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Oh my Cartoon's, what's happend to you? (Rant)

I know some time ago I made a sort of rant about Cartoon's, but this time I'll get a little more in detail and such, I'll get into Cartoon's, with my 3 favorite channel's, that aired cartoon's and made them and so on, they're Nickeloadeon, Disney and my Favorite CartoonNetwork.


back in the late 90s and early 2000's, I use to have this channel as a secondary channel to CartoonNetwork, when CartoonNetwork didn't have something interesting on, I'd flip to Nickeloadeon, and sometime's they'd have these awesome cartoon's, like Doug, honestly, I think I only watched about 10 episode's from that show, but I show I watched and probably second favorite show on the channel, is Rugrat's, that show was amazing.

Hey Arnold! was a good show, the animation in this was wierd and I liked it, Invader Zim was a short lived show, I never caught it on TV, but I watched all the episode's on the internet, great show, The Adventure's of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genious was my favorite show, I know, not a lot of people think that's true, but this is what I think, The Fairly Odd Parent's was a good, I liked it, I know I didn't mention ALL of the good one's, but like I said, this was a secondary channel for me as a kid and I didn't watch it all the time, but now, let's see at what they have.

All Grown Up!, a sequel to Rugrat's, I didn't watch it and I never will, I'm sorry, I want to give it a chance, but Rugrat's is supposed to be all about the babies, Danny Phantom, people like it, and I don't, Avatar The Last Airbender, god I hate this show, I said in my blog about cartoon's, the one I made some time ago that I hated this show and I still hate it, It's very overated and I can't believe some people say that it's the best show on Nick, so untrue in my opinion.

I know your wondering why I havent mentioned Spongebob Squarepant's, well I like it, better than most of the cartoon's, but like I said, I prefer Rugrat's and Jimmy Neutron over it, and I mad because most of the show's are not on the channel anymore and that is annoying.



My favorite cartoon channel, Ed Edd N' Eddy, I love mentioning this show, one of my favorite's, and I just wish I could find the DVD's and relive those great momment's, but CartoonNetwork air's it sometime's, and that's good, Dexter's Laboratory, not my favorite but still a good show, Johnny Bravo, great show again, I love it, Time Squad is a good show, but for some reason I can't remember a lot from it, and ofcourse The Flintstone's one of my favorite's also, great show, Scooby-Doo is great too.

and now for some of the newer show's that were good, The Cramp Twin's, that's a good show, The Grim Adventure's of Billy and Mandy, good show also, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friend's is in my opinion one of the newest show's that I enjoyed on CartoonNetwork.

Squirrel Boy, not a very good show, but better than some, Megas XLR, I don't know if it's supposed to be like Transformer's, but It's terrible, RobotBoy is very bad.

I'm cutting them some slack because they made Boomerang, a channel that rerun's all the great show's that I love.


In past, Disney has made lot's great animated classic's but now they don't make anymore of these, They have Pixar that make's great CGI flick's but other than that Disney alone hasn't really released a lot of good cartoon's, although Meet THe Robinson's in my opinion was great.

anyway, Toon Disney, the channel that airs cartoon is fine, it's better than Nicktoon's these day's because they don't have any of they're great show's, but the thing is, over the past decade, Disney has made some great animated movie's and they alway's make them into show's, like Lilo and Stick and Tarazan, Alladin and so on, Now, me personally, I think they're just fine, because I get to see more of the character's that I loved in the movie's but sometime's the episode's are bad and well.. I don't know, I don't watch a lot of those and even they're original show's like Kim Possible is bad, so I don't know.

I think Disney should go back to make animated movie's and I mean ANIMATED like Tarazan, not CGI, leave the CGI to Pixar, I know in the past they had some great animated show's, but I got the Disney Channel in 2004, so at that time it was filled with bad shows.

anyway, I hope you enjoyed this, it was kind'a rushed, and it's not much of a "rant", but I just wanted to say that if they don't want to air our show's, let us relive them with proper DVD release's, not these crappy 1 Disc release's that contain 4 episode's, I want to make up in early in the morning like I use to when I was a kid.

