interesting titles coming out in the future that I'd to check out, and I'm also trying to tone down my DVD collecting addiction, I'm just not rewatching a lot of them, and Im just trying to just buy new releases of movies and TV shows and like and stop the "spending an hour or so in a store browsing through they're entire library hoping to find something I want""

That's it.