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Game of The Year 2008

I felt like making this blog right now, My Game of The Year for 2008, the rules are that that the game HAS to have come out in this year,

Game of The Year:

Mario Kart Wii Boxshot

Yes, Mario Kart Wii, I tried to think about it and if you guys actually think about it's actually one of those sequells that is a lot better than the original offering more karts and more characters, with a peripheral that adds to the experience of the game, now I don't own a 360/PS3 so don't expect any games from those systems and don't think I'm a fanboy, I'm not a fanboy, but from the games I've played this year, this game I feel really deserves it, and the online experince is flawless.

Games that were supposed to be my GoTY:

Super Smash Bros Brawl (I love this game, It's really fun to play with friends, but the thing is, it's the second sequel to a game and it doesn't improve that much on the original, the online mode is bad and they still have those clones, but it's still a good game)

No More Heroes ( Original game, very fun, but honestly very glitched and has problems, but nonetheless a great game )

Portable game of the Year

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Boxshot

Yes, Crisis Core, for having the best graphics I've ever seen on a portable before, a very fun Action RPG and well, It's just a very good game.