No more spoof movies!!! (Rant)

Thousand's of people hate spoof movie's, not the good one's like Austin Power's, The (Insert Movie Genre) Movie, the latest one was Disaster Movie, and I told myself I will NEVER watch anymore of them and I made that rule after Meet The Spartan's, so I havent watched SuperHero Movie and Disaster Movie. Here are the one's I watched.


and Meet The Spartans

Now, let me explain, The first Scary Movie was good, Second was good, third was kind'a getting bad and Scary Movie 4 was terrible, Epic Movie had a couple of funny momment's but it's still terrible.

First, I'll give 5 reason's why the movie's suck.

1. This isn't that big of a problem, but in my opinion, it is, USE CREATIVE NAME's!!, Austin Power's use's creative subtitle's, but these movie's have name's a 5-year-old can come up with, now this isn't a huge problem, but a creative name is really a good idea, and don't tell me "Meet The Spartan's" is a creative name.

2. Probably the biggest problem, is the humor doesn't work, this sort of humor worked in The Naked Gun, but these are not funny, and they're not even trying, It seem's like a new spoof movie by these guy's is made every month or two and none them are actually funny, Scary Movie 1 and 2 were good.

3. They are NEVER spoofing what they're supposed to be spoofing, Disaster movie is spoofing The Incredible Hulk and Ironman, so why couldn't they spoof them in Superhero movie? I mean if they could've took they're time and probably work on they're movie's this wouldn't be happening and I know I said that, but It's so annoying, the trailer of Disaster Movie shows that it's spoofing Ironman and The Incredible Hulk, Sex and The City and Juno, that's from what I saw in the trailer, I know it's supposed to spoof The Day After Tommorow, but I couldn't see them spoofing it.

4. This and I'm sure lot's of people agree with me is a big problem, and it's probably the reason why these movie's are so rushed, let's see, the only good example I can give is with, Meet The Spartan's, when they're were spoofing the "push the guy down the dead pit" thing in 300, they had the main character kick Britney Spears while she was shaving her head, and at the end they spoofed Chris Crocker, the crazy britney lover, now, if they had taken they're time with these people would have forgotten about these incident's and I think we don't need any of it because it's just plain stupid and make's the movie suck.

5. Use better actor's/Actresses, In Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3 they had an excellent cast, and they lost them after Scary movie 4 was out and I'm guessing te actor's/actresses were probably sick of the terrible movie's, so now, all they are Carmen Electra and some actor's that are unknown and none of them really know how to act, or even be funny.

and I think the ONLY way these movie's can be good is if they released one spoof movie at the end of the year, that spoofed the big highly anticipated movie's of the year, like in 2008, they can spoof Ironman,The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, The Mummy 3 and these highly anticipated movie's.

I'm pretty sure lot's of people including myself really hope they stop making these crappy movie's, but even if people keep saying that the movie's are terrible, they still go to the theater to watch it and when they do, the people who make these movie's make more money and make other crappy spoof's.

so the only way to stop them is.. don't EVER watch them.

There is no such thing as greatest thing of all time (Rant)

Well, as you've guessed from the title, this is a rant and I know this has been ranted about, but I need to rant about it myself.

There's a guy on my Tracked Blog's list called Bamdude89, well he make's youtube video's and he made a rant talking about how people say something is the greatest thing of all time, when something else that is good come's out, they say that it's a greatest thing of all time here is the video.


Well, anyway, it annoys me too, he talk's about how some people said that The Dark Knight is the greatest movie of all time, well you've seen my top 20 movie's of all time, The Dark Knight is not even in the top 5 list and honestly, It can be the greatest movie of 2008 and the greatest Batman movie, but not the best movie of all time

Now, this happen's a LOT with video game's too, Super Mario Bros 3, people said it was the greatest game of all time, than came The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Super Mario 64 and Final Fantasy VII, people said that they were the greatest game's of all time, and than Grand Theft Auto Vice City and than Halo and Than Super Smash Bro's Melee and than Halo 3 and Brawl and now still some people are saying GTA IV and MGS 4 are the greatest game's of all time.

There is something else he talked about in the video, he talked about how people are supposed to say "MY greatest thing of all time" and not "THE greatest thing of all time" and that's true, I mean people should say "MY" greatest thing because there is no way you can find one person who agree's with your top 10 list completly, Now I think that Rocky and Ghostbusters are the greatest movie's I have ever seen, now I don't want you to thnk they're the greatest movie's, but I want to watch them and give an honest opinion.

And this happen's a lot particulary with Anime, lot's of people ( aka kids ) think Naruto is the greatest anime of all time, well that's they're opinion, and I respect that, but I'm not going to respect that if they want everyone to agree with them, Hajime No Ippo is my favorite anime and like I said with the movie's, I don't want you to think it's the greatest anime of all time, but I want you to check it out and again give an honest opinion.

Now, I hope you understood what I'm saying, and I hope you enjoyed this rant, I know I rambled on and on pointlessly, but I'm trying to give a point.


Purchase's and a quick review of two movies.

Well, I went to the DVD store yesterday, I wanted to buy a few movies for the week, and well for my collection, here is what I bought and why I bought them.

1. Bad Boys

2. -

3. Casino Royale

4. -

5. -

6. -

Ok, reason I got them:

Bad Boys and Bad Boys II: Will Smith is one of my favorite actor's of all time, I don't mind Martin Lawernce he's great too, and since I'm a fan of both actor's, I had to get these movie's.

Casino Royale: I only got it because a sequel to the movie is coming out in a month, and it's 007.

The Naked Gun Triology: I found a trilogy set for the price of two movie's, and I'm in the mood for comedy this week so I decided to get these.


Now I'll do quick movie review's.

First, I'll review "Camp Rock"

First I'll say that I didn't have anything to do, and I just sitting in a room, where they had the Disney channel on and I didn't really care, I wasn't going to lose anything watching it, I mean I didn't have anything to do.

It really annoy's me since Disney use to do good live action film's, these day's all they do are these teen musical's that are terrible.

This one had terrible acting sometime's, but I kind'a got into it a little bit at the end, but still, It's High School Musical, but a little bit better, I mean they're song's were fine, nothing good and nothing bad, but the acting is terrible, why does Disney have these actor's and actresses.

It's an fine, really I wouldn't reccomend you go watch it and search for it or something like that, just watch it on TV only if you like these sort teen musical's, atleast it was better than High School Musical and guess what, a sequel to this is coming out in 2009.. so It's gonna be like High School Musical, and guess what, High School Musical 3 is coming out in a month and I know for SURE that I'll be dragged in to watch it, but I won't let anyone trick me, and I'll try my best to avoid it, because all they have are terrible singer's and hot actresses.

and another quick movie review, Bad Boys.

I watched it last night, It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it was good, but they swear a lot in the movie, not what I expected, but when you have Will Smith and Martin Lawernce..you need swearing, and some scene's were filled some action scenes that honestly in my opinion looked kind'a funny when they're trying to be serious.

and some the jokes in the movie made me laugh like crazy, anyway, It's a good movie and if your a fan of the actor's, I suggest you watch, and I'll have review's up for all my DVD purchases of this week, in the next...following week.

oh and if your wondering, I got to Area 3 in Wario Land Shake it!, and now the game is becoming a little bit challenging.

Warioland Shake It!! Impression's/Nintendo Press Conference

This is going to be a quick blog, so let's start.

I wanted to give my impression's on Wario Land Shake It!!, again, this is not a review, I'll review it when I beat it, but I have a good 2 hours on Trauma Center 2, I could review it right now, and I will but I might do it tommorow or something like that, anyway.

You'd think a game like this would have very simple control's, but you'd be wrong, Nintendo used the Wii-mote really creatively and they didn't just make a waggle-fest of a game, and the graphic's are great, the background's in some stage's are really beautiful.

The reason I said I didn't want to review it until I beat it is because I bought the game two day's ago and I started playing it yesterday, and I just need to beat one stage and I'm done with Area 2 and I'll have 3 more Area's to beat and than the game is over, right now, I'm having a blast with it, but I better review it when I ACTUALLY beat it, and the reason I'm review Trauma Center 2 without even beating it is because I doubt the gameplay which is already extremly fun and difficult will get any better.


Now, I'll talk about what I thought of the Nintendo Press Conference.

Ok, so let's start with the DSi, It supposed to have some sort of Flash memory and a Camera built-in, I'll say what I said when I heard about what the 360 can do other than play game's, I said that I want a system to play game's on it and that's it.

So no DSi for me, and I'll quickly just talk about the "storage solution", up until now, I don't have one WiiWare or VC game and I plan on getting some like Megaman 9 and some other on's on the VC, but other than that, the whole storage thing isn't a problem for me, and I doubt it will ever be.

And let's talk about a remake of Punch-Out, I'm really excited for this, I think it really can become a great game, and I love boxing, so that's great, but I do hope they make the control's precise and not like Wii Boxing where you have to keep punching like crazy to win.

I don't know about this Black,White and Red thing for Madworld, but it might turn out to be great, still it's one the most anticipated Wii game's.

I'm not so sure about a USB Keyboard for Animal Crossing City Folk, I hope they don't mess it up with something like this.

Rayman Raving Rabbid's TV Party... well, I'm not getting a balance board for this game, and I'm not getting anyway..so cross this out of the list.

Sin and Punishment 2 is coming out in America, now I just wish I heard about this before, because the name sound's familiar but I don't know anything about it.

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia and Chrono Trigger should be out before 2009 so that's AWESOME!!!

And I don't know about this whole Fire Emblem DS, I never played the one's on the GBA but I played Path of Radience on the Gamecube and I didn't like it, so the only way I'm giving this a chance is if it's different.

Mario and Luigi RPG 3, I never played any game from the series, but I hope it turn's out to be good, Mario RPG's are plain awesome.

Wii Speak Channel coming out in November 16, so that's good I guess.

Ok, I know I said that this is going to be a quick blog, but I'm sorry, I had to talk about some thing's, anyway, the conference is better than E3 08 but it wasn't THAT great, it was good really but nothing amazing, I still would've hoped for a Star Fox Wii or F-Zero Wii.

New purchases/ Impressions/ A quick movie review.

This is gonna be a fairly lenghthy blog, but by now, your probably use to these.

Anyway, I went to Toy's'R'Us, basically the only store I go to in the whole city that get's NTSC Wii games for good prices.

What I got:

Wario Land: Shake It!

Super Paper Mario

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

I was gonna also buy Kirby Super Star Ultra, but I remembered Squek Squad and I decided not to get it, and If I did, I would've paid 150$ for all these and that's A LOT of money, and I was hoping I would find de Blob with WarioLand, but I didn't so I got a game I was planning to get a Long time ago.


Impressions, I'll tell you what I think of Trauma Center Under The Knife 2, this isn't a review, I'll just tell you what I mainly think about it.

Let's start, as you guys probably know, Trauma Center is a Surgeory Sim that is actually fun and in the same time deliver's that "what am supposed to do" feeling that's make it seem like your doing real operations.

Now the game is very fun and all, but the difficulty of this game will drive you CRAZY, I'll review you it when I finish it or... I have a good 3 or 4 hours in the game, right now, I have about an hour and a half and it's getting very challenging.

And while playing it, I just wished I had a DS lite, but god, I am not use to this tiny DS phat stylus, even after 3 years.


Now, for the quick movie review

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars The Clone Wars, I had read all types of review's of this movie and most of them kept bashing the movie and I agree, it wasn't a good movie, but people don't understand that It was made for kid's to watch and enjoy and than go to a toy store and buy the toy's, it's obvious Lucas doesn't care about the hardcore fan's.

I'll admit, the dialogue was terrible, but the kid's were eating it up, and the movie was made for KID's, not you might say that Pixar make's movie's like this every year and they manage to enterain all audience's, well this isn't Pixar.

Now me personally, the only problem's I had with the movie was the dialogue, The CGI effect's weren't that good, now I'll admit, the dialogue it terrible, I don't see how I kid can like it, but If the CGI in this is the exactly like the CGI for the upcoming show based on it, than I wouldn't think it's bad, actually It'll be really good for a cartoon.

The first part wasn't as good, the second part of the movie felt good, but the problem is that they didn't do a whole lot of character development, it was all these random people fight with lot's of lightsaber clashing sound's.

But It's pretty obvious, they just want to sell the toy's and advertise the upcoming show, now I consider this a pilot for the show, it's a 90 minute pilot, I'm annoyed that I wasted my mom's money watching this when honestly something like this should just be shown on TV.

so for that, I give this movie a 4/10

If i watched this on TV, a 7/10, They should just work on the dialogue and do some character development and I think I would watch the show myself, avoid it if your a hardcore fan of the movie's, because you will be mad, and I think the only reason I'm not destroying it here in this review is because I never watched the movie's.

The Monthly Blog: September Edition

This is my first Monthly blog, I want make it a weekly blog, so I can keep track and even though since school started, I won't have that much to tell you, I'll do it, anyway, this month has been VERY slow it term's of gaming.

Game Progress:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Progress: Beat Boss battles with half of the character roster.

No More Heroes

Progress: Fourth Playthrough, I'm a 4rth Ranked Assasin.

Mario Kart Wii

Progress: I've been playing a lot of random WiFi matches

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Boxshot

Progress: First Playthrough, Not really sure, but I have about 2 hours in it.




None (I'm sorry, I just didn't go out a lot this month, because school and so on and not a lot of games I wanted have come out until the end of September, but I'll be getting some in october )

DVDs: - + Batman Returns--, Top Gun, Zoolander, Sleepy Hollow.

I'm sorry I couldn't find picture's of all the films I got on DVD this month, not a lot, but some fantastic ones.

Batman: It's was a fine film, but in my opinion, not as great as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Batman Returns: It's an okay movie, in my opinion they villian's in this movie were better than the villian in the original Batman, because I just think Jack Nicholson didn't portray the Joker the way he was supposed to be portrayed, but It was 1989, so I still give him credit for trying.

Hot Fuzz: Great movie!!, one the best films I've seen that came out in 2007, honestly, it was awesome, I love it.

Shaun of The Dead: I don't know if I like it more than Hot Fuzz, but still this is an awesome film I reccomend it.

Top Gun: Great movie, It's probably the best Tom Cruise film I have ever seen, and the reason I like it is because of the music, and I like when movie have music that goes really well with movie scene's, it's probably why I love Rocky so much.

Zoolander: It wasn't that good of a movie, it was fine, It was definetly worth the money I paid for it, it was really cheap.

Sleepy Hollow: Great movie, I loved it soo much.

With this, I guess I'll end this blog now, and I still havent decided if it should be a weekly blog.

The Departed and Guerllmo Del Toro

Here I'm gonna do a movie review and than talk about a certain movie director.

Since I can never explain movie plot's, I'll just copy paste the synopsis for The Departed


This film takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, where notorious Irish Mob boss Francis "Frank" Costello (Nicholson) plants his protégé Colin Sullivan (Damon) as an informant within the Massachusetts State Police. Simultaneously, the police assign undercover cop William Costigan, Jr. (DiCaprio) to infiltrate Costello's crew. When both sides of the law realize the situation, each man attempts to discover the other's true identity before being found out

Now, this movie came out in 2006, It won Best Picture and Best Director, and if your wondering, it's directed by the one and only Martin Scorsese, He directed movie's like Taxi Driver, GoodFellas and Raging Bull, and the soundtrack is done by Howard Shore and the reason I'm telling you this is because it has really good music.

Now with the actual review, I'll just tell you, off the bat, this movie is awesome, one of the best film's of 2006, Martin Scorsese made a great crime flck, It has an amazing cast, amazing plot, and just all in all a great movie, I just don't know what to say about it, believe me, watch the uncut version of this movie, The DVD I own doesn't say if it's uncut, but make sure you watch the uncut version, and after you watch it, you'll keep saying the F word over and over again in random sentence's :P

anyway, 10/10, watch this movie, It's a great movie

Now, the other thing I wanted it to talk about is Director Guillermo del Toro, He directed Blade 2, Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, and Hellboy II The Golden Army.

The reason I wanted to talk about him is because, lately it seem's like writer's are just throwing him they're script's while knowing that he is going to make a masterpiece, to the point that he's starting to reject thing's, Let's see what he turned down lately, a chance to direct "I am Legend", "One Missed Call", "Halo", and "Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince just so he could focus on Hellboy 2.

Now let's see the movie's he's directing in the next few year's.

The Hobbit ( A Lord of The Ring's prequel, which is coming out in 2009 )

Frankenstein ( He's getting a chance to remake Frankenstein )

Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde ( A book I really loved )

Drood ( Not really sure, I think it's a musical )

At Mountain's of Madness ( A novella by H.P. Lovecraft )

Hater ( Not really sure what this is about )

Crimson Peak ( Not really sure what this is about )

Now, believe me, this guy, well be one of the biggest movie director's of all time by 2020 or something like that, anyway I doubt he'll even direct all of these, I'm pretty sure some of them will be cancelled, I don't know how he can just plan out 7-10 year's of work.

anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog.

Take your time people, you don't have to rush thing's

If you've read my last blog I said that I'll be doing thing's like rant's in my next blog's and this is a rant I've been thinking about doing for some time, thing's that are rushed, anything can be rushed, Movie's, Book's, Video game's anything, and I'll rant about the people who want thing's rushed.

First, I'll start with Video Game's, Games can never be rushed, the developers need to take they're time, and I don't think they should have "deadline's" because having a dead line make's the developer's rush the game, I'm not saying they should spend 5 year's on making one game, I mean they should atleast work on the game, make sure it doesn't suck, because if a game doesn't make money... well, the developer's wasted they're time and they're money for no reason.

This happen's to be a big problem with Wii game's nowaday's, a perfect example of a game that has been rushed is Sonic The Hedgehog on the PS3/360, Sonic fan's consider it the worse Sonic game of all time and the game had lost a lot of fan's of the series, now the reason that happend is because they didn't work on the game properly, they weren't taking there time with the game, and that's the problem with Movie-based game, it seem's like people who make movie-based game's spend about 3 month's on the game and just throw it out when the movie come's out, so the people who enjoyed the movie, buy the game.

Now this isn't entirely the developer's fault, some time's it's the fan's fault, Fan's just keep demanding and demanding that a certain game come's out soon, and when the developer's release's the game and it turn's out to be a bad game, the fan's get mad and keep whining about it.

The Same thing happens with Movie's, The studio that is funding the movie give's the director a deadline and the director rush's the movie, I explained to you how it happen's and now I'll give you a PERFECT example of a rushed movie.


Yes, Pirates of The Carribean: At World's End, The sequel to the first movie that came out in 2003 came out in 2006, and when did this come out, RIGHT after the second movie, I think they spent less than a year making this, and it's not that it's a bad movie, it's an ok movie, but not as great as the first two.

Sometime's it's not a problem with the amount of time spent making it, Spider-Man 3 was rushed, everyone who watched the movie can agree with me, that it was rushed, They had 3 villian's but none of them really had much on-screen time nor did they have any character development, now a fourth movie is being made and I hope it doesn't have the same problem's, and I'm sure once the first trailer is out, the fan's will keep demanding that it come's out sooner.

I'll end this blog now, since you probably get my point, but I'll just add one more thing.

A prequel to the Lord of The Rings trilogy is coming out in 2009, It's called "The Hobbit", and I'm pretty sure ONCE some information about the movie is released, the rushing will begin.

Are you sick of them?

I was wondering if you guy's are sick of my "Top 10 Movie's" list's and so on, because if you are, I'll just stop them, I only make them because I have nothing to blog about it, I'm not gonna stop them completly, I might just do 1 or 2 every month, because if you guys are bored of them.

I can stick to movie review's, discussing games and rant's, I'm thinking about doing rant's, even if you guy's don't want me to stop them, I think I just need to do one every week or something like that, because I'm sure some of you guy's are sick of the top 10 movie's blog.

and actually I'm just doing a lot of them this month because I have nothing really to blog about, I havent watched a movie in the theater's in about 40 days and I feel like I'm gonna die :P.

so just comment and tell me if you want me to do rant's or movie review's and not just Top 10 blog's.